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Committee on Student Affairs
End of Year Report 2003-2004

The Committee on Student Affairs elected to focus on two issues of primary and immediate concern during the 2003-2004 academic year.

The first issue was that of the Office of Student Affairs reorganization. The Committee's immediate response to issues around reorganization was to identify and insist upon consultation between the Chancellor's office and any and all impacted constituents. As one of the many charges of the CSA is that of representing faculty concerns pertinent to student affairs, members felt it essential that the committee be an active participant in the consultation process. In March, 2004, the Committee was invited to meet with the Chancellor's OSA reorganization working group. At that time, the Committee provided feedback on and critique of the Chancellor's reorganization proposal. Areas of immediate and ongoing concern are that of the funding for the reorganization, and the concern that funding be derived from current system and Manoa administrative budgets, not academic departments and/or programs or tuition monies.

The Committee feels that the reorganization of Student Affairs will continue to be of primary concern in the coming academic year. It anticipates ongoing discussion, consultation, and participation in the reorganization process as it unfolds.

The second issue of immediate concern was that of the Banner implementation process. In response to the myriad of concerns voiced by faculty and staff about the Banner system and its deficiencies, the CSA formed a subcommittee of information systems experts charged with conducting a briefing session that viewed the system as it is used by faculty and staff at the Manoa campus. The subcommittee concluded that the system lacked a usable interface and that increased training of users would not alleviate the problems of inefficiency experienced by users. The Committee submitted a resolution calling for administration to address this need by providing a usable interface to the system by the early summer. The Manoa Faculty Senate unanimously passed the resolution.

The CSA believes that the Banner implementation process will continue to be an issue relevant to the Committee's purview in the coming academic year. Usability concerns with the system are just a part of the larger topic of Banner. The Committee may want to work towards ensuring that Banner concerns pertinent exclusively to Manoa are of primary concern in the ongoing work around the Banner system.

The CSA has maintained its support of the Faculty Ambassador program through the appointment of a co-coordinator and will continue to do so in the coming academic year. There is a need to ensure ongoing funding of this program, and the Committee will need to address that as part of its efforts.

Other issues that the Committee touched on during the year that it hopes will carry over into the next academic year include the need for the Manoa campus to address disability access as an essential component of supporting the educational and developmental needs of all its students. An extension of that is an examination of the larger campus environment and ensuring the safety of all members of the University community.

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