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Communicate with the Senate

Resolution Relating to Admission Criteria for Home-Schooled Applicants

WHEREAS, the Office of Admissions and Records has requested the following changes in admission criteria for home-schooled applicants to University of Hawaii at Manoa; and

WHEREAS, when a home-schooled student has completed his or her education under the umbrella of a diploma-granting organization, relevant information regarding courses taken and grades received is normally available; and

WHEREAS, if the quality of education of a home-schooled student cannot be vouched for y a diploma-granting organization, a satisfactory performance on the General Education Development exam would seem to be an indispensable indicator of a student's preparedness of university-level studies; and

WHEREAS, SAT results would seem to be as acceptable as ACT results as a measurement of a student's intellectual aptitude; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Manoa Faculty Senate endorses the amendments of the Admission Criteria for Home-Schooled Applicants that are specified on the attached documentation.

Admission Criteria for Home-Schooled Applicants

The University of Hawaii at Manoa welcomes applications from home-schooled students. We recognize the potential contributions that home-schoolers can make in the classroom and in student life on campus. However, to maintain a universal standard of achievement among our applicants, home-schooled students must meet commonly accepted requirements for secondary school coursework and academic performance.

1. College Preparatory Coursework: Home-schooled applicants must meet the same minimum high school credit and grade requirements expected of all students. If the home-schooled student completes his or her high school education under the umbrella of a diploma-granting organization, applicants must submit evidence of the coursework completed and the level of performance or achievement attained. Such organizations can usually issue an official transcript with courses taken, grades received and confirmation of high school graduation.

If the student is not connected with any such organization, and in the absence of conventional educational records, General Education Development the only way the University can understand what the home-schooler has achieved is to have it explained clearly and without prejudice. Therefore, such students must submit a transcript-like statement including descriptions of all coursework completed, textbooks used, methods of teaching, and methods of evaluation and the resulting grades or structured assessments. GED results are required also recommended as evidence of having completed a commonly accepted body of secondary school coursework.

2. Standardized Admission Testing: As curriculum content and grading standards vary from setting to setting, an applicant's secondary school performance is validated by standardized admission testing. All home-schooled applicants MUST take the ACT (American College Testing Program) or SAT-I and attain the minimum required scores required of all applicants. The ACT test is mandatory as it is a nationally normed achievement test.

3. Other Factors: As the University does not assume a parental or custodial relationship with its students, applicants must generally be seventeen years of age or older.

4. Recommendation Letter: A home-schooled applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from an academic professional other than the home-schooling teacher/parent. This letter should provide an objective assessment of the applicant's scholastic ability and potential for success in a socially diverse, interdependent, teaching/learning community.

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