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Manoa Faculty Senate Minutes of April 21, 2004


Chair's Report:
UH Foundation Centennial Update

Faculty Senate Members Present:
Harriet Abe, Richard Allen, Belinda Aquino, Krystyna Aune, Barry Baker, Andrea Bartlett, Ronald Bontekoe, Thomas Bopp, James Caron, Rosita Chang, Linda Cox, Bonnie Cramer, Martha Crosby, Ruth Dawson, Michael DeMattos, Daphne Desser, Patsy Fujimoto, Gary Fuller, Robert Gibson, Michael Graves, Thomas Hilgers, Richard Kasuya, Hyunjoon Kim, Roberta Lamb, Kem Lowry, Yuanan Lu, Roger Lukas, Lorenz Magaard, Paul McKimmy, Gregory Moore, Michael Mottl, Richard Nettell, Torben Nielsen, Dawn Nishida, Jill Nunokawa, Marvin Ortel, David Ross, Michael Salzman, Thomas Schroeder, Paul Singleton, Jim Skouge, David Stegenga, Norma Jean Stodden, Glenn Teves, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, Robert Valliant, Paige Wilmeth, Kelley Withy, Halina Zaleski.

Robert Bley-Vroman, Glenn Cannon, Hong-Mei Chen, Linda Duckworth, William Haning, Susan Johnson, Merle Kataoka-Yahiro, Joan Peters, Amarjit Singh,

Tod Aeby, Rebecca Cann, James Carpenter, Michael Chopey, Donna Grace, Nanette Judd, Kenton Kramer, Lenora Lee, Bruce Liebert, Marian Melish, Brian Popp, David Sanders, Steven Ward, Lesley Wright.

Others in Attendance:
Heather Crislip, Austin Dias, Paulette Feeney, Michael Foreman, Jan Heu, Jean Imada, Emily Hawkins, Denise Konan, William Lampe, Chris Langworthy, David McClain, Melodee Metzger, Joe O'Mealy, Wendy Pearson, Neal Smatresk, Jim Tiles, and 4 illegible names. [SEC: if you saw anyone else there, please let us know; I thought I saw Chuck Hayes outside; did anyone see him at the meeting?]

This attendance list includes those who had attended the Manoa Faulty Congress and all participants may not have been present to the Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting that followed.

Chair Mary Tiles called the Senate Meeting to order at 3:15 pm.

The minutes from the March 17, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved with the following clarifications and corrections. (1) Page 4: Ronald Bontekoe stated that the WASC report on the UH System should have been distributed to the faculty and that the faculty and the Senate could have responded to that report by developing a management plan for enrollment. Because the report was not distributed to the faculty, faculty had no meaningful contribution to the response that the administration made to WASC. (2) Page 4: under Robert Bley-Vroman: Ralf to Ralph; (3) On the last page (page 5): A friendly amendment was made to the Charter and By- Laws on Nominating Elections and the resolution on page 14 of 18 was changed to read: A constituency or group of constituencies that has its own faculty senate with elected members may nominate one of its officers for service on the Manoa Faculty Senate. If it does so, that officer will be considered to have been elected to the Manoa Faculty Senate and the number of senators remaining to be elected from the constituency of that officer will be reduced by one.

Chair's Report:

Chair Tiles reported that she had attended a meeting with Ralph Wolff and others at which the WASC report on the UH was discussed. Review: There was a WASC System report in 2003, a response to that report by the administration (without faculty participation), and a second team visit in March of 2004. During the March 2004 visit, the team found that several items that were supposed to have been addressed were still unattended. These were items like the transparency of the Manoa budget.

Denise Konan clarified that the WASC report for Manoa was excellent. But the report for the UH System was not.

David Ross asked about the Senate's response to the administrator's reply to the WASC report and Chair Tiles confirmed that it had been submitted to WASC.

[SEC: I can add more from Mary's memo on the Chairs report, if desired]

Roger Lukas provided a report of the BOR meeting that he attended, replacing Mary Tiles. Articulation issues were discussed; the Reorganization of the Chancellors office was untabled. However, if the reorganization of Student Affairs (OSA) is tied to the reorganization of the Chancellors office, no action can be taken by the Manoa Faculty Senate over the summer and the reorganization of the Chancellors office will be greatly delayed. SEC has issued a memo to the Chancellors office on this issue.

Chair Tiles explained that the SEC will not act over the summer on the reorganization of Student Affairs. Thus, unless the two are uncoupled, either can go forward until the Fall.

Dobelle has been tasked by the BOR to return with a report that addresses concerns mentioned by the faculty.

Land Grant Status was deferred.

Some discussion of off-campus student housing.

Banner report was not made.

[ SEC: I can add more from Roger's memo to us on the BOR meeting, if desired]

UH Foundation Centennial Update

Donna Vuchinich, Acting President for UH Foundation Centennial Campaign, arrived. She presented a brief background of herself and asked for questions. Ron Bontekoe wanted a progress report on how well the campaign has been doing. From June 2003 to April 2004, about $20.7 million has been raised. Money will be used for student aid and faculty programs.

Michael Mottl, wanted to know how much of the $20.7 million was used to support the fund drive or "funds to create funds". Donna noted that the goal was to have at least $100 million in endowments. At present, funding needed to support the Foundation staff comes from the Regents contract, service fee (2%) on accounts, and the gift fee (5%). Total is about $4 million for 67 employees.

David Ross asked if the UH Foundation was naming buildings as part of the negotiations with donors. Donna responded that for very large donations ($20 million ?) a program can be named for a donor but not a building. Mike Salzman asked about the "expectations" of donors. Donna noted that the donors provide donations from a wide perspective, very ultraistic and philanthropic to egotistic. UH has a code of ethics and does not (has not) received funds that are not "right" for the University and which do not support the strategic mission.



Ron Bontekoe, chair of CAPP presented the Resolution on the Use of Written Components of the SAT and ACT exams for the Admission of Freshmen. The resolution was read and Ron stated that Tom Hilgers had suggested that Admissions and Records collect, record, and compare test scores with performance to determine how reliable these scores are. Kelly Withy questioned whether some of our local students might be placed at a disadvantage if a written exam was used. Roger Lukas noted that Manoa needs to strive for excellence.

Jacquelyn Jester(Tester? Gester?) discussed the written examination process. Students submit an essay and 2 readers score the essay on a holistic intellectual level. They look for the value of arguments that are made and on the content of the essay. Less weight is placed on grammatical skills. Readers are trained to ignore some grammatical problems and focus on the content.

Gary Fuller noted that he has had students that would score at the 2nd and 3rd grade level on standardized tests and who are also verbally challenged. But given a written assignment they are impressive and show good thought processes.

A few faculty were concerned about the cost, but this information was not available at the Senate meeting. However, students will use their scores for applications to several colleges.

It was pointed out that some admissions faculty believed that written exams are harder to "prepare" for. Classes are available to students to learn how to improve their SAT scores and this can be an advantage for some students.

Ann Peters called for the Question and Kelly Withy seconded. Vote in favor was unanimous, 0 abstentious. The vote for the Resolution was: 43 in favor, 2 opposed and none abstained.


Michael Mottl, presented the resolution for CAB, on the use of faculty endorsement without faculty approval. The resolution was read and the following discussion occurred. There was some confusion about the origin of this resolution and senators questioned how was it possible for faculty to have their names used and not know about it. Tom Schroeder explained how a "survey of interested faculty" was converted into a list of faculty that endorsed the program. Roger Lukas also provided another recent example.

A friendly amendment to eliminate the words "the Chancellor" and "other" was made.

Resolution on the use of faculty endorsement without faculty approval

The UH Manoa Faculty Senate considers it unethical and inappropriate for any UH office or committee to issue proposals or other documents containing the names of UH faculty members in a manner which implies that these faculty endorse the document, without giving faculty members due notice of a minimum of two weeks, that their names are being so used and the opportunity to modify the document or remove their names, as they see fit. The documents should be made readily available to such faculty to enable them to review the proposal and the use of their names.

Vote on the Resolution: approved 45; opposed 0; abstained 0.

The second resolution from CAB was on the safety and security of UHM offices and other workspaces. The resolution was read and the following friendly amendments were made. Add "and physical assaults" to the third whereas and change "without delay" to "by May 5, 2004".

Resolution on safety and security of UHM offices and other workspaces

Whereas there has been a recent series of multiple break-ins and physical assaults on the UH Manoa campus that have been very costly in term of property, privacy of records, and human safety, and

Whereas the UHM Chancellor's office is responsible for safety and security on the Manoa campus, and

Whereas little or nothing has been done to improve safety and security since these break-ins and physical assaults started several months ago, therefore

The Manoa Faulty Senate strongly urges the Chancellor to complete and implement a plan for improving safety and security. We request that this plan and a timetable for its implementation be presented to the UHM Faculty Senate by May 5, 2004.

Vote on the Resolution: approved 45; opposed 0; abstained 0.


The Kelly Withy chair of the Committee on Athletics presented two resolutions.

Resolution on nutrition education for UHM students. The resolution was read and a long discussion followed with many friendly amendments. The resulting resolution did not pass and had a vote of 18 for, 18 against and 2 members who abstained. The Senate returned to the original resolution and added wording to require training for all coaches and trainers on nutrition, fitness, and psychosocial awareness.

Resolution on nutrition education for UHM students

Whereas eating disorders and disordered eating are significant problems for many students, including athletes attempting to maximize their performance and meet the body images expected for their sports and their gender,

Whereas NCAA studies have shown a high incidence of anorexia in women's sports, with 93% of reported problems among students in athletics occurring there,

Whereas a 1997 study of NCAA students-athletes at 10 schools in 11 sports revealed disturbing statistics about college student-athletes and their eating/dieting behaviors, with binge eating occurring at least weekly in 13 percent of male students-athletes and 10 percent of female student- athletes,

Whereas eating disorders or unsupervised weight-control behaviors can produce severe medical and psychological effects and impact academic performance,

Whereas the American College of Sports Medicine argues that eating disorders in college level athletes can be triggered, "by a single event or by comments by a person important to the individual,"

Whereas universities may be exposing themselves to legal liability by not giving enough attention to students with eating disorders,

Whereas preliminary indicators suggest that an increasing number of students and athletes at UHM are receiving inappropriate dietary and body image advice,

Therefore the Manoa Faculty Senate, out of concern for the health and well being of the UH student body as a whole, recommend that Chancellor Englert provide up-to-date programs on healthful nutrition, fitness, and psychosocial awareness for all students, faculty and staff, and require this training for all coaches and trainers, who have significant influence in these areas.

Resolution was passed unanimously. [Martha: do you have this? I was tracking something else at that moment]

The Meeting was adjourned at 5:20 pm.

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