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Resolution in Support of Draft Manoa Strategic Plan

Whereas the document entitled "University of Hawai'i at Manoa Strategic Plan 2002-2010" has been the subject of considerable consultation and has received input from many sources, through an extended process of review, and

Whereas this document is of value as a synthesis of the results of that process, as a statement of our shared concept of the University, and as a guide to Manoa's future,

Therefore be it resolved:

That the Manoa Faculty Senate endorses the document entitled "Strategic Plan 2002-2010" with the following recommendations:

1. That there be a clearer indication of a commitment to recruiting and admitting high quality undergraduate students.

2. That graduate education be given greater prominence in the document, for instance by using the phrase "research and graduate education" rather than "research" in cases where this is appropriate, such as in the heading of the relevant "core commitment."

3. That the document explicitly acknowledge the fact that proposals which have academic programmatic consequences are subject to established review procedures. In particular, the establishment of a film school, listed as a strategic priority under Culture, Society, and the Arts, will be subject to such review procedures.

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