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UHM Faculty Senate Committee on Athletics meeting 11/19/03

Present: Kelley Withy, Ruth Dawson, Bruce Liebert, James Carpenter, Glenn Teves, Michael Chopey, Tom Schroeder (EAC Rep)

Minutes of previous meeting approved unanimously.

Update from Tom Schroeder: Chancellor Englert wants to reconvene AAB and asks faculty senate to oversee athletics (see memo). Therefore we should examine models of faculty governance of athletics. For example, should the FAR report to us? We should look through the KOA website and review recommended best practices so that we can develop our own system. As a note, a majority of all athletic governing boards are faculty.

COA members vote unanimously to join KOA.

Review and changes to resolution. To be offered to committee on student affairs for input.

Strategic plan not address athletics. Larger question of the separation of athletics and academics,

Questions for Frazier:

How best to manage athletics: faculty oversight.
Open accountability of spending
discipline policy
morals clause for all coaches?
sexual harassment policy
what to happen when he is away
UH liability with alcohol at Rainbow Stadium
How see relationship between athletic department and academic institution?

General questions of the COA:
Admissions requirements for athletes?
Who are the regular representatives of the AAB?
Can we get copies of the meeting minutes?

Ideas for faculty governance:
Committee of 15-18 people, 2/3 of which are faculty meet to oversee admissions policy, spending, eligibility, discpline and monitor problem students.

We need a paid FAR-campus search with a limited term.

Everyone to review handout and web based description by 12/10 and develop ideal plans for athletics oversight.
Invite Peter Nicholson to Dec meeting
Invite Frazier to January
Meet with Englert once a plan is developed for faculty governance of athletics

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