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University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate, December 9, 1998

Richardson School of Law, Classroom 2

45 senators were present:
Nell Altizer, Thomas Brislin, Patricia Burrell, Kenneth Bushnell, Catherine Caveletto, Rahul Chattergy, Vergie Chattergy, Donna Ching, Robert Cooney, John Cox, Thomas Craven, Robert Duesterhaus, Marilyn Dunlap, Donna Fukuda, John Hardman, Emily Hawkins, Manfred Henningsen, Judith Kellogg, Karl Kim, Kenneth Kipnis, Takeo Kudo, William Lampe, Alexander Malahoff, Stacey Marlow, Gertraud Maskarinec, David McClain, Matthew McGranaghan, Gwen Naguwa, C.S. Papacostas, Mary Pateman, Karen Peacock, Alison Regan, Stanley Saiki, Virginia Tanji, Mary Tiles, Jane Tribble, Robert Valliant, Richard Varley, Randal Wada, Frank Walton, Eldon Wegner, Joel Weiner, John Wendell, David Yount, Sylvia Yuen,

8 senators were excused:
Ross Christensen, Christopher Measures, John Mount, Joseph O'Mealy, Donald Schmitt, Thomas Schroeder, Thomas Vogt, Dina Yoshimi,

14 senators were absent:
Alton Arakaki, Barry Baker, Caroline Blanchard, William Burgwinkle, James Cowen, Arnold Edelstein, Stephen Ferreira, Agnes Fok, Joel Hanna, Casey Jarman, Nanette Judd, Charles Mueller, Janice Uchida, Roy Wilkens,

4 administrators were present:
Thomas Bopp, Sheryl Nojima, Frank Perkins, Ray Yeh

11 other people signed in:
Rosemary Casey, Fred Collison, Joanne Cooper, Royal Fruehling, Ron Heck, Mary Anne Prater, Vicki Rosser, Scott Thomas, Jim Tiles, Byung-Wook Wie, one undecipherable name Chair Alex Malahoff opened the meeting at 3:09 pm.

1. Minutes of the Meeting of November 18, 1998, were approved with two changes: Thomas Brislin will be listed as present, and Majid Tehranian, who has been replaced by Manfred Henningsen, will be removed from the list of those absent.

2.. Committee Reports

CAPP - Committee on Academic Policy and Planning

Matt McGranaghan, Chair of CAPP, presented four resolutions for Faculty Senate consideration:

1. Proposal for College of Education Degree Name Change: Ed.D. to Ph.D.

2. Proposal for Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Special Education

3. Proposal for Architecture Doctorate

4. Proposal for TIM Degree Name Change MPS to MS

Copies of the original resolutions are attached. The wording of the second "WHEREAS" in the third resolution was corrected from "College of Architecture" to "School of Architecture." All four resolutions passed unanimously by voice vote.

CAB - Committee on Administration and Budget

Tom Craven, Chair of CAB, recommended that the Faculty Senate endorse the proposal to reorganize CTAHR (College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources) and HITAHR (Hawaii Institute for Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources) into a single entity to be called CTARM (College of Tropical Agriculture and Resource Management). Tom noted in his presentation that the merger has the support of the two units involved. The CAB recommendation was approved unanimously by voice vote.

CPM - Committee on Professional Matters

Robert Cooney, Chair, informed senators that CPM is in the process of reviewing the revised policy on sexual harassment proposed recently by the administration. CPM expects to complete its work on this item in time for the January meeting of the Faculty Senate.

3. Chair's Report

Chair Malahoff thanked Matt McGranaghan, Tom Craven, and Robert Cooney for their reports. He then made four announcements:

1. Arrangements have been made with President Mortimer for the Faculty Senate Executive Committee to meet with the WASC team during its Manoa site visit next semester.

2. The "4% + 4% + 4% budget-cut exercise" was Senior Academic Vice President's Smith's initiative. That is the reason why no other campus is doing it.

3. Governor Cayetano is working hard to implement his campaign promise to move CTARM (College of Tropical Agriculture and Resource Management) and IFA (Institute for Astronomy) to Hilo. Big Island Regent Stanley H.

Roehrig has publically expressed his support for the Governor's initiative.

4. Plans are underway to initiate a Faculty Ambassador Program to the State Legislature.

Tom Bopp, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs provided additional information regarding the second item. He reiterated that the "4% + 4% + 4% budget-cut exercise" is "internal to Manoa" and explained that its intent is to facilitate a reallocation of funds. The reallocation will be guided by the priorities identified in the Manoa Strategic Plan. Among the specific items Bopp mentioned were the Library and RM (Repairs and Maintenance). Bopp noted that the physical plant at Manoa is valued at around $1 billion, while the current budget for RM is less than $2 million. It follows that annual RM expenditures at Manoa are less than 0.2 percent of the value of the physical plant being maintained. The RM backlog is now around $60 million, and the level required to maintain a steady state is around $15 million per year. The University's 21 percent overhead rate, which is the lowest in the country, reflects the general lack of institutional support for extramurally sponsored research and training, of which RM is but one example.

4. Other Business

Richard Varley, President of the Manoa Road Runners, distributed a handout describing the "Run For Higher Education Scholarship" program and asked for faculty support.

Bill Lampe noted that dates for the Faculty Congress are supposed to be set by the Faculty Senate. The Senate voted unanimously that the next meeting of the Congress will occur immediately prior to the March meeting of the Faculty Senate. The date of the March meeting of the Faculty Senate will be set by the Senate Executive Committee on 14 December.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:06 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

David Yount