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University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate, October 20, 1999

Law School Classroom 2

44 Senators were present:
Iqbal Ahmed, Belinda Aquino, Barry Baker, Robert Cooney, John Cox, Thomas Craven, James Dator, Marilyn Dunlap, Andrea Feeser, Betsy Fisher, David Flynn, Agnes Fok, Patricia Fryer, Carolyn Gotay, William Haning, Emily Hawkins, Manfred Henningsen, Casey Jarman, Karl Kim, Irvin King, William Lampe, Bruce Liebert, Joy Marsella, David McClain, Chris Measures, Ralph Moberly, John Mount, Joseph O'Mealy, Mary Pateman, Robert Paull, Teresita Ramos, John Rieder, Thomas Schroeder, Brent Sipes, Martha Staff, Virginia Tanji, Mary Tiles, Jane Tribble, Janice Uchida, Frank Walton, Charles Weems, Joel Weiner, John Wendell, David Yount.

7 Senators were excused:
William Burgwinkle, Ernestine Enomoto, Randall Hensley, Peter Kim, Matthew McGranaghan, Jane Moulin, Sylvia Yuen.

18 Senators were absent:
Robert Bart, Horst Brandes, Donna Fukuda, Joel Hanna, Robert Joseph, Nanette Judd, Laurence Kolonel, Edward Laws, Glenn Man, John Melish, Susan Miyasaki, Charles Mueller, Stanley Saiki, Ann Sloat, Thomas Speitel, Robert Valliant, Richard Varley, Ming-Bao Yue.

3 administrators were present:
Dean Smith, Thomas Bopp, Judith Inazu.

8 others signed in:
Kit Stansley, Kathy Ferguson, James Cowen, Eldon Wegner, Ron Grantz, Jim Tiles, B Breenna, M Kawate.

Chair Mary Tiles opened the meeting at 3:07

1. The minutes of the Faculty Senate's September 15 th, 1999 meeting were approved unanimously by voice vote.

2. Chair Tiles reported the report would be short since as information was becoming available she was putting it out on email.

The University has received a 1.5$M restriction to its budget from Governor Cayetano; this was less than anticipated but long term planning discussions are affected by the possibility that the now 6.4$M payroll lag that has been rolled over in past years may not be rolled over this year. This would then represent a significant additional cut to this year's budget.

Dean Smith was commended for inviting CAB and SEC members to participate in the Council of Deans and Directors' budget meeting. The experience has allowed faculty to witness the chaos meted out to the planning process by budget restrictions so late in the fiscal year.

President Mortimer is proceeding with the discussions over the Chancellorship of Manoa and will meet with the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs to discuss this issue on Friday.

A sub-committee of CAPP has been formed which is part of a committee that will debate the issues surrounding the establishment of a Dean/Vice Chancellor for undergraduates. Three of the sub-committee have met with Deans and Administrators to organise and the whole committee is expected to meet soon.

A result of the Deans' and Directors' retreat is that a request has been made by the Deans and Directors to the Board of Regents for a review of all personnel policies.

All senators were urged to involve themselves in the issue of the constitution and reform of the undergraduate core. It was stated that all believed the core should be reformed but there were not uniform opinions about the direction that change should take. The result will likely be a compromise of the various viewpoints. The Faculty Congress on November 10th will be devoted entirely to this issue, and all senators were urged to attend since it is likely that debate will have to be limited at the November 17th Faculty Senate meeting when the core proposals will be voted on.

There being no questions, Chair Tiles asked the Senate for permission to take the committee reports out of order.

3. Martha Staff (mstaff@hawaii.edu) and Kathy Ferguson (kferguso@hawaii.edu) handed out a leaflet describing the faculty Ambassadors program. Faculty were encouraged to attend a meeting at 8:15 on Friday (22nd) in the Student Services lounge. It was explained that the Ambassadors program was not a substitute for the role that Student Affairs plays in recruiting students. Kathy Ferguson described how she and another Faculty member had taught a low level college class to expose students to college work and to make the University seem more accessible. It was explained that Faculty could also assist by becoming a resource for teachers in Schools with limited resources. Faculty were encouraged to email Ferguson or Staff if they were interested in participating in this program.

4. Manfred Heninngsen made the report from CAPP. He explained that since he was new to the Chair of this committee that he was not completely familiar with all of the issues involved in the material he was about to present.

A Resolution from CAPP sought the approval of an undergraduate certificate program in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Discussion ensued on whether a minor existed for these programs (apparently not) and the difference between a minor and a certificate program. It was pointed out that a certificate was awarded at the conclusion of the required course work whereas a minor required the completion of all of the degree courses. It was further pointed out that a certificate could be awarded to someone who was not enrolled in a degree program. Further discussion established that such a certificate program has also existed in European languages for about 10 yrs and thus this proposal parallels the one in European languages. After some discussion and modification of the wording of the final paragraph to make it explicit that these were three separate programs, the motion was carried by unanimous voice vote.

A document was distributed that recorded the chronology of CAPP's deliberation on the merger of the School of Travel Industry Management (TIM) with the College of Business Administration (CBA). Since the final proposal has not yet been submitted to CAPP, they have come to no decision on this issue. In response to a question, it was stated that CAPP will make a recommendation when they have all the information they feel they need.

5. Karl Kim presented a report from CAB. Karl explained that he and Agnes Fok co-chaired this committee.

CAB has selected three tasks so far this year. They will address the issue of the UH Budget, tuition, and professional schools.

In regard to budget, it was explained that a much better understanding of the budget process is needed and to that end CAB planned to meet with Rodney Sakaguchi (October 28th) and Eugene Imai (November 4th) from the budget office. Interested Faculty were encouraged to attend these meetings which will be held in Dean Hall 2.

CAB is reviewing the memo from Dean Smith's office concerning the tuition reimbursement formula proposed by the Senate last year and will prepare a response. Additional questions that CAB might consider regarding tuition were how are tuition rates set, what is the impact of differential tuition rates between the various parts of the system and how is financial aid responding to tuition increases.

CAB had reviewed a communication prepared by Barry Baker concerning the possibly restructuring and governing of professional Schools and was planning to consider this issue further. A question as to which schools were considered professional elicited the response that this indeed was one of the questions the committee would need to consider.

6. Eldon Wegner presented an update on the progress of the task force on the reform of the core. He pointed out that there was a very wide range of perspectives and concerns and that the task of the committee was to synthesise these into a feasible proposal. The task force was planning to meet with Paul LeMahieu to discuss issues related to foreign language in high schools and the feasibility of having a language entrance requirement. The role that faculty could play in distance education and in contacts with Community Colleges was also discussed. A revised proposal was expected in early November leaving time for review for the Faculty prior to the Faculty Congress meeting on November 10th (3:00 Architecture 205). It was planned that a final report would be presented to the Faculty Senate for its disposition at the November 17th meeting. It was expected that recent feedback would be taken into account in the drafting of the final report, and it was noted that even members of the task force have different opinions on some issues.

In response to a question from the president of the Graduate Student Organisation (M. Kim) as to whether the vote on the core could be delayed to permit more student input, it was pointed out that over the last year there had been significant input from student leaders (some of whom had been part of the committee) but at times requests for student input had gone unheeded. In response to a follow up question it was agreed that the task force would make a special presentation to students to seek feedback as soon as it could be arranged.

7. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:03 p.m. (is this a record?)

Respectfully submitted,

Chris Measures