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University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate, March 15, 1995

Architecture #205

Presiding: Alison Kay, Chair, Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Senators Present: Scott Anderson, Belinda Aquino, Rodney Batiza, Byron Bender, Thomas Bopp, John Casken,David Chappell, Virgie Chattergy, Linda Cox, Fred Creager, Steven Dawson, Norma Despain, Thelma Diercks, Marilyn Dunlap, Richard Guillory, John Haig, Samuel Haley, James Heasley, J. Patrick Henry, Kathryn Hoffman, Kiyoshi Ikeda, E. Alison Kay, Adelheid Kuehnle, Barry Labonte, William Lampe, Nancy Lind, Kem Lowry, Christopher Measures, Roy Nishimoto, E. Aiko Oda, Neva Owens, Joseph Patoskie, Robert Paull, Thomas Pearson, Thomas Ramsey, Donald Schmitt, James Silva, Joseph Stanton, Glenn Teves, Jean Toyama, Jane Tribble, Judy Weightman, Melvin Wong, Rosemarie Woodruff

Senators Absent: James Brandon, Gaye Chan, Sandra Chang, Michael DíAndrea,Austin Dias, Patricia Fryer, Anita Gerhard, Sherie Gusukuma, Sue Hanson, John Hardman, Noel Kent, Margaret Maaka, Ronald Matayoshi, John Melish, Marian Melish, Jane Moulin, Deane Neubauer, Nicholas Ordway, Kathryn Patterson, Anthony Picard, Patricia Steinhoff, Roy Wilkens

Senators Excused: Nell Altizer, James Cartwright, Bert Lum, Peter Nicholson, Cynthia Ning, Janice Shoultz, John Sinton, Alice Tse

Visitors: President Kenneth P. Mortimer Vice President David Yount, Pauline Sheldon, Juanita Liu, Fredrick Collison, Lynne Quinn, Andrew Taylor, R. Sana

Meeting was called to order by at 3:10 PM by Chair Alison Kay. The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Promotion/Tenure Discussion

Chair Kay said that the Senate Executive Committee (SEC) has been hearing lots of comments, criticisms, etc. about promotion and tenure. The major criticism is that faculty are expected perform instruction, research and service with each contributing equally to the overall evaluation of a given faculty member's performance. However, in reality very little attention is given to anything other than research.

The minimum qualifications and criteria for each type of academic appointment and rank is set by the Board of Regents (BOR). However, all other information contained in the guidelines distributed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs come from administration. Chair Kay asked the Senate for discussion on the types of changes are needed and she also pointed out that in the current set of guidelines, research is given much more attention than instruction or research.

Lorraine Despain said she had recently been promoted to rank 5 and that she felt we need to make it clear that instruction includes activities much broader than what we do in the classroom. Curriculum development and professional research, for instance, are instructional activities, yet when she went up for promotion, her department wanted her to count these types of activities as service. Chair Kay said SEC member Patty Fryer is also concerned about this issue since NSF funding cannot be obtained for curriculum development unless the institution recognizes such activity as a scholarly pursuit.

Pat Henry stated he also heard comments when he was promoted that his instructional work was merely a service activity. However, he felt revising the description of instructional activities would not prove successful because faculty doing the evaluating will not respond to a change in language. He felt administration should overturn positive decisions that do not recognize teaching. Otherwise, he, himself, would not devote so much of his effort to teaching.

Jim Heasley concluded we have met the enemy and it is us. Unless we reward teaching when we are sitting on personnel committee, nothing will change. Lorraine Despain explained a strategy for changing the minds of TPRC members in cases for which teaching may be counted less than research. If research is an ìAî and instruction were a ìCî should it make any difference than having an ìAî in teaching and a ìCî in research? At the same time she reiterated the message that change must start at the departmental level and stressed the need to revise documentation all levels. Tom Pearson related an experience he had recently in which he had to explain the lack of interest in service and teaching to a member of state government. His explanation centered on the lack of rewards for instruction and service activities.

Chris Measures stressed that research is evaluated externally through the publication process, while instruction and service are not. Jim Heasley agreed that evaluation is a problem, but we still need to reward excellence. Lorraine Despain said an outside review team could be used to evaluate instructional efforts.

Rosie Woodruff discussed the unique work done by specialists that few instructional and research faculty understand Her unit has defined what is expected at the departmental level and would like to provide more input to the university guidelines. Glenn Teves stressed that county agents are like specialists because no one understands their role and therefore, it is difficult for them to get much respect from their UHM colleagues. Bob Paull pointed out that faculty based on neighbor islands can't serve on TPRCs, while this is not the case in the Community Colleges and Hilo.

Chair Kay asked that everyone, particularly specialists and county agents, forward to the SEC written input on specific language or other changes.

UH Bookstore

Chair Kay said that she has received a number of e-mail messages about the inadequacies of the UH Bookstore. She asked the group if this was an issue that they would like for the SEC to examine. The unanimous consensus was that the SEC should move forward on the matter.

Update on Matson Chair in Travel Industry Management (TIM)

Joseph Patoskie from TIM gave an update on the status of the Presidentís effort to move the Matson Chair from TIM to the College of Business Administration (CBA). TIM has been told by Carol Eastman that President Mortimer is going ahead with the plan to move the Chair from TIM to CBA.

In response to questions about the Senate's previous action on this matter, Chair Kay read the following resolution passed by the Senate in November.

WHEREAS the transfer of a named, endowed chair from an academic unit in which it is established raises questions involving academic policies and academic programs;

WHEREAS this is a matter to be reviewed by the Manoa Faculty Senate; and

WHEREAS there are serious consequences of transferring named chairs,

AND WHEREAS the Manoa Faculty Senate opposes any administrative transfer of named chairs without the prior agreement of the faculty involved and full academic review by the Manoa Senate; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, with regard to the current case of the Matson Chair, there be no further action taken by the university administration without first establishing, in consultation with the Faculty Senate, an academic policy to clarify the intent, purpose, terms and locus of endowed chairs.

Several issues surrounding endowed chairs were discussed including, the Presidentís lack of response to our resolution; the continuing control of the donor over a tax deductible contribution; the fact that only TIM was mentioned by the donor as the locus of the chair; and the lack of precedence at other universities for allowing the donor to attach ìstringsî to funds. A motion was made to censor the President for not responding to our resolution, but no second was received. A suggestion was made to get the Attorney Generalís opinion on the matter, which TIM has been unable to do, because the request for the opinion would have to go through administration. The consensus was to request the courtesy of a response to our resolution from the President and to discuss the matter again at our next meeting.

Chairís Report

Chair reminded the group of the systemwide meeting on general education, scheduled for March 25-26, entitled ìComing to Consensus on General Education: One Path or Many?î Chair Kay said she is calling everyone who has been invited, but hasnít responded, in order to get a predictable expected attendance.

The budget strategy meetings for each UHM unit will begin soon as the process used last year is repeated this year . Two members from the Committee on Adminstratiopn and Budget (CAB) are planning to attend each meeting.

The President has indicated to the SEC that he would like to update the UHM mission statement. Chair Kay asked senators to please provide the SEC with feedback on this issue as soon as possible.

The BOR is meeting this week on campus and Chair Kay will attend. She encouraged all UHM faculty to attend.

New Business

Kathryn Hoffman said she was puzzled by a registered letter she had just received from a realtor trying to sell her a unit in UH housing. She was wondering when UH turned these sales over to the private sector. Chris Measures said he knew more about the issue and agreed to discuss the matter with Kathryn.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda J. Cox