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Library Issues

Impact of Budget Cuts on

Library Collections

Strategies for Managing with Less

Budget not cut $500,000 but...

Measures already taken to address cuts

Library Budget 2003-04


Books and Journals5,446,73540%
Current Services1,191,7529%
Total Required13,453,243100%
2003-2004 Budget Chart

Current Allocation

Adjusted Manoa Allocation13,166,126


Effects of Serials Inflation on UHM Library Collections

pie charts

Monograph and Serial Costs in ARL Libraries, 1986-2002

graphic of rising book and serial costs, 1986-2002

Projected Book/Journal Budget 2003-2004

Print Monographs723,081*13%
Print Journals/Serials3,690,71868%
Electronic Resources1,032,93619%

* There is an additional $300,000 carry over from FY03 for monographic purchases.

Total Budget

Pie chart showing major library expenditures

This was not in the original Ehrhorn presentation. It was added to show library budget.

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