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Classified, proprietary, and other publication-restricted research

In the following resolution, the term "classified research" means research requiring government security clearance, typically involving defense research; "proprietary research" means research conducted for a non-governmental sponsor, such as a private-sector business, with restrictions on the disclosure of the results; "publication-restricted research" is other research where the publication requires advance review by or permission of the funding agency.

Whereas, current BOR policy regarding classified, proprietary, and other publication-restricted research is in conflict with existing practice and internally inconsistent, and fails to provide adequate oversight measures; and

Whereas, the proposed BOR policy removes these inconsistencies, harmonizes policy and practice, and provides the required mechanisms for the oversight of classified research, in particular a satisfactory Management Oversight Group; and

Whereas, the proposed policy permits individual faculty members to accept classified, proprietary, or other publication-restricted research as a matter of individual choice; and

Whereas, the proposed policy permits classified research both on- and off-campus; and Whereas, a 1986 resolution of the Manoa Faculty Senate nevertheless prohibits such research on-campus,

Therefore be it resolved that:

The Senate approves the proposed policy on classified, proprietary, and other publication- restricted research with the proviso that classified research not be conducted on campus.

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