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Communicate with the Senate


Whereas there are important revisions of BOR Policy chapters going on

Whereas the Faculty Senate CAB has been asked to review the Chaps 4, 5, and 6 of a draft revision of BOR Policies, and has been asked to make recommendations for inclusion in a revision

Whereas additional BOR Policy chapters, Executive Policies and Implementation Plans are scheduled for revision or should be revised

Whereas a great number of changes in University governance have been initiated in the last year: autonomy, reinstitution of the Manoa chancellorship, reorganization of administration including a Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, initiation of the Faculty Senate's General Education Committee and the implementation of changes in administrative operation and academic assessment dictated by WASC review.

Therefore, be it resolved:

That BOR Policy, Executive Policy and Implementation Plans be revised simultaneously in order to evaluate at what level policy statements should most logically be placed, and in order to incorporate the important changes in University administration initiated by the arrival of autonomy and the reinstitution of the Manoa chancellors office.

That BOR Policy be reviewed with the implications of the autonomy vote in mind.

That the draft revisions of Chaps 4, 5 and 6 and later chapters be edited to specifically reflect the addition of a Manoa chancellor. That the final BOR Policies include references to the chancellor and his/her responsibilities whenever appropriate so that his/her duties are clear.

That the draft revisions of Chaps 4, 5 and 6 and later chapters be edited to include more specific references to the input and review of policies by faculty as spelled out in BOR Policy Chapter 1.

That the section on research in Chapter 5 (Section 5-18-c-3) be revised through a process which includes the Faculty Senate, ORS, representatives of the principal investigators of grants and contracts, University lawyers and administrators, in a way which makes this section less onerous for investigators.

That discussions be held involving the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, University lawyers and the administration on the proposed revisions to BOR Policies, Executive Policies and Implementation Plans.

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