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Manoa Faculty Senate Memo from Mary Tiles, Oct. 7, 2003

Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2003 10:59:01 -1000 (HST)
From: Mary Tiles
Subject: constulation memo
X-X-Sender: mtiles@uhunix2
To: Senate Executive Committee,,,,,,,

The following was delivered to D&D's at MLT this morning. Gave hard copy and presented orally.


To Manoa Deans and Directors
From: Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Consultation with Faculty

The Manoa Faculty Senate reviews proposals for new academic programs, substantial changes in existing programs, matters of academic policy and planning, reorganization proposals and any other matters which have a potential impact on the academic affairs of the faculty. When considering such proposal one of our first questions is What do the faculty of the affected unit(s) think about this? If we find that they have not been consulted, the Manoa faculty senate standing committees have to take time to solicit this input. This is more work for our committees and means that their reviews take longer than would otherwise be the case. Therefore we request that, in the interest of facilitating timely consultative review, such matters first go through a local faculty consultation and approval process before being passed to the Manoa Faculty Senate for final review from the campus perspective. It would also be helpful if a record of the local review were forwarded along with other supporting documents.

The Manoa Faculty Senate is endeavoring to work more closely with the various college senates to establish more efficient lines of communication to ensure that consultation takes place at all appropriate levels and to establish a two-way information flow between the units and the Manoa Faculty Senate executive committee.

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