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Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting of January 22, 2003

Richardson School of Law

Harriet Abe, Denise Antolini, Roger Babcock, Cristina Bacchilega, Andrea Bartlett, Rhonda Black, Robert Bley-Vroman, Douglas Bomberger, Ronald Bontekoe, Rebecca Cann, Glenn Cannon, Catherine Cavaletto , Meda Chesney-Lind, Joel Cohn, Martha Crosby, Eric DeCarlo, Linda Duckworth, John Engel, David Flynn, Michael Forman, Patsy Fujimoto, Tony Guerrero, Drue Narka for Amelia Jenkins , Susan Johnson, Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, Christine Kirk-Kuwaye, Roberta Lamb, Karen Lee, Spencer Leineweber, Matt McGranaghan, Luciano Minerbi, Marvin Ortel, Robert Paull, Joan Peters, , Brian Popp, Michael Salzman, David Sanders, Frank Sansone, David Stegenga, Mary Tiles, Lynne Wilkens, Kelly Withy, Lesley Wright, Christine Yano, Halina Zaleski Excused Paul Adams, Rosita Chang, Damon Sakai, Jane Schoonmaker, Brent Sipes, Wayne Smith, , Charles Weems

G.D. Bryant-Greenwood , Paul Chandler, James Cowen, Katalin Csiszar, H. Gert DeCouet, Patricia Fryer, Robert Grace, Kenton Kramer, Stacey Marlow, Marian Melish, John Melish, Neal Milner, Jeanne Oka, Irwin Schatz, Richard Schmidt, Dan Spears, Elizabeth Tam

Others in Attendance:
Sandy Davis, Denise Konan, Jan Heu, Norman Olegarte, Tiffany Hibbi, Kelly Anderson, Kalani Chapman, Louise Crum, Ian Tanita, Tad Iwata, Susan Hippensteele

Chair Michael Forman called the meeting to order at approximately 3:10

Adoption of the Minutes

The minutes of December 11, 2002, as amended, were approved with one abstention. Discussion and review of the minutes prompted Ron Bontekoe to ask about the faculty housing matter and where faculty could go to discuss the current time limits. Helena Zalinski expressed an additional concern about the fact that faculty specialists are on a lower priority than instructional faculty

Mary Tiles said that she would take these matters up with the UHPA Board since it is likely that UHPA could get a quicker response to these concerns from the UHM administration.

Chair's Report

Mike Forman mentioned the problem of attendance at Senate meetings and the need to elect people who have in fact been representing you by attending Senate meetings on a regular basis.

Budget Cuts

Forman then said that Chancellor Englert (who is out of state) asked that he bring the faculty up to date on the budget cuts. UH received a 6.9 million dollar cut from the Governor. The UHM restriction was 4.28 million (2.48% of the UHM budget) The Chancellor has protested Central Administration's calculation of the dimensions, but the difference in dispute is only $100,000-140,000--which means that the disagreement is over a relatively minor amount of money.

In Chancellor Englert's approach, there would be no effect on the merit pay or special salary adjustments. There are also no across the board cuts. He intends to preserve the integrity of the Department Chair's operating funds. There should be no concern about department dollars.

He asks that we all think about reasonable ways to meet this cut. He is asking his management folks but welcomes faculty ideas. Currently, he is planning on targeting "rich units" with discretionary funds. He's talking about "loans" rather than "raids" creating an unofficial "campus bank." Chancellor Englert's caveat is that anything that approaches new policy will be discussed with the SEC, the MBAC, and his management team.

Going beyond the Chancellor's own statements, Forman noted the concern provoked by one of the Governor's comments in her recent State of the State address [which suggested that across the board salary increases for state workers was out of the question until the State's budget picture improved]. Forman said that some faculty are fearful that salary increases for UH faculty might be one of the kinds of things that will only be addressed when the State's economy improves.

UHM Reorganization

The Chancellor has now taken over the administrative responsibilities for UHM student services, a role that was formally held by Doris Ching. Ching is now Vice President for Student Affairs in the President's Office. He asked Alan Yang to be his "operating officer." Ads are out for permanent Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Vice Chancellor for Research. Chancellor Englert is looking for nominations.

The Vice Chancellor for Administration is currently staffed by an Acting Vice Chancellor Wayne Fujishige. Ed Laws had returned to teaching and is no longer Vice Chancellor for Research: there is a troika of faculty doing the position currently: Ro lf-Peter Kudritzki had stepped into but also Jim Gaines and Vassilis Syrmos There are two other Vice Chancellor positions proposed whose titles and job descriptions are under development.

One is one is for Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and the other is a Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Human Relations [some versions include Hawaiian Affairs].

The SEC have asked what are the lines of reporting. Chancellor has said, look at the old re-organization charts [the charts that were proposed during the debates about the structure of the UHM administration and the need for some high level focus on undergraduate education].

University Research Council Funds

The status of the University Research Council funds was another issue addressed by the SEC. There was a sweep that resulted no budget for the URC [which covers much faculty travel]. When the SEC heard about it, we took our concerns to the Chancellor.

There is a memo coming out; meanwhile, the money is back in the URC.

Upcoming WASC Visit

We come closer and closer to the WASC visit. You can review the draft WASC report at: Denise Konan spoke to the WASC visit. WASC will be providing a system visit paired with a special visit to the UHM campus The special visit is not as extensive as a regular accreditation; rather, its purpose is to check on concerns that were raised in 1999 accreditation WASC concerns at that time focused on issues of leadership, strategic planning, budgeting, governance, and assessment. Dates: system visit, March 17-19, campus visit March 19-21.

Peace Letter

Forman then turned to the matter of a peace letter activity. Forman noted that there is a concerted effort in the community and on campus to address the possibility of a war with Iraq. UHPA has been involved in this work. Some of the groups are involved in the collection of letters to be brought in a bundle to Senator Inouye to give to President Bush.

SEC agreed unanimously that it was a worthy activity. We urged Senators to decide what they themselves wanted to do as citizens, and to discuss with colleagues. Forman intended to post information about the campaign on the UHMFS website but he fell ill.

Forman wanted to call the effort to the faculty's attention. He further stated that "we leave it to your conscience as to what you want to do." Forman then introduced Carolyn Stephenson who has been involved in the campaign.

Stephenson commented that the original idea came from chance conversation that a person had with Senator Inouye, about ways in which people, particularly University folk, could impact on the possibility of war with Iraq. Senator Inouye reportedly stated that "maybe if every faculty member from UHM wrote a letter, this might make an impact." Stephenson noted that a recent survey revealed that most US citizens are opposed, but most aren't speaking out. Stephenson noted that it is difficult for the Senate to take political action of this sort directly, however, she hoped that the Senate help build faculty awareness about the campaign to the faculty.

She noted that faculty can get further information at the following website.

Mary Tiles made information available to the faculty attending the meeting.

Kalani Chapman asked about the date things were due. Stepenson noted that the letters were due on the 25th. Folks hoped to be able to deliver to Senator Inouye before he goes back to Washington, D.C. Carolyn Stepheson responded that the letters only need to be two sentences.

Tony Guerrero asked whether faculty that are off campus could email letters; this is an issue for the JABSOM faculty. Stephenson noted that actual letters have more impact than e-mail.

Joel Cohn asked "who is going to read these letters?" Stephenson responded that most won't be read but counted. Still she feels that doing something, at this juncture, is far better than remaining silent.

Joan Peters noted that we are not supposed to use University letterhead when writing these letters.

Committee Reports

5. Committee Reports followed from the Senate's standing committees:


Resolution Relating to Admission Criteria for Home Schooled Applicants

Roger Babcock presented the resolution. This is a resolution that updates and clarifies admission criteria for home schooled students.


Luciano Minerbi asked about the wisdom of taking out the task of making out a transcript for these students.

Babcock said that it is important to realize that students who are home schooled must take the GED. Jan Heu that the transcripts that we receive from home schooled students are "not what we consider objective." Many, if not most of these, come from the student's parents. Some students go through correspondence courses; these students have some records. However, Heu seldom sees a "B" on a transcript of a home schooled student.

Minerbi said that you will not have information on text books that are used. Heu noted that faculty, except those in elite programs, don't receive this information on other students.

Babcock said faculty will see these if they require them Andrea Bartlett asked why the GED plus the SAT.

Hue said that UHM wanted to have more than one measure of student ability. Using the SAT, alone, Heu noted, would cover only two areas; the GED provides additional information.

Babcock said that normal students would have transcripts plus SAT.

For: 39 0ppose: 0 Abstain: 1

Resolution on Faculty Representation

Ron Bontekoe, at Mike Forman's invitation, discussed a resolution referred from the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (hereafter ACCFSC) regarding faculty representation on search committees. This resolution is circulating among all the UH campuses.

Mary Tiles and Ron Bontekoe said that the current draft does not reflect the preferred draft from the UHM perspective.

Forman described the ACCFSC, noting that the organization has been around for more than a decade. He then stated that this is becoming more important in the newly reorganized UH structure.

Mary Tiles noted that in some respects this is not a burning issue for UHM; we have generally been successful in getting administrators to use the UHMFS to secure faculty representatives on key committees, including search committees. We don't have a complaint about this problem. However, other campuses are having a problem. The ACCFSC is made up of different types of institutions.

Forman noted that there are currently 9 units on campus that have senates; and all of these are members of the ACCFSC. However, only 4-5 are active, and some do not want to be active at the system level.

Meda Chesney-Lind noted that until recently the ACCFSC was a bureaucratic after- thought without a clear meeting time and a viable subcommittee structure.

Bontekoe noted that some of the smaller units have had abuses of normal process by which faculty are appointed.

Luciano Minerbi wished for an organizational chart for the next meeting.

Frank Sansone said we need to read the resolution aloud to make the approval legal.

Mary Tiles read the resolution. Each Senate in the system is supposed to vote on joint ACCFSC resolution.

Kelley Withey wondered if we changed the word from "will" defer to "may" defer in the last sentence of the resolution. She also said that we need a comma after "arising." Bontekoe disagrees with the need for a comma after arising.

Frank Sansone asked about the point of adding the "to" as a typo.

Ron Bontekoe argued that we approve it as written. He felt the last sentence shouldn't be a deal breaker. The problem with changing the wording, he added, is that the other campuses are voting on this precise wording.

Joan Peters thinks that the last sentence was dangerous and that there needed to be qualifying language.

Frank Sansone asked if this is a change in policy? Currently, the SEC would be obligated to defer to the Unit senate in many of these cases.

Mike Forman noted that, in conversations with Deane Neubauer, Neubauer had some "what if" questions. Neubauer is concerned about this resolution, feeling it could hang up searches.

Cathy Cavaletto asked about situations where there is no senate.

Luciano Minerbi has a preference for "consult" rather than "defer." Robert Paull asked why are all these clauses included in the resolution. He suggested a rewording which he read. He stressed that "consultation" must be included rather than "defer" Clarity in this issue is important.

Spencer Leineweber seconded Paull's motion.

Joan Peters asked about process; she was concerned about being forced to accept wording that we don't want at UHM so as not to be seen as obstructionist in the system.

Mary Tiles said that this debate points out the difficulty of these sorts of initiatives of cross campus governance.

Ron Bontekoe noted that the individual Senates need to be aware of important resolutions that must go through the ACCFSC. That was why he suggested this process.

Patsy Fujimoto was at the Hilo meeting. She noted "If you send this back to Hilo, they would tell you no." They wanted this wording.

Robert Bley-Vroman said it is not clear why this needs to be an ACCFSC issue. Since it's a Hilo issue, perhaps they should simply do this for their campus.

Forman noted that there was a request for the naming for a committee being sent to the ACCFSC and they were being asked to name the members of a UHM-focused committee.

Joan Peters is worried about the bullying aspect of the proposal.

Forman noted that consultation isn't easy.

Paull modified the last sentence of the resolution with the following phrase: ..."one Senate, the primary campus faculty senate will consult with the faculty governance body of the units most immediately affected." Joan Peters suggested that we have to vote the resolution, perhaps voting it down.

Paull noting that this resolution is coming through another body; it is saying take it or leave.

Question is called on the amendment.

Paull noted that the resolution did not come from a standing committee; there was no second. Discussion revealed that SEC put it on the agenda.

Vote on the Question: For 35 Against:3 Abstain:1

Amendment: For: 33 Against: 3 Abstain: 4

Further discussion on the amended resolution

Ron Bontekoe is concerned with the impact of the first sentence. We don't want some administrators to pick their "cronies" for committees. At UHM, there is the problem of over-lapping constituencies, so there is a need to spell this out.

Christina Bacchilega is totally confused since she thought the ACCFSC was concerned about the problem addressed by the first sentence, but they also insisted on language in the second sentence that negatively impacted UHM. Seems like we are opening a big can of worms.

Joan Peters doesn't understand that Hilo is concerned about the wording in our sentence.

Doug Bomberg notes that if the last sentence is our issue, why should UHH dictate to us.

Kelley Withey notes that we just passed an amendment...question was called.

Question: For: 32 Against: 2 Abstain: 1

Resolution as Amended: For: :33 Against::2 Abstain: 4

Faculty Service

Rhonda Black noted that the Committee on Faculty Service needs someone from Natural Sciences to serve on the WI board.

Other Business

UHMFS Resolution on Governance Committee

Robert Bley-Vroman asked about the result of the UHMFS resolution of the governance committee. Mary Tiles said we are stuck working though the ACCFSC. When President Dobelle met with the group he noted that the ACCFSC will need to think about the system governance structures. Mary has been doing a bit of research on this; we may have some additional material to take back to the ACCFSC. She further noted that the ACCFSC officially on the organizational charts of UH. We will have to devise ways to work with that body, as a result.

Robert Bley-Vroman asked if the oversight council could be carved out from this group.

Forman said that we simply aren't there yet...

Job Advertisements for VCAA and VCRGE

Dave Sanders asked for clarification about the writing of the two UHM ads that out now.

Linda Duckworth asked Dave Sanders if he was asking about the two ads concerning deans in the student affairs areas. Sanders answered, No. Forman clarified that the two ads that are out now are the ads for VCAA and for VCRGE.

Linda Duckworth asked if the Senate has been consulted about the last two Vice Chancellor positions (undergraduate education and diversity). Forman responded that those ads are under discussion, and that the SEC would welcome comments. We have already asked how they would fit under line of command. We would invite additional faculty input.

Linda Duckworth noted that no one in Student Affairs has been consulted about these job ads, despite the fact that these positions would have responsibility for activities that currently fall under student services.

Forman responded that we will make that point to the Chancellor.

The meeting was adjourned by Chair Forman at 4:55 pm

Respectfully submitted, Meda Chesney-Lind, Secretary

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