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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of October 27, 2003


1. Report from GEC
     Discussion of SEC Chair's Role
4. Chair's report (Tiles)
5. Additional committee reports
     CAB subcommittee on auxiliary services

Present: Martha Crosby, Thomas Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Jill Nunokawa, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, and Charlotte Mitsutani.

Guest David Stegenga, chair, GEC

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:01 pm.

Because of the presence of a guest, the order of the agenda was modified.

1. Report from GEC

-Stegenga summarized reactions to the 10/18 articulation meeting that were voiced at both the regular Wednesday GEC meeting and the special meeting of UHM participants held on 10/23.

-Tiles distributed a draft memo to VPAA in which she summarized the reactions of the UHM participants in the 10/18 meeting.

-Discussion led to consensus that the memo should be sent along with the draft resolution on articulation approved by GEC in principle. Copies will go to the president, chancellor, GEC, and through liaison Crosby to CAPP.

-GEC will prepare background information to prepare senators for any vote on the resolution by the full Senate. Materials will include references to Senate By-Laws on General Education governance and to Executive Policy 5.209.

-SEC agreed that GEC should seek an independent meeting on articulation with the chancellor.

2. The minutes of 10/20/03 were approved with one abstention.

3. A motion was made to modify the agenda so that SEC could continue discussion begun on 10/20 on the SEC chair's role. The motion was approved.

Discussion of SEC Chair's Role

Nunokawa distributed a memo re "SEC Communication with Administration." The first two paragraphs of the memo read

I am formally requesting participation, prior notification and consultation for all communications that occur between UH Administration and the Senate Executive Committee (SEC). I object to the Chair, acting in her/his capacity as the SEC Chair, having one on one contact and communication without notification, consultation and participation with all members of the SEC.

Not only does it violate the type of transparency and open communication the Manoa Faculty Senate, through its agent the SEC, is trying to develop with UH Administration, it violates the spirit and intent of our Faculty Congress and Senate Charter. SEC discussed the request extensively but there was no motion to support it. The request is noted in these minutes. It is also noted that Hilgers stated his full confidence in the SEC chair and vice chair; others concurred.

4. Chair's report (Tiles)

a. On 10/21, Tiles received many complaints from UHM faculty participants in the 10/18 articulation meeting. Tiles attended a follow-up meeting of GEC and another with UHM participants in the 10/18 meeting.

b. Vice-chair Schroeder reported that he and Chair Tiles met on 10/23 for 30 minutes with the chancellor to present the CA inquiry on the status of the Athletics Advisory Board and to report on Schroeder's participation in the AAUP Governance Conference on reform of intercollegiate athletics. The chancellor will consult with SEC about letting the Senate re-shape procedures for faculty governance of athletics. The meeting concluded with a brief discussion of recent articulation issues.

c. Schroeder, Lukas, and Tiles attended the 10/24 meeting that continued the dialogue begun at the Congress. Topics included campus governance, recruitment strategies, and, briefly, admissions policies.

d. The MLT meeting of 10/21 was reported by Tiles in email to SEC.

e. MME met on 10/27

-The MLT meeting of 10/28 will determine if this year's budget is ready to be finalized.

-Tiles supported VCAA's suggestion that a UHM Swat Team be formed to deal with Banner issues. The chancellor will support that approach.

-A proposal for "alternative academic scheduling" involving the end-of-year holiday period was discussed. Chancellor will send draft proposal to Entrepreneurial Task Force; SEC will send draft to CAPP for review.

f. Tiles continued discussion with Karl Kim and Peter Manicas about processes for proposing a program in the creative media arts. Even though a program in Liberal Studies does not require BOR action, a new program proposal must be reviewed by the Senate.

g. Vice chair Schroeder reported that he had been a guest in the chancellor's box at Saturday's football game.

h. ACCFSC held a telephone-conference meeting on 10/24. The VPAA explained his re-budgeting of UHM funding. The next meeting will occur on 11/21.

5. Additional committee reports

CAB subcommittee on auxiliary services

a. CAB's new subcommittee on various auxiliary services met and discussed the desirability of a faculty survey as a way of compiling information. SEC supports the idea of the survey in principle.


-CAPP has continued its discussion of the disability certificate proposal by email. The proposal still does not include a provision for housing the program in a regularly funded academic unit.

6. Agenda for 11/5 meeting of SEC with chancellor

-Chancellor has requested to discuss alternate academic scheduling and faculty governance of athletics.

-SEC asks to discuss the Academy of Creative Media and articulation. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Hilgers

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