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Minutes & Agendas


University of Hawai'i at Manoa Faculty Congress, April 25, 2001

School of Architecture Auditorium


Belinda Aquino, Elaine Bailey, Barry John Baker, Kent Bridges, Paul Chandler, Craig Chaudron, Michael Chopey, Meda Chesney-Lind, Jerome Comcowich, Joanne Cooper, Pat Cooper, John Cox, Thomas Craven, Martha Crosby, Jim Dator, Sandy Davis, Samir El-Swaify, Carl Evensen, David Flynn, Richard Frankel, Pamela Fujita-Starck, Donna Fukuda, Marlene Hapai, John Hardman, Emily Hawkins, Manfred Henningsen, Thomas Hilgers, Ruth Horie, Karen Jolly, Bruce Liebert, Joy Marsella, Sophia McMillen, Susan Miyasaka, Ralph Moberly, Robert Paull, Wendy Pearson, Teresita Ramos, Philip Rehbock, Francis Sansone, Gwen Sinclair, Brent Sipes, Martha Staff, John Stimson, Janice Uchida, Frank Walton, Ming-Bao Yue, Sylvia Yuen

Barry John Baker, Chair of the Manoa Faculty Senate, convened the Congress at 3:09 PM.

The Minutes of the Congress of November 15, 2000 were approved unanimously as presented.

Resolution to approve changes to Charter and Bylaws

The sole business before the Congress was a resolution for proposed changes in the Senate Charter and Bylaws that was attached to the Faculty Congress Agenda distributed to all faculty members in attendance.

From overheads skillfully manipulated by your humble Secretary but barely legible beyond the first row, Chair Baker read and discussed each of the proposed changes, and then read the "Resolution Proposing Changes to the Charter and Bylaws."

A motion to adopt the Resolution was made and seconded, and the Resolution was adopted unanimously by a voice vote.

The proposed changes will be mailed to all members of the Manoa Faculty, and ballots should be received back in the Faculty Senate Office no later that 4:30 PM, May 14, 2001.

Someone wanted to know if the Charter and Bylaw changes approved at the previous Congress had been sent to and approved by the President of the University.

Chair Baker explained that they had, but after a long process of negotiation between the President and the SEC, and with a caveat of understanding attached to the charter and bylaws and in a memorandum signed by President Mortimer.

There being no further business, the Congress adjourned at 3:23 PM.

The Congress was immediately followed by a meeting of the Manoa Faculty Senate.

Submitted by Jim Dator, Secretary, Manoa Faculty Senate.