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Resolution relating to the reorganization of the basic sciences departments and the creation of new clinical departments in the John A. Burns School of Medicine

1. WHEREAS the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) provides an essential service to the state of Hawai'i and to the Pacific Islands by educating medical students to become physicians, scientists, and other healthcare professionals; and

2. WHEREAS JABSOM conducts research and community service in areas of specific interest to our region and community; and

3. WHEREAS JABSOM faculty provide valuable instruction for a variety of undergraduate programs and for the preparation of pre-medical students; and

4. WHEREAS several of the existing basic sciences departments in the Medical School have lost a large number of faculty due to attrition over the past ten years; and

5. WHEREAS JABSOM does not have the resources to rebuild all of the existing discipline based basic science departments to a critical mass that would be required to sustain individual research and graduate programs; and

6. WHEREAS the proposed amalgamation of six basic sciences departments into three units reflects existing research and training collaborations, staffing requirements, the preferences of basic sciences faculty, and is reflective of modern conduct of cutting edge biomedical research; and

7. WHEREAS the proposed reorganization of the basic sciences is the most efficient way to get the most out of existing resources in that it builds on present strengths and enables the new departments to more effectively compete for research funds and fulfill their mission of graduate student training; and

8. WHEREAS the addition of three new clinical departments in Geriatric Medicine, Native Hawaiian Health, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine will enable the medical school to apply for dedicated research funds from the National Institutes of Health and to better serve the needs of the community; and

9. WHEREAS the creation of a department for Geriatric Medicine recognizes the strong preexisting academic and extramurally funded research program within JABSOM; and

10, WHEREAS JABSOM is also the home of the federally funded native Hawaiian Center of Excellence that seeks to improve the healthcare status of the Hawaiian community through educational initiatives; and

11. WHEREAS the UH Administration supports the reorganization of JABSOM and has made major resource commitments to enhance the research capabilities of JABSOM; and

12. WHEREAS the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences supports the proposed reorganization since it will not impact the educational needs of degree granting undergraduate programs, and JABSOM agrees to continue its present undergraduate course offerings

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends approval of the proposal to restructure the basic science departments and addition of three new clinical departments to the John A. Burns School of Medicine.

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