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University of Hawai'i at Manoa Faculty Senate, April 25, 2001

School of Architecture Auditorium


Belinda Aquino, Elaine Bailey, Barry John Baker, Kent Bridges, Craig Chaudron, Meda Chesney-Lind, Jerome Comcowich, Joanne Cooper, John Cox, Thomas Craven, Martha Crosby, Jim Dator, Sandy Davis, Carl Evensen, David Flynn, Richard Frankel, Pamela Fujita-Starck, Donna Fukuda, John Hardman, Emily Hawkins, Manfred Henningsen, Karen Jolly, Bruce Liebert, Joy Marsella, Susan Miyasaka, Ralph Moberly, Robert Paull, Wendy Pearson, Teresita Ramos, Philip Rehbock, Francis Sansone, Gwen Sinclair, Brent Sipes, Martha Staff, John Stimson, Frank Walton, Ming-Bao Yue, Sylvia Yuen

Robert Cooney, Andrea Feeser, Carolyn Gotay, Peter Kim, Kelley Withy

Iqbal Ahmed, Michael Antal, Hazel Beh, Horst Brandes, Marilyn Dunlap, Ernestine Enomoto, Michael Forman, Michael Garcia, William Haning, Robert Joseph, Nanette Judd, Merle Kataoka- Yahiro, Irvin King, Laurence Kolonel, Ed Laws, Glenn Man, James Marsh, John Melish, Jane Moulin, Charles Mueller, John Rieder, Gerard Russo, David Sanders, Charles Weems, Joel Weiner

Judith Inazu, Barbara Polk, Dean Smith.

Paul Chandler, Michael Chopey, Pat Cooper, Samir El-Swaify, Marlene Hapai, Thomas Hilgers, Ruth Horie, Sophia McMillen, Janice Uchida

The minutes of March 21, 2001 were unanimously accepted as submitted.

Chair's Report

Report by SEC Chair Barry Baker:

Chair Baker on behalf of the Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee offered to all senators and to all faculty colleagues a sincere welcome back after the extraordinary events during April.

Leak of Dobele's name came from BOR

On the 22 March the chair attended a thank you luncheon at First Hawaiian Bank for members of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee. The search and its aftermath were discussed and although it was not stated it became clear that the leak of Dr. Dobelle's name and salary, that could have easily destroyed his candidacy, could have only come from the Board of Regents itself. The committee members present were made aware that the trustees of Trinity College made a very substantial financial offer in an attempt to keep him in Hartford, but he turned them down.

Candidates requested anonymity

Chair Baker added one last footnote on the confidentiality of the search and answered a question previously raised that couldn't be answered at the March senate meeting due lack of knowledge. The short listed candidates were indeed asked if their names could be announced however they denied that request and requested anonymity.

SEC meeting with Dobelle

Also on the 22 March the SEC met with President-designate Dobelle. The meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half during which time Dr. Dobelle did most of the talking touching on a range of issues including his views on faculty responsibilities and authority; it was clear that if he administers the university in the way he discussed, then we will see a very different presidential leadership style from what we have now.

The SEC presented him with a document outlining the SEC's position on a Manoa Chancellorship. He discussed a variety of issues and reiterated his belief in the primacy of the faculty in academic matters. He also appeared to be astonished at the inadequate salary levels at Manoa, particularly for new incoming faculty at the rank of assistant professor. He appeared to be an extremely dynamic person and the SEC expects that he will hit the ground running on 2 July.

Manoa Chancellor

At the meeting he asked for SEC advice on a search for a Manoa Chancellor. In response, approximately ten days later, the SEC forwarded a letter to him detailing our views on search procedures including our belief that there should be a national or international search and that the committee should be composed of eleven people balanced by ethnicity and gender, with one undergraduate, one graduate student, one APT representative, one dean or director and seven faculty, specifically including at least one researcher, one specialist, one person from a professional school, and two persons from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, and two persons from the campus at large.

He also asked our advice on possible Manoa candidates who could serve as an Interim Chancellor during the search process. Just prior to the strike the Secretary of the Board of Regents contacted the chair and asked for seven faculty names who could serve on a search committee and for names of potential Interim Chancellors. Needless to say the strike intervened and only now has the SEC been able to consider these important matters.

No faculty senate or executive committee business was conducted during the duration of the strike.

On 9 April there was an off campus meeting of the University Community Partnership (UCP), however, because of the strike the chair did not attend. The UCP forum scheduled for 17 April was cancelled.

The SEC has received advice from CAPP on a reorganization plan for the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources and a resolution is scheduled to be presented at today's meeting.

SEC received second language waiver from SOEST

The SEC has received a second language waiver request from SOEST specifically for their Bachelor of Science degrees. This has been forwarded to the General Education Committee. This committee now has a total of three requests to process.

The SEC met with President and Chancellor Kenneth P. Mortimer, on 23rd April; Executive Vice Chancellor Dean O. Smith and Dr. Judith Inazu were in attendance.

A Retention Opportunities Analysis Report prepared by consultants, Noel-Levitz, was received by the SEC.

During the strike on 16th April, several members of the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs including the Manoa Faculty Senate chair, and representing all UH campuses met at the Church of the Crossroads to discuss maintaining academic integrity following resolution of the strike. This body also met with President Mortimer and Executive Vice Chancellor Smith on Friday 20th April.

Chair Baker and Vice Chair Cox met with EVC Smith and interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Karl E. Kim to discuss and offer advice on the Manoa administration's Semester Recovery Plan.

There were no questions about or comment on the Chair's report.

Committee Reports


Resolution on Proposed Academic Degree Program Changes in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources--Undergraduate Programs


Manfred Henningsen, Chair of the Committee on Academic Policy and Planning, introduced a "Resolution on Proposed Academic Degree Program Changes in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources--Undergraduate Programs" (attached to the Senate Agenda).

After thanking Andrea Feeser (Art), Fritz Rehbock (History), Joel Weiner (Mathematics) and Sylvia Yuen (CTHAR) for their work in developing the Resolution, Prof. Henningsen read and explained the resolution.

Robert Paull asked, since the resolution only referred to undergraduate programs in CTAHR, that the final "Therefore" be amended to read: "Therefore, be it resolved that the proposed undergraduate curricular consolidation within the six CTAHR departments be approved."

This was accepted as a friendly amendment and the Senate then passed the Resolution unanimously.

Faculty Service


Emily Hawkins, Chair of the Committee on Faculty Service announced that ballots for election to the SEC had been mailed to all Senators on Tuesday, April 24, and are due back in the Faculty Senate Office on May 4.

Of the people nominated for the SEC, eight had agreed to serve if elected: Meda Chesney-Lind, Michael Forman, Robert Paull, Wendy Pearson, David Sanders, Francis Sansome, Jean Toyama, and Charles Weems.

New Business

Standards for English 100

Joy Marsella said that the Standing Committee on Written Communication had established standards for English 100. These should be approved by the Manoa Faculty Senate.

She pointed out that even though the Committee's standards had been finalized before national guidelines had been received, the two were very similar.

Chair Baker said that the SEC will consider the matter and submit the material to the appropriate Senate committee for review and recommendations.

Chair Baker noted that the next and final meeting of the Senate this year will be on May 9, instead of May 2, in the Architecture Auditorium

There being no further business Chair Baker adjourned the meeting at 3:40 PM--a Personal Best for a short meeting.

Submitted by your vastly relieved Secretary, who is looking forward as eagerly as you are to the Last Time he will have to write these crummy minutes, and that you will have to read them. You DO read them, don't you??

Jim Dator