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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of December 15, 2003


Chair's Report
Committee Reports

Present: Martha Crosby, Roger Lukas, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles, and Janice Uchida

Chair Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

The minutes of 12/8/03 were approved subject to correction.

Chair Mary Tiles' Report:

Since the Manoa Faculty Senate meeting on 12/10/03, Chair Tiles contacted David Iha. He clarified that the Board of Regents wanted from the Chancellor the current staffing of the Chancellor's office (which has been submitted) and a functional description of the 5 Vice Chancellors positions. He also indicated that the VCAA hire was not contingent on submission of these documents but that any further VC appointments were and that the BOR wanted to allow adequate time for faculty input to the Chancellor's proposal.

Mary obtained approval for a representative of CAB to be present at the SEC's meeting with the Chancellor on 12/23/03. Robert Bley-Vroman will not be able to attend and Thomas Bopp will attend.

The Chancellor will be at the Manoa Faculty Senate Meeting on Jan 21, 2004 at 3:00 pm.

Friday: BOR meeting. The board received information and approved the conceptual endorsement of the Academy for Creative Media. Chair Tiles clarified for the BOR exactly what the senate had and had not approved. In response to a question from a regent she indicated that faculty reservations about the new academy were in part concerns that it might take funds away from current already financially stretched programs.

Regents spent some time interrogating Chancellor Englert over the need to renew so many (17) interim e/m appointments at Manoa. Some Regents seemed to feel that interims who had been reappointed a few times should be made permanent. The Chancellor however replied that he had previously been told that he had to follow BOR policy (which requires searches) before filling such positions. SEC will draft a resolution to bring to the senate in January (forwarding the draft to BOR before their January meeting), which affirms that all e/m positions and especially those, which are academic, should go through proper procedures, including faculty consultation.

Discussion of the role of University General Counsel: Walter Kirimitsu was asked multiple questions about his role and about whom he serves. The January BOR meeting will include a motion to delete his dotted reporting line to the president and to remove his Vice President title.

ACCFSC meeting followed the BOR meeting.

-- Dr. Floyd McCoy noted that there is variations among campuses in the way grades are assigned. This is a problem for articulation.

-- ACCFSC concerned about the proliferation of administrative positions. If each campus has its own set of Vice Chancellors, there is major concern over the increase in total salaries.

Committee Reports:

1. GEC: Mary Tiles and Janice Uchida attended the workshop held by the GEC on the issue on the Articulation of UH Courses to satisfy the UH at Manoa's General Education Requirement. The draft of the Manoa proposal had been written by Thomas Hilgers and presented by Monica Stitt-Bergh. Numerous suggestions and discussions were held on guiding principles for the proposal, evaluation and renewal of programs and individual courses, and articulation at the major's level. A summary of the meeting is being made at the Manoa Writing Program Office.

2. As a representative of the SEC, Martha Crosby attended the committee meeting discussing the Faculty Mace or Ko'o. Martha shared that some members of the committee have a strong view that since Manoa is a "Hawaiian Place of Learning" as described in the UH Strategic Plan, implementation of this idea calls for the construction of the Hawaiian Ko'o and promotion of the Hawaiian culture. Since the mace committee was not able to reach consensus on either the interpretation or the implementation of the ideals behind the statements in the strategic plan, the SEC should continue to attend the mace committee meetings.

3. Mary Tiles reported that Jim Gaines has spoken to the State Ethics Commission and that he might return to discuss Classified Research.

4. Roger Lukas shared that the SEC should ask for the report of a committee that had worked on the Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics proposal, and consult with faculty who had served on committee to determine if the contents had been reviewed prior to the most recent memo.

5. Thomas Schroeder shared the memo on UH Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics Initiative. UH is negotiating with the Windber Research Institute.

6. The status of the search for the Vice Chancellor of Research (VCR) is not clear due to the following issues:

7. At the 12/10 meeting of the MFS, Dave Sanders announced the VCR position is going to be re-advertised.

8. Frank Perkins has said he will meet with a VCR candidate on January 30th.

9. A question exists concerning the present responsibilities of the VCR. Primarily, should graduate education continue under the direction the VCAR? Roger Lukas mentioned that research has the greatest potential as a growth area for UH and research may need an office devoted primarily to those activities.

10. If positions that are vacated by administrators are not filled, the savings could help fund new initiatives.

11. The committee on Athletics (CA) questioned how they would be involved with the reorganization of the athletic conference

12. CA notified the MFS of their unanimous decision to join the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA).

13. The committee on student affairs is currently examining the suggested resolution on nutrition.

14. The opportunities for enhancements include recognizing the responsibility of the athletic director to certify athletes grades and credits and determine their eligibility to play

15. The Committee on Administration and Budget (CAB) invited Wick Sloane to meet with them and comment on the following:

16. How does the budget process move forward in the spirit of transparency?

17. After the system assembles the budget, when does faculty have an opportunity to provide input?

18. The AFFSC budget advisory committee consists of four members representing Hilo, West Oahu, the Community colleges and Manoa.

19. Received no substantive responses.

The SEC finalized the agenda for the 12/23 meeting with the Chancellor.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by Janice Uchida and Martha Crosby

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