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Communicate with the Senate

Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 10, 2003

Present: Denise Antolini, Meda Chesney-Lind, Martha Crosby, David Flynn, Michael Forman, Frank Sansone, Mary Tiles, and Charlotte Mitsutani. Visitor: Karl Kim, Interim VC-AA.

Chair Mike Forman called the meeting to order at 3:03 pm.

1. The minutes of the meeting of March 3, 2003 were approved as corrected.

2. Chair's Report
GEC meeting - Mike discussed Gen Ed assessment and the wild-card option with the committee members.

Senate elections - David and Mike resolved the LLL ballot problem (see CFS report, below).

All Campus Council conveners - The group met via teleconferencing. An agenda for the next meeting was discussed. It was noted that an interim VP-AA will be appointed for a 6-month term instead of hiring a permanent person.

MME - The Manoa Strategic Plan will be used to create priorities for future programmatic decisions, although trimming of administrative offices is the initial focus for budget cutting. The SEC will emphasize to Peter Englert the need for establishing well-understood procedures for programmatic shifts; the SEC will strive to offer suggestions on how such procedures should be developed.

Spring Faculty Congress - Peter Englert will speak for about a half-hour. The SEC will encourage him to speak on procedures for programmatic shifts

3. WASC Visit (Karl Kim) - The visit will aim to assess 1) UH's progress in addressing issues from the last visit, and 2) UH's progress in meeting the new WASC standards. A meeting with students has been added, at WASC's suggestion. Karl emphasized that the administration is trying to use the faculty governance structure to provide the necessary dialog with faculty during this visit, and hence a general meeting between faculty and the visit team was not scheduled; instead the visit team will confer with faculty governance teams to obtain faculty input. Although the focus of the visit is to determine Manoa reaccreditation, there will also be a review of the UH system.

4. Committee Reports
CA - Meda reported that the committee met on Friday.

CAB - CAB will meet this Wednesday. Frank reported that the memo rescinding the end-of-year RTRF sweep has not been issued. Responsibility for development of policy for the allocation of RTFT at the system level has been moved from Wick Sloane to David McClain. There will be a meeting convened by the Chancellor this Wednesday to discuss budget matters; the CAB representative(s) will be Robert Bley-Vroman and possibly one additional person. CAB Chair Bley-Vroman is concerned whether the UH policy on classified research has been considered by the researchers building the free-electron laser facility in Watanable Hall (Mike noted that the Chancellor was reminded of this at the MME meeting last week). Mike also reminded the SEC that revisions to the Senate's charter and by-laws need to be made (e.g., use of the term "Chancellor" not "President", references to Ku Lama, typos, election procedures); Frank will pass this information to the committee, which may decide to set up a subcommittee to handle this.

CFS - David reported that the senate elections will be redone for LLL; the deadline for the return of the new ballots will be March 21. Related issues to be addressed are the establishment of specific instructions on how elections are run and the makeup of voting constituencies. This will be handled by the ad hoc governance committee

CPM - Denise reported that CPM discussed senator absenteeism. In general, the committee felt that any senator with four unexcused absences should get a call from the senate secretary to enquire if the senator can fulfill their responsibilities. The SEC passed a resolution requesting the Faculty Senate secretary to call all senators with unexcused absences for the March - May senate meetings to obtain information on their absences; this information will be reviewed by the SEC this summer. Mary Tiles' proposal entitled "Procedures for Dealing with Alleged Infringements of Academic Freedom of Faculty who are not Members of UHPA" was discussed and approved by CPM; the proposal is now in the hands of the administration. A debate on academic freedom was suggested, possibly to occur at a senate meeting. Also, a report on workplace safety will be presented to the Senate.

CSA - Meda reported that the committee is still searching for the tuition-increase proposal memo.

5. Proposed agenda for the meeting with Peter Englert, March 12, 2003
- Chancellor's presentation to the Faculty Congress, 3/19/03
- Process for dealing with budget cuts
- WASC visit
- Proposed film school
- Classified research

6. Old Business
Film School - Martha reported that she would be in partial conflict if she represented the SEC at Glen Cannon's scheduled discussion of the film school on March 18. Another SEC member should attend instead.

Senate Office in Hawaii Hall - The Senate has been offered a pair of adjoining offices in Hawaii Hall. This space may not be large enough to handle all of the functions of the Senate Office, but could be used for committee meetings and an office for the Senate Chair. A group of SEC members examined the space after the SEC meeting.

7. New Business
Herman Frazier will be invited to speak at the April Faculty Senate meeting.

The next SEC meeting will be held on Monday, March 17, 2003 at 3:00 pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:16 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank Sansone

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