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UHM Faculty Senate Committee on Athletics meeting 9/10/03

Attending: Kelley Withy, Kenton Kramer, Barry John Baker, James R. Carpenter, Ruth P. Dawson, Mike Chopey, Tom Schroeder, Glenn Teves (by phone).

Members introduced themselves, only returnee Kelley Withy. Brief discussion of committee's charge and review of last year's report. Items of interest discussed in additional detail:

Informal rumor of plagiarism to be monitored by committee.

Discussion of role of Faculty Athletic Representative and perhaps needs closer review in light of recent eligibility questions.

Rise in eating disorders in athletes discussed, broader impact discussed, Ruth to utilize draft from last year (attached) and create resolution for committee review.

Questions regarding athletic advisors having access to banner system and performing overrides instead of instructors? Tom to investigate what amount of access athletic advisors have.

Discussion of combining AAB and COA lead to decision that since the COA is a committee appointed by the UHM Faculty Senate, it is the true representation of the elected faculty and as such, should remain as is with the ability to elect its own chair and create appropriate recommendation.

At this time the COA will not combine with the AAB, although it will collaborate on the Gender Equity plan evaluation and send one representative to the AAB meetings. The strong point was made that if the Chancellor wants to create his own committee, he can ask the COA members to join, but that all UHM FS committees must be able to elect their own chairs and feedback is provided to the UHM FS Exec Committee.

It was decided to invite Herman Frazier to the COA meeting after the next meeting and to suggest that the SEC invite him to a full Senate meeting to allow faculty to address concerns directly. Questions for him generated at this meeting: Discipline-why not uniform policy like in Knight Commission report? What is happening regarding eligibility reviews? How does he see the roles of the AAB compared to the COA?

It was proposed and supported that Tom would go to the NCAA AAUP conference for examining the reform movement of Division 1A athletics.

It was supported that COA members should serve for 2 years to provide continuity and institutional memory.

Chair: Kelley Withy
Secretary: Bruce, with Kenton as backup (or visa-versa)
AAB representative: James
Gender Equity Committee representatives: James and Mike

Meeting time to be 1:30 on the days of the UHM Faculty Senate meetings, location to be determined.

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