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WHEREAS currently all of the advanced training at the UHM College of Education for preschool, elementary, middle and secondary school teachers is provided under the rubric of the elementary and secondary education programs (MEd in Elementary Education, MEd in Secondary Education), of the Department of Teacher Education. and Curriculum Studies (TECS); and

WHEREAS the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) expects that advanced degree programs build upon and extend prior knowledge and experiences) and develop in professional degree candidates the ability to use research and research methods; and

WHEREAS the Department of TECS has proposed a merger of their two MEd programs into one program with four areas of emphasis-preschool/primary (K-3), elementary (3-6), mid-level (7-9), and secondary (10-12); and

WHEREAS this merged program allows for coursework that exposes candidates to cross curricular concerns as well as focused the area of emphasis; and

WHEREAS course work in quantitative research has been added to the current MEd requirement of a qualitative research course; and

WHEREAS the culminating experience of each area of emphasis of this proposed program will involve a demonstration of professional competence, either by a Plan A thesis or a Plan B project; and

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate of the College of Education, the Graduate Council, and the Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Planning have all positively reviewed this proposal; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends that the merger of the Department of TECS' MEd in Elementary Education and MEd in Secondary Education into a single MEd in Curriculum Studies with four areas of emphasis be approved, and that this recommendation be forwarded to the UH Administration for prompt approval and action.

CAPP 12/06/01

Summary of CAPP Subcommittee review of proposal to merge College of Education MEd in Elementary Education and MEd in Secondary Education into an MEd in Curriculum Studies.

The CAPP Subcommittee dedicated to three program change/addition proposals in the College of Education reviewed the proposal to merge two .MEd programs of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies (TECS) into one, the Masters of Education in Curriculum Studies (MEd in CS), which would involve four areas of emphasis; Pre-school/primary (Grades K-3), elementary (3-6) mid-level (7-9), secondary (10-12). The subcommittee met with. College of Education administrators, the Associate Dean and Dean, and the Graduate Chair of the current programs in TECS, and had individual conversations with several faculty involved in the Current program, in order to determine the proposed structure, resources available, and general advisability of this merger.

Only one minor wording change was recommended to be included in the final proposal that would be conveyed to the UH Administration: reference in the proposal, on the first page of the attached "Program Requirements," to the Plan B "paper" (twice referred) should be changed to "Plan B project". This was recommended in light: of the broad UH practice to refer to Plan B "culminating experiences" in as general a manner as possible, so long as examinations or research papers are not the only requirement of a given program. Since the proposed College of Education MEd might allow for the culminating experience to be something other than a term paper or research report alone, the term "project" was suggested.

As the proposal for this program appeared to be well-documented and formulated, and there arose no significant areas of concern for its success, the subcommittee arrived at a decision to support the proposal and drafted the following resolution for CAPP to forward to the Faculty Senate.

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