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Resolution on Need for Adequate Capacity at Manoa and the Right Distribution of Functions Between System and Manoa

WHEREAS, the WASC Special Report of March 2003 called for

greater clarity and definition in a number of areas regarding the role of the System vis-a-vis the role of the campuses.

WHEREAS, there is a clear need for operational responsibility for the Manoa campus to reside with the Chancellor; and

WHEREAS, there are system-wide needs that are being met imperfectly and with difficulty; and

WHEREAS, at the campus level some critical resources are completely absent; and

WHEREAS, we have an interim Chancellor and an interim President, and this presents us with a unique opportunity to assess roles and responsibilities of the system administration in relation to campus administration; and

WHEREAS, appropriate assignment of authority to system and campuses is a critical precursor to hiring a permanent President and a permanent Chancellor; and therefore be it

RESOLVED, that principal functions and responsibilities of the System and Manoa administrations be studied by a Manoa Administration task force and proposals made with Faculty Senate approval regarding how best to distribute those responsibilities and resources for optimal efficiency and effectiveness; and be it further

RESOLVED, that this study must be completed by May 20, 2006, and that no candidate for the position of Chancellor or President or any Vice Presidential position be interviewed before this study is completed and disseminated.

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