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The Committee on Administration and Budget
Report of Activities, AY 2003-2004

May 5, 2004

Robert Bley-Vroman, Committee Chair

During the summer of 2003, CAB reviewed the proposed MS in Finance, referred to it by CAPP. CAB recommended that no action be taken on this proposal until issues are addressed involving faculty workload and compensation, and the distribution of profits from entrepreneurial programs. The Chancellor formed a Task Force on Entrepreneurial Education to consider these matters. As of now, this task force has not completed its work.

During the summer, at the request of the Chancellor, CAB commented on the draft budget execution policies for Fiscal 2004, making suggestions for improved clarity and calling attention to potential difficulties with carryover policy and mandated contingency funds.

CAB expressed its outrage over the interruption of outgoing mail service. CAB asked the SEC to ask the administration what had caused the interruption and what plans had been put in place to prevent a recurrence.

CAB responded to the SEC's request for on Strategic Plan implementation, emphasizing the importance of high admissions standards, graduate education, and research at Manoa.

CAB received the proposal for a Certificate in Museum Studies. CAB felt that the proposal did not require full CAB review. In general, proposals for academic programs are the province of CAPP. CAB's view is that the substantive content of proposals for academic programs require CAB's review only to the extent that the proposal has larger implications for budgetary or administrative policy or if the proposal raises issues of the process of consultative governance.

At the request of the SEC, CAB provided comments on the reorganization of the Cancer Research Center, on the Banner program, and on the Land Grant Council proposal (this last was subsequently withdrawn).

CAB formed a subcommittee on Auxiliary Services, Facilities, and Capital Improvements, with Amarjit Singh as subcommittee chair. A brief report the Subcommittee's activities will be made separately.

CAB presented a resolution to the Senate (adopted) condemning the use of externally imposed budgetary restrictions as an occasion for reallocation among System units. We have received no response to this resolution from the System administration.

In an effort to encourage direct informal communication between CAB and relevant System units, CAB invited Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Wick Sloane to meet with the Committee and to present his views of the key challenges facing the University System. The meeting with Sloane was cordial and a useful first step. System administrative structures and personnel are in a period of transition (The CFO's contract was not renewed by the Regents); as the situation becomes more stable, it may be possible to continue efforts to develop direct communication channels of this sort.

CAB reviewed the plans for a reorganization of the Chancellor's office and presented to the Senate a resolution expressing the view that the reorganization was reasonable. The Senate concurred, resolving, in addition, that that funding for the implementation of the plan not cut into academic programs.

CAB considered the System administration's response to the WASC System review, concluded that it had no confidence in the System's handling of this matter, and jointly with the SEC, presented to the Senate a resolution to that effect (adopted).

In response to discussions at the System level which seemed to suggest that a simple enrollment-based model might be instituted to determine allocation among System campuses, CAB has proposed a resolution calling for an allocation scheme that recognizes the different missions of campuses.

The Chancellor created a Manoa Budget Advisory Group to recommend to the Manoa Leadership Team a methodology for allocation of Manoa's budget among College-level units. Three members of CAB were asked to serve on MBAG, and CAB Chair Robert Bley-Vroman is co-chair of MBAG, along with Kathy Cutshaw. Including members of key Senate committees on policy-drafting groups was recommended in the guide to consultation with the Senate which was drafted by CAB and endorsed by the Senate. However, It is essential that the administration understand that this is not a substitute for formal Senate consultation.

CAB is preparing a memo to the Chancellor's office and to the Library expressing concern over the Library's recently instituted policy that all access to on-line journal subscriptions (even from campus locations) be indirect, through login with the Library's server.

CAB proposed amendments to the Charter and the Bylaws, notably creating a new Standing Committee on Research, eliminating the one-term limit on Committee service, permitting the Senate of a constituency to designate one of its members as a Senator of the Manoa Faculty Senate, eliminating certain mandated subcommittees, as well as making several housekeeping changes. These amendments were approved by the Senate and are now being considered by the Congress.

A recurrent theme of discussion during CAB meetings was the tabled 2002 resolution of censure of the President for failure to consult with the Senate during the System reorganization process. The underlying issues raised in Senate's resolution of December 11, 2002 have still not been adequately addressed.

The Committee wishes especially to thank Roger Lukas, our liaison to the SEC, for his untiring help and useful guidance.

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