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Communicate with the Senate

Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of March 24, 2003

Present: Denise Antolini, Martha Crosby, David Flynn, Michael Forman, Frank Sansone, Mary Tiles, and Charlotte Mitsutani.

Chair Mike Forman called the meeting to order at 3:03 pm.

1. The minutes of the meeting of March 17, 2003 were approved as corrected.

2. Chair's Report
ACCFSC - Mike meet with ACCFSC representatives and two WASC visitors.

Faculty Congress - Jim Manke asked about the context of Robert Paull's question at the Congress.

Chancellor's Budget Planning Meeting - Mike, Frank, Robert Bley-Vroman and Dave Sanders represented the faculty. The meeting discussed how to generate additional funds by revenue gains and efficiency improvements.

WASC Exit Meeting - High praise was expressed by the visitors about the changes at Manoa since the last visit, but concerns were expressed on budget transparency and the campus was urged to incorporate plans for assessment.

Management Structure and Autonomy Committee - This meeting discussed how to respond to the fact that state support of the university is not likely to increase anytime soon.

"Film School" Meeting - Mike met with Peter Englert and Chris Lee to discuss the future of digital and creative arts programs.

Memorandum of Understanding on Certificate Programs - Mike signed this memo. The topic will be discussed at the next senate meeting as an information item.

UH President's Chief-of-Staff Search Committee - Dexter Choy was nominated to serve on this committee. Denise pointed out that the SEC should request regular reports from Dexter on the progress of the committee. The SEC noted that one function of this new position could be as Ombudsman, a function that is currently not being served.

3. Committee Reports
CFS - David reported that he reminded the committee to promptly submit its names for the outstanding committee-member requests. Prospective candidates are being contacted by phone. He also reminded the committee that GEC/Board vacancies will need to be filled soon; the SEC suggested that an announcement be sent to all faculty. The chair of CFS will be reminded that the SEC election is coming soon and will have a tight time schedule. A MFS senator-elect who is an Assistant Dean questioned whether he is eligible to serve; the SEC noted that the answer is determined by the person's job classification (if the person is M or E, they are not eligible).

CPM - Denise reported that the academic freedom debate is still being planned. Charlotte will report to the SEC on her efforts to determine the reason for Senator absences at the last senate meeting.

4. Old Business
General Education - The community colleges are interested in a new lower-division general education oral requirement that would be able to be taught at the community colleges. The need for the creation of new Focus courses has decreased some recently, in part due to the fact that the semester is half over; also, some Focus-course sections have been expanded.

TIM Dean Search - Frank reported that he had met with all three candidates and will be writing a report to the Chancellor.

UHM Understanding Student Affairs Committee - Denise has been appointed chair. David will contact the chair of CFS to determine the status of the four nominations for faculty representatives on this committee; the SEC will then complete the nomination process because of time concerns.

Agenda Items for next meeting with Peter Englert
-- Senate and GEC FY2004 budgets
-- Strategic Plan implementation process
-- Promotion of faculty development of new Focus courses
-- Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCOR)
-- Proposal to increase faculty parking fees

5. New Business
Articulation issues - Council of Chancellors/Provosts - Deane Neubauer has requested that the Council discuss articulation issues and to establish a subgroup to study the matter. The lack of any faculty involvement in this process is a serious problem in the SEC's view; Mike will relay this to the Chancellor.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Search - The timeline for this search is very compressed. In particular, there is only 2 weeks from the publication of the printed Chronicle ad to the start of the review of applications (although the web version of the ad was released two weeks earlier); there is only 2 weeks between the selection of final candidates and the start of interviews; and there is less than 2 months between the interviews and the start date for the position. Some of this compression may be due to the BOR recently imposing a 6-month term for interim VP appointments. Mike and Mary, both committee members, will emphasize these problems at the meeting of the committee on Tuesday.

Priority ranking for Faculty Housing - The current ranking scheme, which discriminates between types of faculty appointments (e.g., I, S, B, etc.), was discussed. The SEC felt strongly that this discrimination should be eliminated. Also, it was felt that executive and administrative personnel should be given low priority.

Food Service Committee - A faculty member is requested for this committee. This information was passed to CFS.

State Auditor's Report on UH - The report is at:

Agenda item for next Senate meeting, 4/16/04
- Certificate Programs (information item)

The next SEC meeting will be held on Monday, March 31, 2003 at 3:00 pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Frank Sansone

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