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Draft Minutes of the UHM Faculty Senate, December 10, 2003


Chair's Report
Committee Reports:

Faculty Senate Members Present:
Harriet Abe, Richard Allen, Belinda Aquino, Andrea Bartlett, Robert Bley- Vroman, Ronald Bontekoe, Thomas Bopp, James Caron, James Carpenter, Michael Chopey, Joel Cohn, Linda Cox, Martha Crosby, Ruth Dawson, Michael DeMattos, Daphne Desser, Patsy Fujimoto, Donna Grace, Thomas Hilgers, Susan Johnson, Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, Roberta Lamb, Bruce Liebert, Kem Lowry, Yuanan Lu, Lorenz Magaard, Paul McKimmy, Torben Nielsen, Dawn Nishida, Jill Nunokawa, Marvin Ortel, Brian Popp, David Ross, Michael Salzman, David Sanders, Thomas Schroeder, Amarjit Singh, Paul Singleton, David Stegenga, Norma Jean Stodden, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, Robert Valliant, Paige Wilmeth, Kelley Withy, Lesley Wright.

Barry Baker, Bonnie Cramer, Linda Duckworth, Nanette Judd, Roger Lukas, Joan Peters

Tod Aeby, Krystyna Aune, Rebecca Cann, Glenn Cannon, Rosita Chang, Hong-Mei Chen, Gary Fuller, Robert Gibson, Michael Graves, William Haning, Misty Johanson, Richard Kasuya, Kenton Kramer, Lenora Lee, Marian Melish, Gregory Moore, Michael Mottl, Jim Skouge, Glenn Teves, Steven Ward, Halina Zaleski

Others in Attendance:
Peter Britos, Ron Cambra, William Chapman, Sandy Davis, Jan Heu, Judith Hughes, Stephen Itoga, Karl Kim, Denise Konan, Karen Kosasa, Chris Lee, Roger Long, Shayna Lum, Andrew Ogata, Dennis Ogawa, Trisha Watson, Myrtle Yamada

Chair Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:05pm


The minutes of November 19, 2003 were unanimously approved.

Chair Mary Tiles announced that her report and other items would follow the presentations of the proposed reorganization of the Chancellors Administrative Structure and resolutions.


Academy for Creative Media

Resolution on the Creation of a U.H. (System-wide) Academy for Creative Media (ACM): Ron Bontekoe, Chair of CAPP presented this CAPP resolution. Prior to presenting the resolution, chair Bontekoe emphasized that although the resolution supports the general idea of the ACM, all academic programs proposed for the ACM will still need to follow established campus procedures in order to be approved. The resolution was read and the following discussion followed:

Torben Nielsen asked what the ACM would cost and where it would fit in the structure at Manoa. Karl Kim responded that for the structure the following was developed. Chris Lee was asked to work on the ACM initiative by faculty from Arts and Sciences rather than by UH administration. The ACM will be housed in Arts and Sciences under liberal studies (or interdisciplinary studies once the change is approved). This is the mechanism already in place that has been used to start new initiatives and insure academic integrity.

Chris Lee, Peter Britos, and Kaveh Kardin (the current ACM faculty) are currently developing a complete program proposal that uses resources such as existing faculty and courses across the entire UH system.

For finances, Karl Kim noted that: ACM is currently financed by the Chancellors discretionary budget however Chris Lee has already raised $450,000. A budget of $1,000,000 was submitted as part of the UH supplemental budget request and the Governor has approved $767,000 as a line item that must be approved by the legislature. The program has already received $350,000 from the Manoa Chancellor's office.

Torben Nielsen stated that we are spending $350,000 while the $767,000 has yet to be approved.

David Ross stated that at first he did not support the idea of a system- wide program since degrees would be awarded by institutions. However, students want these courses, and this a proposal to support the creation of the ACM, and that courses will still need to be approved at by the appropriate campus.

Ron Bontekoe, chair of CAPP, mentioned that initially the financial concerns were mentioned in the resolution but were removed because of time pressure and the generality of this resolution.

Ken Lowry posed an amendment that inserted the phrase "contingent on the legislative approval of the budget." Tom Bopp stated it was better to keep the resolution simple and not add restrictions.

A vote was taken on the amendment with 10 voting in favor, 27 voting against, and 3 faculty abstaining. The amendment was defeated. A vote was taken for the resolution with 37 voting in favor, 3 voting against and 4 abstaining. The motion was passed.

Proposed Reorganization of the Chancellors Office

Chair Tiles showed charts on the current and proposed organizational plans to give the Manoa Faculty Senate a view of what is being proposed in the most timely manner, and opened the proposal to discussion.

1. The functional statements and charts will be sent to the SEC and CAB. A revised version will be brought to the January MFS meeting for further discussion.

2. The following issues were discussed: Both organizational plans have five Vice Chancellors that report to the Chancellor. Ron Bontekoe spoke on behalf of Ken Kipnis and mentioned the MFS resolution that ask for someone above the dean level to administer undergraduate education.

The duties of the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR) may be separated from graduate education.

The position of the Vice Chancellor of Administration may be restructured into two Vice Chancellor positions.

Amarjit Singh noted that the proposed reorganization would not result in a more efficient operation if the participants remained the same.

Jill Nunokawa and Torbin Nielsen stated that the "late" submission of the proposal and the need to review it very quickly violated the process of legitimate faculty consultation and that a serious budget analysis was needed to assess the impact of the new organizational plan. Chair Mary Tiles said that this early discussion was her attempt to provide the Senate with a quick review of the proposal, and that a better discussion can be held in January once the current plans have been reviewed by CAB.

Jill Nunokawa mentioned that the Board of Regents requested information on Manoa's organizational structure from the Chancellor.

Marvin Ortel said it is important to know how the Regents' requests are related to the proposed reorganization.

Daphne Desser asked if this information could be posted to the MFS web site.

Tom Bopp said that first the reorganization plan needs to be reviewed by CAB.

Roberta Lamb suggested that we determine when the Chancellor could attend the Senate meeting and plan accordingly.

David Saunders, Chair of CAB noted that the CAB needs this reorganization plan immediately and that CAB would try to meet in early January.

David Sanders also announced that the VCR position would be re- advertised.

The discussion was concluded with assurances that the proposed reorganization would be posted on the Senate Web site for all Senators to review. The SEC and the CAB will be reviewing the proposal also.

Senators should be ready to discuss the proposal at the next Senate Meeting in January. The Chancellor will be invited to review and answer questions on his proposed organization.

Resolution to approve a proposed Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies

Ron Bontekoe, chair of CAPP, presented the resolution on the Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies.

Karen Kosasa, a faculty member hired specifically for this program, described the program. Although the certificate is administered through the department of American Studies, it is an interdisciplinary program that includes several other departments such as Art and Anthropology.

A vote was taken and the resolution passed unanimously.

Chair's Report

Chair Mary Tiles reported attending the meeting of the GEC. Some concerns were expressed because of the interpretation made by the Vice President Academic Affairs David McClain, of the process by which GEC hallmarks are established at the Manoa campus. This has caused confusion among faculty at UHM, UHH, West Oahu, and the community colleges.

A Manoa budget advisory committee with faculty representation has been formed and will be convened soon. Robert Bley-Vroman and Cathy Cutshaw will be its co-chairs.

Although the BOR does not normally meet in December, the regents plan to hold an additional BOR meeting this month.

Committee Reports:

1. Committee on Budget (CAB)

CAB is reviewing the charter and the by-laws. Any committee that wants to submit suggestions for change should send them to CAB immediately.

2. Committee on Athletics (CA)

Kelly Withy described the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA). Some of COIA concerns include athletic integrity and the welfare of the athletes. Tom Schroeder showed some slides and reported that CA voted unanimously to join COIA . The Manoa Faculty Senate voted unanimously to join COIA.

3. Committee on Academic Policy and Procedure (CAPP)

Joel Cohn led a discussion on the current admission requirements to UH Manoa. Manoa SEC last year received a request from Manoa Arts & Sciences Executive Committee to look into the implications of raising Manoa admissions standards. A chart was presented to the MFS that showed the recommended minimum GPA for entrance to Manoa of 2.8, and the actual admission data for incoming freshman for the fall 2002 semester. Any student with an AA degree from a Community College in the UH system can enter UHM. UHM has too many students in certain courses and improvements in undergraduate education will need 1) an increase of funds to support more instructors and instructional budgets, 2) an increase in tuition or 3) a greater selectivity of entering students. The chancellor has stated that raising this number will not necessarily impinge on the goal of maintaining a diverse body of students.

Marvin Ortel suggested that less attention should be paid to the minimum GPA and more credence should be given to SAT and ACT scores. Other faculty pointed out the disadvantages of SAT scores, including the availability of commercial courses that can improve student's scores.

Tricia Watson, the representative from the GSO, discussed the issue of diversity and mentioned several law suites on the mainland concerning equal access to educational opportunities. She pointed out that students who do not met the 2.8 GPA or minimum SAT scores can do well at UHM.

A substantial number of incoming freshman students were admitted that did not meet the 2.8 recommended minimum GPA. David Ross mentioned that the grade point was an easy target but that the 2.8 criteria is an old standard. He suggested that there must be alternative ways to identify better standards.

Tom Bopp noted that the appropriateness of standardized tests must be judged in conjunction with other items. He mentioned the trade offs between the GPA and SAT number reported. He said that 40% of the entering students did not meet one or more of the suggested minimum criteria. Ron Bontekoe stated that one of the reasons for raising standards is that students are not adequately prepared.

Mary Tiles stated that this is a preliminary discussion to get a sense of the MFS on whether or not the MFS wants CAPP to continue looking into the issue, noting that CAPP already has a Subcommittee on Admissions. The senate agreed that CAPP should continue investigating the issues and the vote was unanimously in favor for this motion.

Other Business

A new Manoa web page is being implemented.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50pm

Respectfully submitted by
Martha Crosby and Janice Uchida
MFS secretaries

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