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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of September 17, 2003


$2.5 million more needed for additional utility costs means budget cuts
Enrollment at 19,700
We must begin to implement the Strategic Plan -- things to think about
New CAB subcommittee to deal with dormitories, auxiliary services, capital improvements
Presentations by VPAA David McClain, Interim VP for Research James Gaines and Chief of Staff Sam Callejo

Draft Minutes
UHM Faculty Senate
September 17, 2003

Faculty Senate Members Present:
Harriet Abe, Belinda Aquino, Krystna Aune, Andrea Bartlett, Robert Bley-Vroman, Ronald Bontekoe, Thomas Bopp, Rebecca Cann. James Caron, James Carpenter, Rosita Chang, Michael Chopey, Joel Cohn, Linda Cox, Bonnie Cramer, Martha Crosby, Ruth Dawson, Michael DeMattos, Daphne Desser, Linda Duckworth, Patsy Fujimoto, Gary Fuller, Donna Grace, Thomas Hilgers, Misty Johanson, Susan Johnson, Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, Roberta Lamb, Lenora Lee, Bruce Liebert, Roger Lukas, Lorenz Magaard, Paul McKimmy, Torben Nielsen, Dawn Nishida, Jill Nunokawa, Marvin Ortel, Joan Peters, David Ross, Michael Salzman, David Sanders, Thomas Schroeder, Amarjit Singh, Paul Singleton, Jim Skouge, David Stegenga, Norma Jean Stodden, Glenn Teves, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, Robert Valliant, Paige Wilmeth, Kelley Withy

Tod Aeby, Glenn Cannon, Hong-Mei Chen, Yuanan Lu, Brian Popp, Halina Zaleski

Richard Allen, Barry Baker, Robert Gibson, Robert Grace, Michael Graves, William Haning, James Hastings, Nanette Judd, Kenton Kramer, Ken Lowry, Fred Mackenzie, Marian Melish, Michael Mottl, Steven Ward, Lesley Wright

Others in Attendance:
Michael Forman, Richard Allen, Sandy Davis, Denise Konan, Roger Babcock, James Gaines, David McClain, Samuel Callejo

Chair Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:05pm


Adoption of Minutes

The minutes of May 7th were approved with the following amendments. The phrase "Error!Bookmark not defined" was removed. Spellings for faculty names (Belinda Aquino, Daphne Desser and Glenn Teves) were corrected. Kelly Withy's name, previously recorded in both the May 7th Faculty Senate Members Present list and the May 7th Faculty Senate Members Absent list, was removed from the May 7th Faculty Senate Members Present list.

Chair's Report

Mary Tiles presented an overview of UH system structure that included administrative positions, faculty governance structure and committee compositions. The All Campus Council Of Faculty Senate Chairs serves as an advisory board to the system administration and presently consists of 2 representatives from Hilo, 1 representative from West Oahu, 7 representatives from the community colleges and 1 representative from each of the 9 Manoa senates. For more information consult the UH website.

Chair Tiles stated that there is a need to establish a better communication system between the Manoa Faculty senate (MFS) and the other Manoa senate chairs. One means of addressing this need is the implementation of the Manoa Faculty Senate web page, currently maintained by Robert Valliant. Please contact Mary Tiles with any suggestions for additional ways to facilitate this communication.

Chair Tiles reminded standing committees that they are required to submit any resolutions to the SEC at least 10 days before the next senate meeting.

Other key points mentioned in chair Tiles' report included:


Tom Schroeder presented a resolution from the SEC on Entrepreneurial Education, amended from the proposed resolution concerning the MS in Finance. After incorporation of friendly amendments from the floor, a vote for the revised resolution (see attached) was taken. In the final vote, 43 senators were in favor of the resolution, 3 opposed the resolution and 2 abstained.

Committee Reports


Robert Bley-Vroman reported that he along with Amarjit Singh and Meda Chesney-Lind toured the dormitories. They were extremely concerned by the conditions that they found. A new subcommittee on Facilities, Auxiliary Services and Capitol Improvements will be formed. Faculty wishing to serve should contact Susan Johnson, chair of the Committee On Faculty Service (CFS).


CFS chair Susan Johnson reported that to date they have sent 12 nominations for committees forward. Last year there were over 200 requests for committee nominations. CFS sent a call for faculty service and received 50 responses, primarily for committees dealing with international issues. A larger number of faculty that are willing to serve is needed. If you want to volunteer, contact chair Johnson by email at

Visitor Presentations:

David McClain, VPAA, James R. Gaines, Interim VP for Research and Samuel Callejo, Chief of Staff

David McClain began his presentation by thanking Deane Neubauer, Karl Kim and Denise Konan for preparing an outstanding report for WASC. He introduced Jim Gaines who oversees research for the UH system and Sam Callejo, who is responsible for non-academic affairs. He mentioned that:

Questions for the visitors

Roger Lukas asked about the time frame of the campaign to redefine the relationship between the University and the State.

-- VP McClain answered that he planned according to the biennium budget time table. Over the next 15 months he hoped to:

Roger Lukas asked if the business community was involved.

-- VP McClain answered by giving examples of UH and community concerns

-- VP McClain spoke of UH expertise as related to community issues. He identified the following programs:

Joan Peters questioned whether our present contributions to the community were being recognized by the administration and the legislators.

-- VP McClain answered that we need a comprehensive mission. He mentioned the following additional ways that the state began new programs.

Other comments:

Joan Peters commented that there wasn't enough money to support the faculty salary initiative.

Glenn Teves noted that every unit should have an extension arm to facilitate service/connection to the community.

Gary Fuller mentioned fundamental communication problems such as the closing of the mailroom for the summer and the inability to obtain keys for essential accesses.

-- Sam Callejo explained how a misunderstanding resulted in the mailroom problem.

Ruth Dawson asked for information on the structure of new administrative relationships and articulation

Tom Hilgers stated that communication was important but coordination was even more important. He noticed difficulty in finding UHM on the UH web site.

-- VP McClain mentioned that ITS (David Lassner with the help of Sam Callejo) is in the process of developing a new System website that should alleviate the problems.

Amarjit Singh asked for a flow chart of the budget process to share with CAB

-- VP McClain stated that he does not have a chart He prefers a simple process that engages the chancellors, faculty, and students and develops some sensible process.

-- Sam Callejo said budget discussions were used by the chancellor as a tool and there are different methods of funding; expenses will be projected and posted.

Amarjit Singh said he wanted to know the details of how the money flows and what ends up with the faculty.

-- Sam Callejo said the process is already set up and he will meet with Singh to discuss the mechanisms.

Ron Bontokoe asked about how the Centennial Fund Raising Campaign fits into VP McClain's 15 month campaign.

-- VP McClain said it is being reviewed.

Jim Skoge asked if there was a forum or contact person where one can go to propose initiatives for the benefit of native Hawaiians.

-- VP McClain mentioned several items including the Kakoe council and a $500,000 grant obtained by UH Hilo.

Jill Nunakawa asked about the resources for attending the face to face meetings of the ACCFS.

-- VP McClain stated that the cost was being split between the system and the campuses. He said that the strategic plan was more of a vision and that it needs an implementation plan. We need to be flexible and work within our units.

Jim Gaines said the RTRF money kept by the chancellor for unexpected budget needs was also available to fund faculty initiatives.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:30pm

Respectfully Submitted
Martha Crosby and Janice Uchida, Secretaries for the UHM Faculty Senate

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