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Manoa Faculty Senate Draft Minutes of March 17, 2004


Chair's Report:

Faculty Senate Members Present:
Harriet Abe, Richard Allen, Belinda Aquino, Krystyna Aune, Barry Baker, Andrea Bartlett, Robert Bley-Vroman, Ronald Bontekoe, Thomas Bopp, Rebecca Cann, James Caron, James Carpenter, Rosita Chang, Michael Chopey, Linda Cox, Bonnie Cramer, Martha Crosby, Ruth Dawson, Michael DeMattos, Linda Duckworth, Patsy Fujimoto, Gary Fuller, Robert Gibson, Donna Grace, Michael Graves, William Haning, Thomas Hilgers, Susan Johnson, Merle Kataoka- Yahiro, Hyunjoon Kim, Roberta Lamb, Lenora Lee, Bruce Liebert, Kem Lowry, Yuanan Lu, Lorenz Magaard, Paul McKimmy, Gregory Moore, Michael Mottl, Richard Nettell, Torben Nielsen, Dawn Nishida, Marvin Ortel, Joan Peters, Brian Popp, David Ross, Michael Salzman, Thomas Schroeder, Paul Singleton, Jim Skouge, David Stegenga, Glenn Teves, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, Robert Valliant, Paige Wilmeth, Kelley Withy, Lesley Wright, Halina Zaleski.

Glenn Cannon, Daphne Desser, Roger Lukas, Jill Nunokawa, Amarjit Singh, Norma Jean Stodden,

Tod Aeby, Hong-Mei Chen, Nanette Judd, Richard Kasuya, Kenton Kramer, Marian Melish, David Sanders, Steven Ward.

Others in Attendance:
Carolyn Brooks-Harris, Sandy Davis, Michael Foreman, Jan Heu, Karl Kim, Denise Konan, Sandy Sanger, Helene Sokugawa, and Myrtle Yamada.

Chair Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:02 pm.


Adoption of the Minutes:
The minutes of the February 18, 2004 Manoa Faculty Senate Meetings were amended by the following changes [ pg 1, collecting to correcting; CAP to CAPP; pg 4, Healthy and Safety to Health and Safety; Committee on Athletics to Committee on Administration and Budget; Dr. Hong et al to Drs. Hong, et al; ] and approved.

Chairs Report:

Board of Regents: The BOR does not want to review requests for new positions before the Reorganization of the Chancellors Office is completed.

This reorganization has been tabled. Tom Bopp asked about the position of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Chair Tiles responded that this position had been approved before the Reorganization and thus, will be filled.

Office of Student Affairs: The OSA proposal is on the Senate Website and senators should have a copy. The OSA proposal is receiving comments from the CSA and CAPP committees. Senators may forward comments to Paige or Ron. Chair would appreciate a summary from the committees to share with the rest of the Senate.

Budget Advisory Committee: Meetings were held and at the last meeting, Linda Johnsrud presented the options being considered at the system level for moving to enrollment based budgeting for allocations within the system.

Many on the Manoa committee have concerns as to how the system process will affect Manoa and how it will impact any Manoa process for making internal budget allocations. Chair Tiles stated that there had been insufficient analysis of the consequences for these options or the effect these options would have. There is a disturbing tendency that assumes that the "one size fit's all" model will work. This seems inappropriate for a system composed of campuses of different sizes and missions. Two subgroups have been formed to quickly develop a strategy for this interface. We also have representation at the system level through the ACCFSC budget advisory committee (Tom Schroeder attends) that attend the Council of Chancellors meetings at which biennium budget planning is discussed. At present an overview is being developed with each campus presenting its goals, enrollment projections, etc. Manoa has not as yet, made a presentation.

Torben Nielsen noted that different courses had different costs. Chair Tiles and Tom Schroeder responded that different categories were being developed to address these differences.

WASC: The WASC review team visited Manoa on Monday the 15th. The WASC group met with the ACCFSC and had questions on: the nature of ACCFSC, its access (or lack thereof) to the BOR and President, the relationship of ACCFSC to the Senates represented by chairs in this committee. There were also questions about the clarity of campus system relationships, communication, articulation, transparency in the budget process, and whether we are being involved in discussions of policies that set enrollment goals for campuses in the light of each campus's individual missions and the overall structure of the system. In effect, most of the points raised were covered in the system report and the action letter from Ralph Wolf.

The UH system response to the WASC report on the UH system was distributed at the February 18th Faculty Senate Meeting. The concluding statement from the UH system response to the WASC system report is as follows:

"This university's great task is continuing to support a climate that is based on culture change, one in which each institutional change can be tested by the level of trust it inspires in the constituencies which it effects."

Chair Tiles stated that if this is indeed the test of institutional changes then she thinks we have to conclude that recent administrative changes at UH should receive a failing grade. There is now, at Manoa at least, widespread distrust of administration at all levels.

What explains the loss of trust in the system level administration?

  1. It should be remembered that the way in which the system level reorganization plan received approval was not one designed to engender trust. In fact this body, the 2002 Senate, was presented with a resolution censuring the UH administration for their lack of consultation over the reorganization. The resolution was tabled in 2002, but replaced with strong resolutions calling for improved faculty governance at the system level and faculty involvement in the implementation of the reorganization. The President agreed to meet with the Senate and Senate committees to develop a consultative process, but this has not happened.

    There has been improvement in the functionality of ACCFSC, and it has established it's own budget subcommittee. But ACCFSC has not been able to function in any substantive advisory or consultative role in relation to system reorganization, clarification of campus missions, clarification of relations between campuses and the system, or in relation to issues being addressed by the councils of chancellors and chief academic officers.

  2. Earlier this year there were several system initiated moves, which further weakened the Manoa faculty's trust in the system level administration.

The SEC asked for copies of the WASC system report. From our investigations, the WASC report had not been received by the Chancellors office, numerous searches of the Websites yielded no report and discussions with the Vice President have been of the Dennis Jones Report.

The pattern of events indicated above suggests that many of concerns voiced by WASC about the functionality of the new system remain to be addressed.

Vice President for Academic Affairs David McClain entered the auditorium and made a few statements. He believed that the WASC report was available on the Website, could not understand why faculty could not locate the report. He had been trying to improve the links in his office. His email to Chair Mary Tiles was distributed to all Senators at the meeting.

Torben Nielsen and others wanted a clarification of the group called the ACCFSC and stated that each Community Colleges Senate Chair was not equivalent to the Faculty Senate Chair of Manoa. The ACCFSC is the All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs, which is a systems group.

Dave Stegenga, chair of the General Education Committee stated that although Banner and Articulation are provided as examples of successful communication between faculty and the administration, both of these issues have been major points of disagreement and examples of lack of consultation with faculty.

Torben Nielsen and other senators noted that IT has been stripped and that Manoa no longer has a functional Human Resources office.

Robert Bley-Vroman noted that in 5 days after VP McClain had met with Ralf Wolff, Executive Director of the WASC Senior Commission on Jan 23, 2004, he had a complete report. No faculty consultation occurred.

Ronald Bontekoe stated that the WASC report should have been distributed to the faculty with planning for a System with enrollment based management and consultation with the Manoa Faculty Senate.

Mary Tiles noted that the Council of Chancellors also did not receive the WASC system report.


No Confidence in System-level handling of 2003 WASC Review

Robert Bley-Vroman, Chair of the Committee on Administration and Budget presented a Joint Resolution from CAB and the SEC expressing No Confidence in the University of Hawaii System's Handling of the 2003 WASC System Review.

The vote was 49 in favor, none opposed and 2 abstentions.

Proposed changes to the Charter and Bylaws:

Robert Bley-Vroman read the reviewed the proposed changes to the Charter and Bylaws. This constituted the required second read and provided the Senators with an opportunity to respond to the proposed changes. The first items covered were the proposed changes from "President" to "Chancellor".

David Ross, Brian Popp, Tom Bopp and others led an extended discussion on the line of "authority" from the president to the MFS and how the MFS responds. Michael Salzman, Barry Baker and Joan Peters also provided comments. A revised wording was proposed as a friendly amendment. Vote for the revised wording was 43 in favor, 1 opposed and 1 abstention. These changes are posted on the Senate Website.

The vote for involving the rest of the changes from the "President" to the "Chancellor" and all related changes was unanimously in favor.

The vote to change "Ku Lama" to News@UH was passed unanimously.

Robert reviewed the proposed changes to the nomination process for MFS members, on page 15. "A constituency that has its own faculty senate with elected members may nominate one of those members for service on the Manoa Faculty Senate. If it does so, that officer will be considered to have been elected to the Manoa Faculty Senate and the number of senators remaining to be elected from that constituency will be reduced by one".

A short discussion followed about whether some Colleges in Arts and Sciences would be disadvantaged. The vote was 41 in favor, 1 opposed, and no abstentions.

Robert then reviewed the proposed changes on page 6 for the Senate Executive Committee. The SEC meets weekly and since the Senate meets monthly it has been very difficult or impossible to react to actions by the administration that infringe on faculty governance. A proposal was made to allow the SEC to respond to the administration or BOR.

A long discussion occurred and no resolution was found. Providing the SEC with too much authority was a major concern for the Senate. This proposal was not voted on.


The Resolution on Banner was reviewed by the Committee on Student affairs. The resolution passed with the vote: 30 in favor, none against and 2 abstentions.


With time being very short, the CAPP Resolution on SAT/ACT exams was not discussed and no action was taken. Similarly, no actions were taken on the Resolution on the use of Faculty Endorsement without Faculty Approval and the Resolution on Safety and Security of UHM offices and other workspaces.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:15 pm

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