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Manoa Faculty Senate CAB Resolution on Mission Clarification and Budget Process, May 5, 2004


Whereas System budget processes and allocation methods are currently in need of clarification; and

Whereas the approach to presenting funding requests to the Legislature also interacts with budgeting among the campuses; and

Whereas System-level allocation methodologies further interact with campus-level budgeting; and

Whereas the System administration and the Council of Chancellors is currently engaged in a process of stock-taking, one of the aims of which is to inform methodologies for allocations and for budget requests; and

Whereas any decision regarding budget depends crucially on clarification of the respective missions of the individual campuses, particularly regarding the way in which the mission of the University of Hawaii is distributed among the community colleges, the four-year campuses and Manoa; and

Whereas Manoa's mission includes the functions of high-level research, graduate education, community service, and advanced professional training--the costs of which bear complex relationships to student numbers; and

Whereas the Council of Chancellors has established a working group on mission clarification;

Therefore be it resolved:

That it is in the best interests of the University of Hawai'i system, and of the University of Hawai'i at Manoa in particular, to first clarify the functional definition of each campus within the UH System, and then to develop a budget process and priorities that explicitly recognize the different missions.

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