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Minutes, Agendas & Reports


University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Congress, November 16, 1994

Marine Science Bldg. 114

Meeting was called to order by at 2:40 PM by Alison Kay, Chair, Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The minutes of the May 4, 1994 Congress meeting were approved as distributed.

John Haakís Presentation

John Haak, University Librarian, discussed expansion plans for the library. In December, 1993 the Governor released $2.8 million for planning and design for phase 3 of the Hamilton Library expansion and the architects received these design funds in June. The Board of Regents decided in September, 1994, to request building funds for phase 3 in the upcoming session of the Legislature.

Mr. Haak described how the current Hamilton Snack bar will become part of Hamilton Library. Hamilton Library will be connected to the addition by bridges because it was less expensive to build bridges than dig up the sewer line which now runs between Hamilton Snack Bar and Hamilton Library.

Mr. Haak has studied other libraries at university campuses in the West and an experienced library design consultant from Austin, Texas has been hired to assist. The hope is to make the Hamilton Library more useful and inviting to users.

Mr. Haak feels that faculty can support these expansion efforts by communicating to people in the community, including the Legislature, the need to support these efforts to improve the Library. In addition, a design advisory committee that will include faculty and students will be formed soon.

Looking to the future, John hopes to break ground for the expansion in 1996. Further plans for the Library include putting high density shelving for less frequently used materials in the space where the current UH Credit Union is located and expansion/renovation of Sinclair Library.

Mr. Haak expressed his appreciation of the support for the Library shown by the faculty and the Manoa Faculty Senate. He looks forward to working with us in the future.


Concern was expressed about the University Housing Assistance Program discussed at the last meeting. Since the housing is intended for recently hired personnel and each unit is about $400,000, it appears that the housing is out of reach financially for its intended residents. Chair Kay stated that the SEC will be looking into this matter in the near future.

Chair Kay felt that the Chairís report should be put off until the Faculty Senate Meeting in order to use the remaining time optimally.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:02 PM.