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Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting, January 21, 2004 - Chair's Report

Chair's Report

The Manoa Budget Advisory Committee has had it's first meeting This committee is charged with finds ways for Manoa to move toward a more 'rational' budget allocation process over the course of the next two biennium budgets. Currently the campus uses neither performance indicators nor strategic planning as a basis for its budget allocations.

The committee spent considerable time articulating its guiding principles. It is aiming to be a model of transparency and wants to arrive at a process which is not complex to implement or to understand.

It will shortly have a web page where all minutes and relevant documents will be posted.

Meanwhile the Manoa Leadership Team is about to start discussing the 2004-5 budget, which will follow the same allocation principles and those used this year. The aim is however that departments should know by July 2004 what their budget for the upcoming year will be.

The All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs now has a web page ( where is members, minutes of meetings and various documents are posted. The ACCFSC has formed its own budget advisory committee -- Tom Schroeder (Manoa), Jerry Calton (Hilo), Al Spencer (CCs), Lynn Hodgeson (W O'ahu). This group will be meeting with the Council of Chancellors and with David McClain -- to discuss principles of budget allocation at the system level.

The BOR at its January meeting approved the creation of an Academy for Creative Media, in Arts and Sciences at Manoa. It also approved programs in Geriatrics and Alternative and Complementary medicine at JABSOM. There was also considerable discussion of student housing. When asked to move forward on plans for development of West O'ahu they decided that the issue needed to be put in the context of the future development and funding of the whole UH system and thus suggested they would be having a special one day retreat to take up the matter.

The chancellor's office has sponsored SKPIKE-M events to initiate a series of fora for discussing strategic plan implementation, which will occur throughout the semester.

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