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Resolution on nutrition education for student-athletes, and on prevention and treatment for student-athletes with eating disorders

Whereas eating disorders and disordered eating are significant problems for many athletes attempting to maximize their performance and meet the body images expected for their sports and their gender,

Whereas NCAA studies have shown a high incidence of anorexia in women's sports, with 93% of reported problems among student-athletes occurring there,[1]

Whereas a 1997 study of NCAA student-athletes at 10 schools in 11 sports revealed disturbing statistics about college student-athletes and their eating/dieting behaviors, with binge eating occurring at least weekly in 13 percent of male student-athletes and 10 percent of female student- athletes,[2]

Whereas eating disorders or unsupervised weight-control behaviors can produce severe medical and psychological effects,

Whereas the American College of Sports Medicine argues that eating disorders in student-athletes can be triggered "by a single event or by comments by a person important to the individual,"[3]

Whereas universities may be exposing themselves to legal liability by not giving enough attention to student-athletes with eating disorders,[4]

Whereas preliminary indications suggest that some student athletes at UHM are experiencing eating disorders,

Therefore, the Manoa Faculty Senate recommends systematic nutrition education and dietary counseling for student athletes and improved continuing education of coaches and trainers with the purpose of enabling all three groups, students, coaches, and trainers, to understand the consequences of disordered eating, to recognize the signs of eating disorders, to avoid contributing to the development of such disorders, to understand the different risk factors affecting male and female athletes, and to aid in the treatment when eating disorders and their precursors arise.

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[3] American college of Sports Medicine, "Current Comment: Eating Disorders- -Anorexia and Bulimia," Fall 1996.

[4] "Eating disorders may be legal issue." The NCAA News, Briefly in the news. May 22, 2000.

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