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Resolution on the Establishment of an Office of Undergraduate Education

Whereas there is at present no administrative office that looks across the disciplines to address the needs of UHM undergraduates (especially those in their first two years) and to co-ordinate their various academic programs;

Whereas resources in support of undergraduate education are now scattered across many offices;

Whereas such an office has the potential to increase the number of students matriculating at UHM;

Whereas administrative structures have not adequately addressed the needs of UHM undergraduates;

Whereas the establishment of an OUE would be important symbolically and would say to our community that we are devoted to providing an excellent undergraduate experience, we will nurture our students' intellectual.and social development, and we will prepare them well for their intended careers and for participation in the communities in which they eventually make their homes;

therefore, be it resolved,

that, at the time of Manoa reorganization, an OUE be established--to be headed by a senior administrator, to be placed structurally in an administrative position at the direct center of the academic enterprise, and to be amply funded to support those programs under its purview;

that due consideration be given to aligning all academic advisors so as to give coherence to UHM's undergraduate advisory mission;

that due consideration be given to placing the new office of enrollment management under the OUE so as to coordinate recruitment with admissions, matriculation, orientation, advising, and instruction; and

that the office be established without contributing to the proliferation of administration that has characterized the UHM campus over the past decade.

Background Information for Resolution of Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE)

During the last several years, recommendations for the establishment of an Office of Undergraduate Education have come from three campus committees: the Manoa Faculty Senate Ad Hoc Committee on the Undergraduate Experience (March 1998); the A&S Millennium Academic Experience Committee (April 1999); and the WASC Task Force on General Education (1999). In response to these calls for improvement in undergraduate education, the Faculty Senate passed a "Resolution to Appoint a Senior Administrator for Undergraduate Studies" on March 31, 1999. This resolution led to still another review by The Joint Committee on the Office of Undergraduate Affairs, which also recommended the establishment of such an office (Spring 2000). In the process of preparing their various reports, members of each group consulted widely with students, faculty, and administrators. It should also be noted that the recently approved Manoa General Education plan assumes "administrative support for the operations of the GEC and its related Boards" (final clause, Faculty Senate Resolution, October 18, 2000). CAPP endorses the recommendations of these previous groups and affirms its support of the establishment of an office of undergraduate education.

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