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University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate, January 18, 1995

Architecture #205

Presiding: Alison Kay, Chair, Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Senators Present: Nell Altizer, Scott Anderson, Rodney Batiza, Byron Bender, Thomas Bopp, James Cartwright, John Casken, Sandra Chang, David Chappell, Linda Cox, Fred Creager, Steven Dawson, Norma Despain, Austin Dias, Thelma Diercks, Marilyn Dunlap, Richard Guillory, Sherie Gusukuma, John Haig, Samuel Haley, Sue Hanson, John Hardman, James Heasley, J. Patrick Henry, Kathryn Hoffman, E. Alison Kay, Barry Labonte, Kem Lowry, Bert Lum, Margaret Maaka, Ronald Matayoshi, Jane Moulin, Peter Nicholson, Cynthia Ning, Roy Nishimoto, E. Aiko Oda, Nicholas Ordway, Neva Owens, Robert Paull, Thomas Pearson, Thomas Ramsey, Donald Schmitt, Janice Shoultz, James Silva, Joseph Stanton, Patricia Steinhoff, Glenn Teves, Jean Toyama, Jane Tribble, Alice Tse, Judy Weightman, Roy Wilkens, Rosemarie Woodruff

Senators Absent: Belinda Aquino, James Brandon, Gaye Chan, Virgie Chattergy, Michael díAndrea, Anita Gerhard, Noel Kent, William Lampe, Kathryn Patterson

Senators Excused: Patricia Fryer, Meda Chesney-Lind, Adelheid Kuehnle, Nancy Lind, Christopher Measures, John Melish, Marian Melish, Deane Neubauer, Anthony Picard, John Sinton, Byung Wie, Melvin Wong

Visitors: Senior Vice President Carol Eastman, Vice President David Yount, Dean W.H. Yeh

Meeting was called to order by at 3:10 PM by Chair Alison Kay.

W.H. Raymond Yehís Welcome

Dean Yeh welcomed the UH Faculty Senate to the new Architecture building which has been open one week. The building has redefined the old quadrangle by providing the fourth wall for the largest outdoor space on the Manoa campus.

A grassroots effort to landscape the quadrangle in order to make the area an outdoor space for learning is underway. A group of landscape architects has created a design for the space and Dean Yeh hopes, with the help of the ìquad squadî and others, to make this plan a reality.

Now that the building is complete the Architecture School is planning to invite more interaction with UH faculty, staff and the wider community. A series of lunch lecture, art exhibits and workshops is being planned. A major upcoming event, the First International Symposium on Asian Pacific Architecture, is scheduled for March 22-25, 1995, and UH faculty will be charged a registration fee of $25.

Carol Eastmanís Report

Vice President Eastman reported that the Board of Regents (BOR) has approved the early retirement incentive program which will result in 70 percent of the positions vacated by early retirement being returned to the University immediately. In order for each unit to get back any of these positions, the unit head must explain how the position fits into the future of the unit and why the position is necessary to ensure this vision for the future is realized.

The other 30 percent of the vacated positions were supposed to come back to the University after a year. However, given the budget crisis that State government is expected to face this year, these positions may not be returned in the near future.

Vice President Eastman reported that the Focus on Manoa Committee has met twice. Since the teaching priorities (as put forth by the Faculty Senate as a results of last yearís budgeting process) and the market based priorities (as put forth by the BOR) have been identified, some members of the committee are feeling that no more needs to be said to the President about what should be done at Manoa in the future. However, Vice President Eastman still thinks that the group can provide some valuable input to the President. For example, she believes the group could complement the work of the ìquad squadî mentioned by Dean Yeh by recommending that the Manoa campus be made more attractive and user friendly. The results of the Faculty Senateís recent morale survey, indicate improvement in the campus would be welcome.

Vice President Eastman attended the opening of the Legislature and heard some support for having tuition returned to the university. While Vice President Eastman is unsure about how President Mortimer feels about this issue, she thinks it would be a good idea. She reported that tuition amounted to $32.5 million for the UH system for the past academic year. A bill to repeal the procurement law is being supported by the University and other state agencies.

President Mortimer has just informed Vice President Eastman that she will be responsible for a systematic review of Deans which will be completed in conjunction with the review of their units. She gave the UH Faculty Senate credit for encouraging the President to undertake this systematic review. In response to questions about whether faculty will be involved in the review process, Vice President Eastman said she hopes faculty will be involved and recommended that the UH Faculty Senate continue to aggressively pursue the issue. In response to a query about whether directors will also be reviewed, Vice President Eastman said that Senior Vice President for Research and Graduate Education Dean Smith, who starts April 3, may be responsible for undertaking the review of directors.

Vice President Eastman expressed her regret that the new degree programs have been sitting in Bachman waiting for final approval. For months, there has been reluctance to bring them before the BOR because of the poor financial condition of the State. The four programs that do not cost anything, including the BAs in Ethnic Studies and Korean, have now been approved by the BOR. She hopes that among the remaining programs, those that will contribute most to the economic situation of the State and the University, while at the same time ensure the successful realization of the unitís future, will be moved to the BOR next.

She reinforced news reports that the Law School is in very little danger of going on academic probation.

The minutes of the December 14, 1994 meeting were approved, after the correction of three typos, as distributed.

Committee on Academic Policy and Programs (CAPP) Report

Chair Tom Ramsey reported that CAPP had planned to edit a response to the Senate motion made at the November 16, 1994, meeting that CAPP form an ad hoc working group composed of eminent scholars from the Manoa faculty to investigate the allegations that academic freedom has been violated in the matter of the alleged interference with admission criteria and standards of the Law School. However, this response was written under the assumption that if the State Ethics Committee investigated complaints made by the former Law School Dean, then Jeremy Harris would be unable to discuss the matter with CAPP. Recently, CAPP learned that this is not the case and that Mr. Harris may be willing to speak to CAPP in three or four weeks. Therefore, CAPP will be reporting further on the matter at the next meeting.

Chair Kayís Report

Chair Kay attended the BOR meetings last Thursday and Friday and was pleased to reported that when the President put forth the BAs in Ethnic Studies and Korean, he announced that they had been approved by the UH Faculty Senate. She was very pleased that the President placed such importance on our opinion.

Chair Kay heard David Lasner present the strategic plan for information technology at the BOR meeting and at the Deans and Directorís meeting on the morning of January 18. In response to complaints about the telephone system, he explained that with the increase in buildings, faxes and modems, the system is overloaded. He says extra lines are being provided and modem lines will be separated so that on January 18 things should improve and by February 1 things should greatly improve. If things have not improved after February 1, let her know. Chair Kay asked Senate members if they were interested in hearing Lasner's report; the response was affirmative.

Colleen Sathre gave a report on enrollment management to the BOR and Chair Kay felt the Congress might find it interesting. A straw vote indicated that the Senate agreed that the report should be presented at the next Congress meeting.

Chair Kay announced that four positions in Carol Eastmanís office, two for program officers and two for vice presidents, are being advertised. She encouraged faculty to get the word out and apply themselves, if interested.

Chair Kay reported that in response to her requests for the Senate Executive Committee (SEC) to meet with the Governor, she was told that the Governor will be meeting with the co-chairs of the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC). Of the SECís three agenda items, including the Governorís BOR appointments, the importance of funding improvements for Hamilton Library, and the need to revise the new Procurement Law, Hamilton Library may not be of interest to other ACCFSC members, but it could be couched with the need to maintain the Universityís capital improvement priorities.

Chair Kay and John Haak will be meeting with the chairs of the legislative committees of Higher Education soon to discuss Hamilton Library. In addition, the SEC will be pursuing meeting with these chairs and the Governor to inform them of our agenda.

Chair Kay reported that the systemwide meeting on general education, scheduled for March 25-26, ìwill be entitled ìComing to Consensus on General Education: One Path or Many? About 80 UHM faculty have been invited to attend; others should let Chair Kay know of their interest.

Chair Kay said the SEC was still working on the issues previously suggested by the Senate and asked if the anyone has any more concerns, comments, suggestions or recommendations. A suggestion that University autonomy should be stressed over more specific issues was made. Chair Kay commented that President Mortimer recently made this point with the Governor and that the Governor did express some support for this concept. Another suggestion that the Governor is likely to be a friend of UH and that a positive attitude that highlights what UH can do for the State would be the most productive stance we could take was also made.

There was no old business and no new business. The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda J. Cox