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UHM Minutes of Faculty Senate Executive Committee, November 17, 2003

The minutes of November 10th were approved with the amendments submitted by Martha Crosby and Roger Lukas.

Chair's Report

There was no MLT last week. On Wednesday Mary met with Peter Garrod of the Graduate Division and discussed a wide variety of issues such as the Graduate council. On Thursday Mary along with the GEC met with David McClain but the meeting was less than satisfactory. Mary also met with the ITS faculty who are working on the Web Page. It should be ready by Fall of 2004.

On Friday Mary met with Tom Hilgers, Linda Cox and David Stegenga to review Thursday's meeting with David McClain's lack of respect and response to GEC's suggestions and the information presented.

Mary suggested that we allow the chancellor to resolve articulation issues.

Management meeting included reorganization of the Administration, Commencement issues, Budget Advisory Committee (supplemental budget and rejection of operating funds), and New Organizational Chart.

Committee Reports:

Faculty Service: Request for committee members for Distance Education.

Student affairs: OSA will meet with BOR in an open forum on 12/1/03.

General Education: The GEC met with David McClain on Thursday Nov. 13. His opening remarks were cordial but then he cited documents that questioned whether the receiving campus could decide what courses to accept, whether there had been consultation before the changes in the focus requirements were made, and whether the president's approval was needed for changes made by the GEC or Faculty Senate. Tom Hilgers reviewed his table that covered these issues and clearly defined where the documentation for the GEC position originated. Carolyn Brooks-Harris noted that the Writing Intensive and General Education Requirement Model developed at Manoa is a "real gem" and instead of looking at other institutions we should be promoting the success of our model. Faculty advisors and most important, students, have been extremely pleased with the new GE requirements. This new plan is more flexible, requires fewer credits and allows the student the opportunity to graduate in 4 years. Denise Konan offered valuable suggestions as to where the administration could go from this point. David McClain ended by suggesting that he could draft a memo about some of the items that had been discussed. He would not commit to the clarification that the E and O requirements are part of the Manoa Graduation Requirement.

HAP board is having problems with no-shows. Jeannie Lum wants to know how to handle this situation; SEC recommended that the chair contact the members who do not attend meetings, ask them to resign, and replace them with active members. Replacments need to be obtained through CFS.

Meeting with the Chancellor: Agenda: Articulation and Academy of Creative Media, up-dates.

Other business:

Mary is still reviewing the Dennis Jones report. She has emailed part of her analysis to Denise Konan.

Banner Swat Team Met; many unhappy people who are affected by this system.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:50pm allowing time for the group to join Chancellor Peter Englert at 4:00 pm.

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