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CAPP Report for AY 2003-4

CAPP has had a fairly active year. It has considered a number of proposals for new programs, and has presented resolutions to the Senate calling for the approval of a Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies, the creation of a system-level Academy for Creative Media, the awarding of posthumous degrees in certain circumstances, and the use by Admissions & Records of the scores on the new writing portion of the SAT/ACT exams. CAPP also considered the proposal for the creation of an M.Sc. in Finance, and recommended to the Senate that the implications of this proposal receive fuller scrutiny.

A number of questions were brought to CAPP for consultation by the OVCAA.

CAPP agreed with the OVCAA's policy on the awarding of second baccalaureate degrees, and on the policy regarding the repetition of required courses in which students earned less than a C grade.

CAPP also reaffirmed its support for the Office of Admissions & Records' policy of requiring the GED of all home-schooled applicants to Manoa. CAPP also met with Heather Crislip (of the Chancellor's Office) to provide its reaction to the proposed Student Services Reorganization.

Much of CAPP's time this year was spent considering the appropriateness of raising Manoa's admission standards. Before presenting a resolution to the Senate calling for the creation of a working group charged with proposing specific minimum required GPA increases, CAPP discussed the issue of raising standards with representatives from Admissions & Records, the Commission on Diversity, and the ASUH. It also discussed the issue with Ron Cambra, within the context of a broader discussion of the creation of a Taskforce on Enrollment Management.

As the spring term of 2004 draws to a close, there are still a number of issues that CAPP has begun to explore but which will not be fully dealt with until next year.

CAPP has begun considering a proposal for the creation of a B.Sc. program in Ethnobotany.

A proposal for the establishment of a Social Sciences Public Policy Center is also waiting to be addressed.

Finally, in February CAPP met with Peter Garrod to discuss possible ways of relieving an arguably unfair financial burden which currently falls upon international doctoral students who have reached the area exam stage of their programs. Graduate Division was asked by CAPP to explore solutions and seems to have decided upon a course of action, which it ntends to implement for the fall term of 2004.

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