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Manoa Faculty CAB Report, February 2004

Committee Report: CAB

Amendments to the Charter and By-laws

Summary for the Senate meeting of February 18, 2004

The proposed amendments to the Charter [Complete text, pdf] and By-Laws [Complete text, pdf] are posted on the Senate website. The amendments will be debated and voted on at the March Senate meeting. Then, they must be approved by the full Congress.

Here is a summary of the proposed changes:

I. Updating and improving the wording.

a. As appropriate, change "President" to
"Chancellor" or
"President or Chancellor" or
"President and Chancellor" or
"President and/or Chancellor"

The general philosophy is that the Manoa Faculty Senate works in the first instance with the Manoa Chancellor. However, provision should also be made for consultation with the President, as appropriate.

b. Change "Ku Lama" to "News@UH"

c. Improve the wording of some standing committee descriptions.

II. Substantive changes.

Add a Standing Committee on Research. Thus, there is a Senate Standing Committee corresponding to each Manoa Vice Chancellor.

"The Committee is responsible for matters relating to the planning, direction, initiation, development, and coordination of faculty research. The Committee shall review policies and procedures for the support of the research enterprise, both for externally funded research and for internally funded/faculty-funded research. The Committee shall review proposals for improvements in research infrastructure and for new research initiatives or the restructuring of existing research programs. The Committee shall review the mechanisms by which funds are allocated in support of research. The Committee shall review policies dealing with compliance with Federal and State regulations."

b. Eliminate the standing subcommittee on health as safety from CAB and the standing subcommittee on admissions from CAPP. These committees will then have more flexibility in internal organization.

c. Permit a Senator to serve on a given standing committee for more than one term. This provides for more flexibility in setting up standing committees.

d. Permit a consituency with its own Senate to designate a member of its Senate as a representative to the Manoa Faculty Senate ("indirect election" of one member from a constituency).

"A constituency that has its own faculty senate with elected members may nominate one of those members for service on the Manoa Faculty Senate. If it does so, that officer will be considered to have been elected to the Manoa Faculty Senate and the number of senators remaining to be elected from that constituency will be reduced by one."

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