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Use this index to access a complete list of external requests for Senate consultation, along with links to each issue to provide status information for each request.


This index provides a list of requests received by the Senate during the 2011-12 session, which began on June 1, 2011.

Click on the "issue link" for the status of each item.

# Date Received Source Description Link(s) Issue Link
3 6/16/2011 VCAA Three year academic calendar is revised Academic Calendar revisions No action required
2 6/14/2011 UH Gov't Relations Office


Request for Legislative Proposals

Internal request for 2012 legislative proposals

Issue #8: Legislature

Request for 2011-12 Legislative Proposals

1 6/3/2011 Board of Regents


BOR Amendments to Bylaws

ACCFSC letter re: BOR Bylaws amendments

Issue #7: Consultation

BOR Amendments