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University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Congress, March 22, 2000

Crawford 105

25 Senators were present:
Belinda Aquino, Barry Baker, Robert Cooney, John Cox, Thomas Craven, Marilyn Dunlap, Ernestine Enomoto, Agnes Fok, Carolynn Gotay, Manfred Henningsen, Diane Ishida, Casey Jarman, Irvin King, Laurence Kolonel, Takeo Kudo, William Lampe, Joy Marsella, Matthew McGranaghan, Teresita Ramos, Brent Sipes, Richard Varley, Joel Weiner, David Yount, Ming Bao Yue, Sylvia Yuen.

16 Senators were excused:
Iqbal Ahmed, David Flynn, Donna Fukuda, Robert Joseph, Nanette Judd, Christopher Measures, Linda Menton, Susan Miyasaka, Ralph Moberly, Jane Moulin, John Mount, Mary Pateman, Virginia Tanji, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, Frank Walton,

28 Senators were absent:
Robert Bart, Horst Brandes, James Dator, Andrea Feeser, Patricia Fryer, John Haig, William Haning, Joel Hanna, Emily Hawkins, Leonard Huff, Karl Kim, Peter Kim, Edward Laws, Bruce Liebert, Glenn Man, John Melish, Charles Mueller, Joseph O'Mealy, Robert Paull, Karen Peacock, John Rieder, Stanley Saiki, Thomas Schroeder, Martha Staff, Jane Tribble, Robert Valliant, Charles Weems, John Wendell

Administrators Present:
Thomas Bopp and Alan Yang

Others signed in:
Peter Manicas, Peter Crooker, Roderick Jacobs, Jon Veltri, S.R. Haley, David Robb, Joanne Lterno, Judith Hughes, Jim Tiles, Elizabeth Wichmann-Walczak

The meeting was called to order by SEC Vice Chair Bill Lampe at 3:05 p.m.

1. The minutes of the Jan. 26, 2000 Faculty Congress were approved unanimously by voice vote.

2. Background information on the request for an undergraduate Vice-Chancellor was provided by Bill Lampe. He reported that the Committee on the Undergraduate Experience had called for an administrator for undergraduate education superordinate to the deans of academic units. The administration responded by proposing the creation of a committee to examine the issue. A subcommittee of CAP was created including members from the administration.

Those members of the committee present were then given the floor. (Joy Marsella, Chair, Alan Yang, Peter Crooker, Peter Manicas, David Robb, Randy Haley, Brent Sipes) [Dean Smith and Amy Agbayani were also members, who were not present. Helen Baroni arrived late]

Joy Marsella described the committee's recommendations and intention to meet with various groups after the break, including the Deans & Directors on April 4, 2000 and students at a date to be determined.

The committee examined 4 models for an undergraduate administrator and rejected 3. The surviving one was described in the attached documentation. The floor was then opened up for questions and concerns from the faculty congress.

1. The proposed document looks very similar to what we have now. Are we really changing anything fundamentally?

2. It was expressed that we needed to have a chart of the current organizational structure to determine what had been changed. Tom Bopp endeavored to present his view of the current organizational structure of UH Manoa on the chalkboard.

3. The question was raised about the potential elimination of positions. Under the proposed plan it appeared that 2-3 new positions would be created. Concerns were raised about costs and increased bureaucracy that would occur.

4. A concern was expressed that the proposed organizational chart does not meet the goals of the office that have been stated. A discussion ensued in which the committee members agreed to more clearly identify how the new office would help meet the expectations raised in their document. This concern was echoed by a number of others who stated they would like to hear a more persuasive proposal

5. The fire alarm sounded at 3:46 p.m. and was ignored until 3:53 p.m. at which time it stopped.

6. The question of reform of the system VP's was raised. Which vice presidents will be eliminated? The committee was silent on this issue. It appeared that the proposal either set up duplication or kept vice presidents on in meaningless positions.

7. Concerns were raised about the cost of this proposal. Will it further erode education at Manoa? The consensus was that the proposal needed a budget.

A general discussion then ensued.

Bill Lampe thanked the Congress and the meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Submitted by Bob Cooney