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Consultation during the UH System reorganization process

Whereas section V of the the reorganization proposal for the University of Hawa'ii system administration mandates consultation with faculty during the reorganization process, and

Whereas, there presently exists no adequate mechanism for such a consultative process,

Therefore be it resolved that a new small, representative system-wide faculty committee be constituted in consultation with faculty from the other U.H. campuses. The committee's charge is:

1. To review the roles and functions of system offices and administrators, including especially the hiring procedures for system-level officers of the University. The committee will review job descriptions, the composition of search committees, and the schedule for the search process, which must include adequate opportunity for candidates to be presented to the faculty and to answer questions.

2. To review proposed system-level policies and procedures to evaluate their budgetary implications, and

3. To review proposed system-level policies and procedures to evaluate their impact on academic policies and programs of the University.

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