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Resolution Relating to the Approval of an LL.M. (Legum Magister--Master in Law) for Foreign Law Professionals at the William S. Richardson School of Law

Whereas, an LL.M. (Legum Magister--second degree in law at the master's level) for foreign law professionals can enhance the international reputation of the UHM School of Law, and can provide an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to interact with foreign-trained law professionals; and

Whereas, it is anticipated that the majority of the students interested in enrolling in this proposed program will be law professionals from the Asia-Pacific area, a focus that conforms to the UHM Strategic Plan; and

Whereas, the proposed LL.M. degree will be a general introduction to American law with an individualized curriculum totaling 24 credits within a nine-month period; and

Whereas, LL.M. students will enroll in regular courses already offered by the Law School, so that no additional faculty costs are anticipated; and

Whereas, the proposed LL.M. degree will be comparable to similar programs offered at other US law schools and will include a required 2-3 week pre-program introducing the US legal system; and

Whereas, the LL.M. Program will be administered by an existing full-time law school faculty member who will serve as director of the program, as required by the American Bar Association (ABA), and a new assistant director (APT position); and

Whereas, all applicants will have a first degree in law or sufficient knowledge of law (e.g. through licensing in their home countries), and will be required to demonstrate competency in English; and

Whereas, the proposed LL.M. Program conforms to the ABA Standard 307 in that the additional program does not detract from the existing JD program and teaching resources are not to be diverted from the JD program; and

Whereas, assessment procedures for the LL.M. Program will include the number of graduates, grade point averages, and exit surveys; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends that the proposal to offer an LL.M. for foreign law professionals at the William S. Richardson School of Law be approved.

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