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Manoa Faculty Senate, Chancellor Budget Presentation, Feb. 18, 2004

  FY 2004 FY 2005
Estimated Revenues
Balances Brought Forward
Tuition and fees special funds 9,266,252 0
Research and training revolving funds 14,670,666 0
Subtotal carryover balances 23,936,918 0
Current Revenues
FY03 GF appropriation 186,088,473 186,086,473
FY03 CB allotment 0 0
Transfers (133,220) 0
Tuition revenues [1] 53,500,000 56,207,100
RTRF revenues [2] 22,412,894 24,654,183
Executive/President restriction (1,000,000) (1,000,000)
Subtotal current revenues 260,868,147 265,947,756
Total Available Revenues 284,805,065 265,947,756
Estimated expenditures and assessments
Current program expenditures [3] 251,983,613 263,493,768
Expenditure/commitment of carryover/ balances 23,936,918 0
System assessments [4] 4,800,000 5,780,319
Other allocations 0 0
Unbudgeted commitments [5] 5,900,000 562,100
Total estimated expenditures and assessments 286,620,531 269,274,087
Estimated balance at end of the year (1,815,466) (3,326,331)

* excludes tuition and fees for summer session and continuing education


  1. Tuition revenue projections: 3% increase in tuition rates and 2% increase in enrollments
  2. RTRF allocation assumes 10% growth over FY 2004
  3. Current program expenditures include:
  4. Includes:
  5. Includes:

Kathy Cutshaw asked what risk assessment funds were for. Rodney Sakaguchi replied it is for use, minus a deductible, and suggested they come to visit MLT to review the specifics of how the fund can be accessed.

Alan Yang asked if Banner expenses were initial costs of Banner central. Rodney Sakaguchi replied it's for the initial expenditure.

Chuck Hayes asked what the best guess is on whether reserves will be spent by the units, or if those expenses will be available to cover the deficit. Rodney Sakaguchi replied it depends on units; they report they'll be spend.

Andy Hashimoto asked if the current budget outlook includes supplemental budget allocations. Peter Englert cataloged what our request is, and indicated that it is not included at this time in the budget -- because supplemental budget amounts are not allocated at this time.

Andy Hashimoto also asked if it includes monies for medical school library. Rodney Sakaguchi replied it is included as an expense.

Judy Hughes reported that next year we will be cutting many classes, so we need to look at instructional expenses.

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