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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of January 21, 2004


Reorganization of the Chancellor's administration

Faculty Senate Members Present:
Harriet Abe, Tod Aeby, Belinda Aquino, Krystyna Aune, Barry Baker, Andrea Bartlett, Robert Bley-Vroman, Ronald Bontekoe, Thomas Bopp, Glenn Cannon, James Caron, James Carpenter, Rosita Chang, Hong-Mei Chen, Linda Cox, Bonnie Cramer, Martha Crosby, Ruth Dawson, Michael DeMattos, Daphne Desser, Linda Duckworth, Patsy Fujimoto, Gary Fuller, Robert Gibson, Donna Grace, Michael Graves, William Haning, Thomas Hilgers, Susan Johnson, Richard Kasuya, Hyunjoon Kim, Lenora Lee, Bruce Liebert, Yuanan Lu, Lorenz Magaard, Paul McKimmy, Gregory Moore, Richard Nettell, Torben Nielsen, Dawn Nishida, Jill Nunokawa, Marvin Ortel, Joan Peters, Brian Popp, David Ross, Michael Salzman, Thomas Schroeder, Paul Singleton, Jim Skouge, David Stegenga, Norma Jean Stodden, Glenn Teves, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, Robert Valliant, Paige Wilmeth, Kelley Withy, Lesley Wright, Halina Zaleski.

Michael Chopey, Nanette Judd, Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, Roberta Lamb, Roger Lukas

Richard Allen, Rebecca Cann, Kenton Kramer, Kem Lowry, Marian Melish, Michael Mottl, David Sanders, Amarjit Singh, Steven Ward.

Others in Attendance:
Myrtle Ching-Rappa, Joanne Clark, Sandy Davis, Emanuel Drechsel, Arlene Fujimoto-Ikuma, Donna Grace, Jan Heu, Mamo Kim, Ken Kipnis, Richard Nehell, Wendy Pearson, James Skouge, Iris Takushi, Rosemarie Woodruff, Myrtle Yamada

Chair Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.


Adoption of Minutes

The minutes of the December 10, 2004 Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting were amended and approved. Amendments: correction of spelling error of Torben Nielson's name and addition of Jill Nunokawa comments. (1) Page 3, 5th paragraph, that begins with "Jill Nunokawa and Torben Nielsen..." Chair Mary Tiles stated that this early discussion was her and the SEC's attempt to provide. (2) Page 3, 6th paragraph, Jill Nunokawa mentioned that the Board of Regents requested information on the Manoa's interim organizational chart and functions for the current organization from the Chancellor's office in an 10-29-03 memo and in an 10-30-03 memo, the Chancellor provided his complete reorganization.

Chair Mary Tiles announced that the discussion of the Chancellors reorganization required time and she would present her report after the reorganization was covered.

Reorganization of the Chancellor's administration

Robert Bley-Vroman, chair of the CAB lead the discussion of the proposed reorganization. Robert summarized the main functions of the committee as (1) Reviewing how the entire System was being reorganized; (2) Critically analyzing the functional statements of each position; and (3) Analyzing the cost of the reorganization. He then presented the following motion from CAB: The University of Hawaii at Manoa deserves an effective administration. The Manoa Faculty Senate finds the overall structure of the organization proposed for the Manoa Chancellor's Office to be reasonable.

Rodney Sakaguchi, Vice Chancellor for Administration Finance and Operations presented a power point review of the reorganization. The reasons for the reorganization were as follows:

A. Implements January 2001 BOR decision to establish an Office of the Chancellor for UH Manoa separate from the Office of the President.

B. Establishes functional structure at the VC level.

C. Better manage growing enrollment and increasing demand and opportunities for funded research and training.

D. Implement Manoa's and the UH's strategic plan.

The Functional Responsibilities of the Manoa Chancellor's Office would be as follows:

A. Responsible for: undergraduate, professional and graduate education; research; public service; student life; academic support; and operations and maintenance of the physical plant.

B. Provides consultation for and implements system-wide policies established through the VP Academic Affairs, VP Administration/CFO and the VP Research.

C. Establishes Manoa policies as needed.

D. Coordinates services provided by system offices such as OHR, General Accounting, ORS, ITS and the General Counsel.

The proposed structure would include the Chancellor and four Vice Chancellors. This structure is considered by the Chancellor to be lean as compared to other research universities such as WSU, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, and U of Oregon.

The Specific Changes that would be made are as follows:

A. A New Professional and Graduate Studies office

B. Movement of the Graduate Division under VC Academic Affairs

C. A New Undergraduate Education office

D. Formalization of the Vice Chancellor for Students

E. A New administrative offices: Legal Services, ITS, HR, Community and Alumni Affairs, Financial Planning and Analysis, and Physical Resource Planning Comparison of System Structure for UH Manoa with other Universities: Five charts depicting the Structure for the UH system, the San Diego system, the UC Irvine system, the University of Oregon system and the Washington State University were presented here. These charts are in the appendix for the meeting.

Rodney Sakaguchi paused in his presentation of the overall system, and Robert Bley-Vroman called for a discussion.

Ron Bontekoe asked if the position of Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, that was previously proposed, is now represented by a Dean's position.

Chancellor Englert replied that a Dean of Undergraduate Education would answer to faculty and students. He also mentioned that cost considerations factored into the reduction in the number of Vice Chancellors.

David Ross asked about the relationship between Graduate and Undergraduate education and whether there would be a Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Education.

Robert Bley-Vroman asked if there could be a Vice Chancellor for Students.

Chancellor Englert answered that the exact position is not yet decided because consultation is still in process. However, the position of Dean of Undergraduate Education would not need to be at the Vice Chancellor level to be effective.

Tom Hilgers asked how many administrative lines report to him and whether he confident that the needs of the Undergraduate students can be met without the management from a more a senior office.

Chancellor Englert answered that he has currently 44 administrative lines reporting directly to him as well as 30 other managers that report to him indirectly. However, the Manoa leadership team (MLT) advises him on policy and the MLT consists of Deans as well as Vice Chancellors.

Mary Tiles reported that she had email from the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) concerning the placement of the Dean of Graduate Education in the revised organizational structure. GSO would like to keep Graduate Education under the Vice Chancellor for Research. The results of the GSO executive committee vote on the decision were as follows: 7 members voted in favor, 1 member voted against and 2 members abstained.

Robert Bley-Vroman reported that CAB could see reasons to place Graduate Education either under the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) or the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR).

Tom Schroeder mentioned that a quick Web survey also showed universities were equally divided on whether Graduate Division belonged administratively under the VCAA or the VCR.

Chancellor Englert agreed that Graduate Division could be under the VCAA or the VCR.

Tom Bopp asked if the new Office of Professional Program included the Law School and the Medical School.

Chancellor Englert stated that it didn't necessarily have to be included but it was on the current version of the proposed organization.

Paige Wilmeth asked how long the consultation process was expected to last and whether or not the MFS would have an opportunity to see more detailed information.

Robert Bley-Vroman answered that CAB is not signing off on the reorganization plan at this point and he is expecting that the MFS will have more opportunities to discuss issues as more details become available.

Jill Nunokawa quoted a memo accompanying the reorganization plan and stated that there is a problem with the timing of things. She asked if it was appropriate to be in consultation for a year and suggested that MFS needs to see the entire plan.

Chancellor Englert stated that there was no claim that this is a complete organization and the memo that Jill quoted stated that. The VC position is a place-holder and the function could change after consultation.

Robert Gibson asked how the Graduate and Undergraduate Deans differ.

Myrtle Yamada from Academic Affairs answered that the there are campus wide issues that concern both the Undergraduate and Graduate deans.

Robert Gibson asked if the reorganization implies that the Graduate and Undergraduate Deans would have a lower status.

Chancellor Englert explained that the organization worked in tiers and the Deans and Directors were in the second tier, which meant it does not lower their status.

Ron Bontekoe asked why 13 additional positions were necessary.

Robert Bley-Vroman stated that the 13 positions were for functions that are not presently addressed.

Rodney Sakaguchi elaborated that we aren't getting the functionality (performance) that we need from the UH system. It is anticipated that, Human Resources will transfer positions from the UH System to Manoa.

Chancellor Englert agreed that Human Resources office for the System expects to see positions and funding transferred to Manoa.

Ron Bontekoe asked if President Dobelle agreed to the transfer of positions from the system.

Chancellor Englert answered that Wick Sloan's office was responsible for contributions from the UH System and that the Board of Regents must also prove the reorganization.

Glenn Teves inquired about the site for the Universities Extension Service, and Chancellor Englert responded that the Land Grant Mission was with the Dean of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources.

Daphne Desser asked if there would be a discussion of the reduction of Deans.

Kelley Withy asked if this is the correct structure for Manoa. She mentioned that it may be difficult to down-size once the plan is in place.

Michael Salzman asked about the interpretation of the word reasonable in CAB's motion.

Robert Bley-Vroman replied that CAB considered the reorganization issue sufficiently complex and wanted a discussion by the full Senate.

Ron Bontekoe asked about the cost of the reorganization.

Tom Bopp mentioned that the reorganization was supposed to be cost neutral because the positions would be moved or money transferred.

Joan Peters stated that she was uncomfortable agreeing to something in the abstract.

Robert Bley-Vroman suggested that we continue with the budget portion of Rodney Sakaguchi's presentation to answer some of the questions before we vote on CAB's motion.

Rodney Sakaguchi returned to the budgetary portion of his presentation.

Costs of Reorganization (salaries only)
Total estimated costs: $3,661,558 (49 FTE)
Budgeted existing positions: $2,857,110 (36 FTE)
Additional costs: $877,264 (13 FTE)

Financing additional costs will come from
Reallocation from System (4-6 FTE)
Reallocation from campus (7-9 FTE)
Reassignment of existing positions
Revenue enhancement
Reducing GF subsidy to special fund operations New positions to be filled as funds become available

Other actions requested

Authority to further implement reorganization below the VC levels provided no direct impact on students.

Authority to establish a fifth VC position when funds become available provided no direct impact on students.

Rodney Sakaguchi said that the positions won't be moved before the money is available.

The BOR has a clear mandate that the reorganization would be cost neutral. However the BOR did not prohibit the movement of funds between UH System and UHM.

Joan Peters stated that the problem with reallocation of funds is that some programs at Manoa could be cut. Kelley Withy asked what programs might be cut. Rodney Sakaguchi answered that he didn't say programs would be cut.

Ron Bontekoe asked how we might transfer a position from the already understaffed UH System Office of Human Resources.

Mary Tiles agreed that System resources were understaffed and leading to the resignation of the former director, Peggy Hong.

Chancellor Englert stated that Manoa is at risk, with an Office of Human Resources for UHM.

Joan Peters asked if we could add people and mentioned that everyone is working overtime.

Chancellor Englert stated that there was no Office or Position at Manoa for the activities covered by Human Resources.

David Ross stated that he wondered about priorities since Departments and the Administration seemed to be looking at the same sources of money.

Marvin Ortel reiterated that the reorganization should be revenue neutral and money allocated to Manoa should not move to the System.

Rodney Sakaguchi said they were looking at administrative positions.

Daphne Desser asked if there had been a cost benefit analysis. Since faculty salaries are capped she wondered if the Chancellor could address how the changes in the organization would help faculty do their jobs more efficiently.

Chancellor Englert said he tried to keep the organizational structure as lean as possible and not have more personnel than absolutely necessary. He also tried to keep the positions where they currently exist. Rodney Sakaguchi is the only Vice Chancellor that is full time and devotes all of his energy to the job. The alumni should be organized but there isn't an office to place the position to lead this activity and to organize the alumni. The administration could support faculty and staff by providing all of the positions needed for a research unit that also has access to the deans and directors. Other initiatives include expansion. For example, SHAPS is investigating international programs that can combine with their other functions.

Marvin Ortel asked for clarification of power-point slide 4a. He wanted to be certain that financing the additional costs would place a minimum load on other funding needs.

Paul Singleton said we should look at what we get rather than the budget. We should ask if we are getting increased efficiency.

Tom Hilgers said the reorganization plan looks reasonable. He said that the new phone book showed 9 pages of UH system phone numbers and he wondered what all of these system people were doing. He inquired whether some of these people could be reassigned to the UHM Chancellor's office.

Paige Wilmeth wanted to be certain that the reorganization would not affect students or their programs.

Mary Tiles suggested that we add a statement to the effect that all positions must come out of reallocations. Joan Peters agreed with Mary Tile's suggestion. Chancellor Englert agreed that all position will be funded through reallocations.

Jill Nunokawa expressed concern at the potential for expansion of the administration. She gave the example of how the General Council's Office had expanded. She also pointed out that the reorganization's budget did not reflect any operating costs and wanted to know about priorities.

Marvin Ortel asked how there could be an increased operating cost if we were only relocating positions.

Rodney Sakaguchi answered that the reorganization had a fixed FTE but the concern was about future expansion. He also stated that it was not the intent of the administration to expand and that the proposed FTE's were to be the limit.

Robert Bley-Vroman stated that CAB believed that Manoa needed its own office for Human Resources, Legal Services and Information Technology Support. The Dean of Undergraduate Education is a new position but one that the MFS has repeatedly requested.

Bruce Liebert asked how the two new positions could cost the $877,000 that appeared on the budget slide.

Rodney Sakaguchi clarified that that number was for 13 positions, 11 of which would be reallocated.

Mary Tiles stated that there should be an increase of $877,000 to the Manoa chancellor's office.

Joan Peters said she objected to any administrative salaries without a proposal that addressed faculty salaries.

Ron Bontekoe stated that we need to provide the administrative structure for the University of this size.

Resolution on the proposed organization of the Chancellors office: The discussion ended when the question was called for. 34 faculty members voted in favor, 1 member voted against, 4 faculty members abstained, and the motion was carried.

The Resolution was reviewed: The University of Hawaii at Manoa deserves an effective administration. The Manoa Faculty Senate finds the overall structure of the organization proposed for the Manoa Chancellor's Office to be reasonable.

A vote was taken for the resolution with 28 members voting in favor, 9 voting against and 11 abstaining. The motion was passed.

A second Resolution to address the budgetary issues of the reorganization was introduced by Robert Bley-Vroman :

The Manoa Faculty Senate insists that additional costs associated with the reorganization come entirely from the reallocation of administrative positions, ideally from the system level and not academic programs or student tuition.

Bill Haning asked if this motion meant that they could reallocate positions from schools at the risk of depleting the schools.

Halina Zaleski stated that two FTE positions were being reassigned from CITAR.

Rodney Sakaguchi explained that the CTAHR positions were from the non- administrative part of a collection of unfunded position numbers.

Halina Zaleski called for the question. 38 faculty members voted in favor, 4 members voted against, and 2 faculty members abstained and the motion was carried. A vote was taken for the resolution with 38 members voting in favor, 2 voting against and 5 members abstaining. The motion was passed.

A written copy of the chair's report was provided and is published with these minutes.

Other Business

A Resolution on the Interim Appointments to Administrative Positions was presented by Chair Tiles. There was no discussion and a vote was taken for the resolution on interim appointments to administrative position. The senate members voted unanimously in favor of the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted by
Martha Crosby and Janice Uchida
MFS secretaries

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