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UH Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of November 3, 2003

Present: Martha Crosby, Thomas Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Jill Nunokawa, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, and Charlotte Mitsutani.

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

1. The minutes of 10/27/03 were approved.

2. Chair's Report (Tiles)

a. MLT of 10/28 was reported by Tiles via email. Final decisions regarding the budget depend on tomorrow's MLT.

b. MME spent most of its 11/3 meeting planning for the budget discussions and discussing processes for the next biennial budget round. SEC endorses efforts to involve a Budget Working Group that includes members of SEC and CAB. The meeting also discussed an effort to bring dorm-bound students into faculty and staff homes for Thanksgiving.

c. Discussion with Chancellor

- Englert requested input from Tiles on a "Board Action Request" from the system regarding the Academy for Creative Media. Chancellor will "cover" the request with a memo to BOR stating that the action involves "information only." If BOR so needs, Tiles will testify on standard processes for program proposal review.

- Chancellor will meet with GEC to discuss articulation. He reported that Ralph Wolff, executive director of WASC, discussed WASC positions on UHM responsibilities with BOR last Friday.

d. Vice chair and two others from SEC attended last Tuesday's lengthy discussion of issues with the Chancellor. Few of the 18 faculty present voiced their views.

3. Committee Reports

a. GEC has completed drafting a response to VPAA on GenEd articulation; the memo will be delivered today. The GEC's resolution on GenEd articulation will be considered by the full Senate on 11/19.

b. CAPP may have a resolution on posthumous degrees for the Senate on 11/19.

c. CAB requests that SEC send a memo to Englert requesting his cooperation with the new subcommittee on various auxiliary services. SEC approved a text; the memo will go out tomorrow.

d. CFS nominates 15 faculty members for the Library Committee; SEC concurs. CFS has received no formal request as of yet for nominees to the Distinguished Lecture Series.

4. Agenda for 11/5 meeting of SEC with Chancellor

- Distance education (requested by Chancellor and SEC)

- Academy for Creative Media (SEC)

- Budget process (SEC and Chancellor)

- Alternative academic schedules (Chancellor)

- Role of system chief academic officers (SEC)

5. Other Business

a. Tiles will bring SEC concerns about the biennial budget process to MLT tomorrow.

b. Tiles will request a copy of the 2000 Dennis Jones report. SEC will review it and its updates and respond.

c. The current lively list-serve discussion of distance education, one of the Chancellor's four primary concerns for this year, might best conclude with a discussion by the full Senate.

d. The agenda for the 11/19 Senate meeting will be decided next Monday.

e. SEC was informed of the new protocol for administrator meetings with BOR members. All requests for meetings are to go to the Chief of Staff.

f. The entire UHM community needs to better communicate impacts of various possible budget decisions on UHM with the larger public. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at:51 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Hilgers

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