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University of Hawai'i at Manoa Faculty Senate, May 9, 2001

School of Architecture Auditorium


Belinda Aquino, Roger Babcock, Cristina Bacchilega, Barry John Baker, Robert Bley-Vroman, Douglas Bomberger, Charles Boyd, Glenn Cannon, Catherine Cavaletto, Paul Chandler, Craig Chaudron, Meda Chesney-Lind, Joanne Cooper, John Cox, Thomas Craven, Martha Crosby, Katalin Csiszar, Jim Dator, Sandy Davis, Marilyn Dunlap, Ernestine Enomoto, Andrea Feeser, David Flynn, Michael Forman, Patricia Fryer, Pamela Fujita-Starck, Donna Fukuda, Carolyn Gotay, Tony Guerro, William Haning, Emily Hawkins, Manfred Henningsen, Amelia Jenkins, Karen Jolly, Nanette Judd, Laurence Kolonel, Spencer Leineweber, Glenn Man, Joy Marsella, Susan Miyasaka, Ralph Moberly, Thomas Morelli, Roy Nishimoto, Robert Paull, Wendy Pearson, Philip Rehbock, Gerard Russo, Damon Sakai, Francis Sansone, Richard Schmidt, Jane Schoonmaker, Gwen Sinclair, Brent Sipes, Wayne Smith, Martha Staff, John Stimson, Elizabeth Tam, Mary Tiles, Frank Walton, Charles Weems, Joel Weiner, Lynne Wilkens, Kelley Withy, Ming-Bao Yue, Sylvia Yuen

Iqbal Ahmed, Rhonda Black, Barry Brennan, G. D. Bryant-Greenwood, Robert Cooney, Carl Evensen, Charles Fletcher, Richard Frankel, Robert Grace, Sherrel Hammar, Robert Joseph, Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, Charles Mueller, David Sanders, Irwin Schatz, Dana Tesone, Jean Toyama,

Michael Antal, Elaine Bailey, Hazel Beh, Horst Brandes, Kent Bridges, Jerome Comcowich, James Gaines, Michael Garcia, Jon Goss, John Hardman, Val Kanuha, Peter Kim, Irvin King, Ed Laws, Bruce Liebert, Stacey Marlow, James Marsh, John Melish, Neal Milner, Jane Moulin, Teresita Ramos, John Rieder, Khalil Spencer,

Judith Inazu, Karl Kim, Barbara Polk, Rodney Sakaguchi, Coleen Sathre, Dean Smith, Alan Teramura, Ken Tokuno,

Harriet Abe (?), Lyn Ackerman (?), Daniel Blaine, Charles Boyd, Carolyn Brooks-Harris, Ron Cambra, Myrtle Ching-Rappa, Mona Chock, Vanessa Chong, Joanne Clark, Fred Crengel, Richard Dubanoski, Darleen Dyer, Barbara Edelstein, Jean Ehrhorn, Cheryl Ernst, Chip Fletcher, Lala Fujimori, Arleen Fujimoto-Ikuma, Kevin Hamilton, Marlene Hapai, Toni Hathaway, Randy Hitz, Ruth Horie, Judith Hughes, Ruth Hsu, Lori Ideta, Roderick Jacobs, Linda Johnsrud, Mamo Kim, Arthur King, William Lampe, Marcia Little, Max Lee, Kainoa Lilly, Jan Lubin, Alexander Malahoff, Sarita Rai McLeod, Beverly McCreary, Chris Measures, Linda Menton, Jill Nunokawa, E. Aiko Oda, Carolyn Okinaga, Sharon Otagaki, Jin-Ho Park, Janette Samaan, David Sherril, Wendy Takahashi, Jim Tiles, George Wilkens, Ray Yeh, Plus seven other names not legible.

Chair Barry John Baker called the meeting to order at 3:08 PM.

The minutes of April 25, 2001 were unanimously accepted as submitted.

Chair's Report

Manoa Faculty Senate Chair's Report, 9 May 2001:

Chair Baker welcomed senators, faculty colleagues and guests to the last meeting of the Manoa Faculty Senate for the 2000-2001 Academic Year and noted that this would be the last meeting that he will chair. Although the charter and bylaws allow the senate to be convened over the summer Baker said there are no present plans to do so.

After Monday's certification of the recent election the Senate Executive Committee we will be enlarged to eleven persons to serve over the summer from 1 June through 31 August and by early June there will be new liaisons to the now enlarged seven senate standing committees and new senate officers in place to greet the new University of Hawaii president, Evan S. Dobelle, and a new, as yet unnamed, Interim Chancellor for the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Baker welcomed new SEC members Meda Chesney-Lind. Michael Forman, Frank Sansone and Jean Toyama to the SEC, together with hold-over members Joanne Cooper, Jim Dator and Sandy Davis he noted that these seven colleagues will comprise the SEC for the 2001-02 Academic Year

Baker on behalf of the SEC thanked senators for their sterling service on senate standing committees and for their attendance and participation in senate and congress meetings. He noted that about a year ago this university we value so much and its senate were described as immature organizations and stated that he believed that the actions of this senate during the last year, such as the adoption of new general education requirements with its management responsibility devolved to the senate, has done much to dispel this myth. He welcomed back all senators and faculty colleagues after the extraordinary events during April.

On 30 April the chair attended a meeting of the University-Community Partnership (UCP) where the major topic of discussion was the university's budgeting processes and noted that Rodney Sakaguchi Director of the Budget Office has agreed to discuss the university budget at the next UCP meeting on14 May.

Conversations with President Dobelle

Prior to the strike the SEC had received a communication from President-designate Dobelle, by way of David Iha, secretary of the Board of Regents regarding the appointment of an interim Manoa Chancellor and a search for a permanent Chancellor. This was in response to the previous 22 March meeting with Dr. Dobelle where the SEC presented him with a document outlining the SEC's position on a Manoa Chancellorship.

As the chair related at the April senate meeting when Dr. Dobelle visited with the SEC he discussed a variety of issues and reiterated his belief in the primacy of the faculty in academic matters; he also asked the SEC for advice on a search for a Manoa Chancellor. His subsequent messages to the SEC were in response to the SEC meeting with him and later correspondence to him.

SEC helps Dobelle with Interim Chancellor candidates

Prior to the strike Dr. Dobelle also asked for advice from the SEC on possible Manoa candidates who could serve as an Interim Chancellor during the search for a permanent chancellor and requested that the SEC forward names of potential candidates to him at the earliest opportunity.

Immediately following the strike the SEC again considered this matter and because of Dr. Dobelle's view that any interim chancellor would be an unlikely candidate for the permanent position it excluded several high profile administrators who the SEC considered potential nominees or applicants for Manoa Chancellor; the chair noted that he also spoke personally to those administrators.

The SEC again wrote to Dr. Dobelle on 23 April and gave him a list of five potential nominees for interim Manoa chancellor, four of whom will participate in the panel discussion; they are Deans Rosanne Harrigan and Randy Hitz, Professor Deane Neubauer, and Senior Vice President Alan Teramura. The fifth potential nominee recommended by the SEC withdrew.

Chair Baker continued to communicate with the president-designate, via Secretary David Iha, however, on Friday evening 27 April at 7:00pm Dr. Dobelle called the chair at home. It was a wide ranging conversation about many things, the importance and pre-eminence of faculty in academic matters, the importance of a transparent and open process for the selection of a Manoa Chancellor, the BOR and autonomy, faculty morale and salaries, the role of the SEC in identifying nominees for service as interim Manoa Chancellor, Dr. Dobelle's wish for the candidates to participate in an open forum or panel discussion, the search for a permanent chancellor, and the university budget process among many things.

During that conversation Dr. Dobelle informed the chair of his view that the interim chancellor would be performing a significant and difficult service to UH Manoa during an interim administration. He informed the Baker that he would be visiting the campus on 24 May to interview interim chancellor candidates and asked the chair to spend that day with him. He also stated that he wished to discuss this matter on his first day on campus as president, Monday 2 July, and that he expected to appoint an interim chancellor no later than mid July. From this the chair deduced that Dr. Dobelle intended to make an early interim appointment and send it to the BOR's July meeting, accordingly, Baker noted time was of the essence in this matter.

The following the Monday, 30 April, SEC meeting the chair prepared an announcement for the Manoa Faculty Senate, identifying the four potential interim chancellor nominees and forwarded it to David Flynn, the senate webmaster, requesting that he post this on the senate website and forward it to all senators. The message to senators requested that they share this information with their constituents and solicited other potential nominees for consideration by the SEC from senators and faculty.

During the time between the publication of the announcement and the senate meeting the chair received email messages identifying four other interim chancellor nominees. Two of these nominees declined and of the other two, the SEC at their 7 May meeting agreed to add one, Interim Dean Charles Hayes, to the candidate pool.

At the conclusion of this description of the interim Manoa Chancellor nomination and selection process to date, the chair noted that this has been described by a faculty colleague in an email communication as "a new low in under-the-counter-deals." The chair opined that this certainly was not the case and he sincerely hoped that this view was not wide spread.

The chair informed the senate and guests that the Information Technology Office had established a separate email address for members of the campus community who want to send comments to President-designate Evan Dobelle on the nominees for interim Manoa Chancellor; uhmchancellor_comments@hawaii.edu. He also noted that written comment may also be mailed to: President-designate Evan S Dobelle Care of University of Hawaii Board of Regents Office Bachman Hall 209 2444 Dole Street Honolulu HI 96822.

On Friday 27 April the chair met with Vice President Doris Ching, Assistant Vice President Sharon Miyashiro, Associate Dean Peter Garrod and Associate Dean Ronald Cambra as the Post Strike Crisis Committee to discuss procedures to deal with student requests for course withdrawals and tuition refunds. At that meeting a procedure was developed, that was later published and is now in use; to date approximately 75 students have requested withdrawals, usually from a single course and tuition refunds.

The chair and Vice-Chair John Cox attended 1 and 8 May meetings of the WASC Accreditation Advisory Committee.

On Friday 4 May, Chair Baker attended the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs meeting with President Mortimer; Vice President Colleen Sathre was in attendance.

Since the last senate meeting the SEC has received a memorandum from Vice President Colleen Sathre regarding the senate resolution on proposed amendments to Board of Regent's policies chapters 4, 5 and 6.

Chair Baker informed the senate that although there is an expectation that senate standing committees present a report at the last senate meeting of the academic year, because of the disruption caused by the strike and the fact that all committees have not yet reported to the SEC, all senate standing committee reports, when they are received, will be shared with the senate in writing and on the web.


5 nominees for Interim Manoa Chancellor

There were no questions or comments following Chair Baker's report, so he introduced the panel of five nominees for Interim Manoa Chancellor: Roxanne Harrigan, Charles Hayes, Randy Hitz, Deane Neubauer and Alan Teramura, who then spoke in that (alphabetical) order. Their presentations were followed by some questions among themselves, and then a lengthy question and answer session from the floor which continued until 5:14 PM.

[With the permission of the Chair, and because the panel discussion was both videotaped and will appear on the Senate website, your incompetent secretary did not attempt to take notes of the discussion, and refers interested parties to the videotape and/or Senate website.

He will say this: in his many years of attending faculty discussions at the University of Hawaii, this was one of the most focused, informative, and inspiring he has heard. He agrees with many faculty members who have said that, on the basis of their presentations and responses on this panel, any one of the five could serve very well as Interim Chancellor, and, more, would be a very strong candidates for permanent Chancellor. The University community is, or should be, proud to have such outstanding scholars and administrators among them].

Chair Baker thanked the panelists and returned to the business of the Senate.

Committee Reports


Resoltuion thanking Administration for advance loans

A CAB Resolution, distributed with the Agenda, thanking the Administration for providing Advance Loans to the Faculty during the strike, was passed unanimously.

Text of resolution


Resolution asking that nursing students be allowed to use Medical Library

Manfred Henningsen next introduced for CAPP a Resolution concerning access by the School of Nursing to the Hawaii Medical Library.

Dean Harrigan explained the history of the Library that is run by and housed at the Queens Medical Center (QMC). UH pays substantial annual fees for access by its students and faculty. The Library is the only major medical library in the State. It is essential that all medically-related units of UH have access to it, as they traditionally have. However, budget shortfalls at QMC led to a proposed policy that permitted only the UH Medical School to have access to the Library.

This Resolution requests that the University do whatever is necessary to see that the School of Nursing continues to have ready access to the Library as well.

Executive Vice President Smith rose to say that while he is glad to have the Resolution passed, the University is already taking action to find the additional money required to retain access. The University already pays $500 thousand. QMC also pays $500 thousand, but claims it now needs $1.2 million to operate the facility. The University thus must come up with an additional $200 thousand, and it has agreed to do so in order to assure that all units that now have access to the Library may continue to have access.

The Resolution was approved unanimously.

Text of resolution

Resolution on establishment of Office of Undergraduate Education

Manfred Henningsen then introduced a second resolution, also attached to the Agenda, dealing with Undergraduate Education. Earlier drafts of this resolution had raised concern because of the specificity with which it detailed the organization of the new Office of Undergraduate Education. Henningsen said that CAPP believes that the new President and Chancellor should be able to participate in discussions and decisions concerning the new Office of Undergraduate Education and that the Faculty Senate should not attempt to preempt this. As it stands now, the resolution is a strong statement of the commitment of UHM to improving undergraduate education at Manoa.

Someone wanted to know what the phrase "aligning all academic advisors" meant.

Joy Marsella said that it reflects our intention to coordinate advising so that students will not have to go from advisor to advisor across the various academic units, getting different or conflicting advice along the way. The intention is to have the advisors work more closely together.

Henningsen added that while there was some concern about bringing this resolution to this last Senate meeting, he felt it was essential for the Senate to go on record as informing the President and Chancellor that improving undergraduate education should be their number one priority.

The resolution passed unanimously

Text of resolution

New Business

Dean Smith should continue as interim chancellor - Mamo Kim, GSO

The only new business was a statement by Mamo Kim, President of the Graduate Student Organization. She observed that the interim chancellor panel presentations were excellent. Each of the five should be a candidate for permanent chancellor. But she said that since the interim chancellor is to be in office for less than one year it made more sense, she felt, to have Executive Vice Chancellor Dean Smith continue to serve as interim since he has been, in effect, Manoa Chancellor under Mortimer. She argued that it was better for the administration of Manoa for him to continue in that position--that it would make for a smoother transition, while a new interim chancellor would result in much unnecessary disruption.

Chair Baker thanked Ms Kim for her comments. There being no further business, the Senate adjourned at 5:32 PM

At which point, with a mighty sigh of relief, your humble scrivener, blotting the blood and sweat from the tattered parchment beneath his palsied hands, put down his frayed quill pen and spotted inkhorn. He now wills his post and all its accoutrements to a more worthy successor who he hopes will not incur the ire of those members of the English Department (and their syntactic Wannabees) who have been tireless in their attempt to get this illiterate scribe to write properly. Why they think they could succeed, when his own sainted mother, herself a university professor of English and Humanities, so obviously failed, is a mark of their dedication to the Lost Cause of Good English, Clear Logic, and Proper Manners in this increasingly naughty world. May some God have mercy on their souls.

Jim Dator