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Communicate with the Senate

Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of February 10, 2003

Present: David Flynn, Mary Tiles, Martha Crosby, Meda Chesney-Lind and Denise Antolini.
Absent: Frank Sansone

Call to order @ 3:05 pm

1. Approval of Feb. 3, 2003 minutes - approved unanimous

2. Chair's Report

A. MMT - cancelled last week

B. Law Dean Interviews (third and fourth candidate) - Mike and other SEC members interviewed - will do a joint report to Peter - tried for consistent questons

C. ACCFSC Manoa Representatives Present: Ron Bontekoe, William Chismar, Jill Nunokawa, Kelly Withy, Mary Tiles, Mike Forman and Halina Zaleski; College of Ed d/n show; Nursing/Dental Hygiene d/n show

D. MME - cancelled meeting today (Peter Englert out of town)

E. University Council on Articulation: Jeanne Oka agreed to be one of our two nominees, 2nd choice Austin Dias - who may need to serve.

3. Committee Reports

A. GEC - Martha requested GEC Manoa meeting on 12th (Wed) to prepare for the Saturday meeting on 15th for cross-campus consultation in a certain set of Foundation courses in ten (10) departments. Discussion of potential vote at the 2/15 meeting and concerns regarding role of UHM faculty in process. Concern that catalog deadline requires a decision soon regarding articulation, so 2/15 meeting is timely and important. Print catalog may be replaced by web- based list of courses. Mike reported on a conversation with Tom Hilgers regarding 2/12 and 2/15 meetings and encouraging departments to participate.

B. CAPP - Mary reported on this week's meeting - invited John Morton (Provost KCC) to talk about BANNER - worthwhile presentation. This is relevant to transfer and articulation. He says we need course-to-course articulation; KCC faculty may not favor this content matching. BANNER concerns is student perception of courses with same alpha should have the same content. Morton also discussed archival information in to BANNER systemwide and problems with inputting historic records. Discussion regarding transfer of courses that are prerequisites and potential problems.

C. CFS - David reported on -

1) Paul Chandler resigned from his Senate position. Alternate James Caron (English) will begin service as his replacement, effective immediately.

2) Michael Peters resigned from the Writing Intensive Focus Board. The Committee on Faculty Service recommends Leslie Wilson to replace Peters for the remainder of his term, ending June, 2004.

3) CFS completed the tabulations of nominations for the upcoming Senate election. Flynn instructed CFS to ensure that constituency members who were mistakenly listed as ineleigible be contacted to provide them with the opportunity to be on the final ballot.

4) Ad Hoc Committee for Governance Structure - Flynn instructed CFS to forward names (4-5) to SEC

5. CPM - Denise reported not much activity

Academic Freedom -conveyed Mary's draft to committee

Attendance - what can committee recommend regarding attendance - e.g. 3-4 unexcused meetings in a row

Tracking - needs to be done - how and by whom

6. CSA - Meda reported committee will review and interface w/CAPP and SEC on TA training

7. CA - may meet next week to discuss two - one committee issues - steps in the right direction

5. Other Business

A. Returning to issue of ACCFSC - meeting w/MFS chairs last week - SEC rec'd a resolution from Ron Bontekoe dated 2/5/03.

1. Automatic Appointment of FS Chairs to MFS signed by Richard Chadwick, Kim Bridges, Val Mori, Marie-Christine Garneau, Elizabeth Fisher, Ron solis, Wayne Smith and Ron Bontekoe - will communicate to committee once it has been formed - CFS is still considering names for the Ad Hoc Governance Committee. Faculty Senate representatives proposed the circulation of SEC minutes to chairs of 8 other Senates and/or mutual exchange of their minutes. David noted that Library Senate minutes are on the web.

2. Bontekoe resolution submitted to SEC regarding Admission Standards @ UHM - Action: SEC referring this to CAPP

3. SEC agreed that:

A. Motion: post SEC minutes on web site once approved as soon as practicable starting with February 03 minutes - unanimously approved.

B. Mike will tell other Manoa Faculty Chairs to check our web sites as needed for the minutes and David can link other FS web sites to our FS web site. Flynn excused himself from the meeting to teach his evening graduate course. Mary talked to Karl Kim regarding putting PDF documents on FS web sites.

4. Faculty Governance - Mary discussed the fact-gathering questions - we should ask other faculty senates - asking for e.g. minutes, by-laws, term limits for Executive Committees.

SEC discussed the need to compensate and reward for leadership on faculty governance. A topic for discussion with Chancellor Englert on the balance between involvement and burdens of participation.

Adjourned at 4:58 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Denise Antolini
Parliamentarian/Substitute Secretary for Frank Sansone

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