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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of December 22, 2003


Chair's Report
Committee Reports

Chair Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:04 pm.

Present were: Martha Crosby, Roger Lukas, Jill Nunokawa, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles and Janice Uchida.

Minutes from the December 15, 2003 meeting, are being prepared by Martha Crosby.

Chair's Report:
Chair Mary Tiles provided a table summarizing the percentage charged for phones for all the departments at UHM that ranged from 0 to 92%.

MLT: Discussion of the increasing cost of Journals and potential decisions to be made by Libraries in the U.S. A representative from the Association of Research Librarians made a presentation. Faculty contributions will be needed as issues are developed.

Chancellor Englert was absent, and the Functional Statements for his reorganization were not available. Budget Advisory Committee is being developed with Robert Bley-Vroman and Kathy Cutshaw who will represent Manoa.

The Banner program has been used successfully by many instructors. Martha Crosby noted that there was a problem with entering the grades for large classes.

Chair Tiles attended the Graduation ceremony on Dec. 21, 2003. It was well coordinated.

Reviewing the Chancellors Reorganization and preparations for Dec. 23rd meeting.

Thomas Schroeder summarized 5 major discussion points that the SEC will cover.

The budgetary impact analysis is unsatisfactory. The Faculty is very concerned about any restructurings with vaguely described finances that may reduce support for our basic mission.

The positions of VC-Finance and Operations and VC-Administration and Budget are somewhat duplicative and the need for two such positions is not demonstrated.

The revised organization chart has dual lines of reporting.

The move of Graduate Education from the VCR to the VCAA impacts ongoing recruitments.

The functional statements for the VC-Research, suggests a minor (if any) role in promoting FACULTY research. The verbiage concerning development of research programs is an inappropriate top-down approach to the true conduct of academic research.

University of Hawaii Ethics Committee

A request from James Gaines for appointments to this committee was received. This was sent to FSC for at least 4 nominations from Manoa, primarily from the Law School and faculty in Biotechnology.

ASUH representatives Shayna Lum, Andrew Ogata and Keevan Matsumoto, submitted a resolution from the ASUH Senate supporting A Resolution In Support of Access to Higher Education (ASUH Senate Resolution 10-04 A, of December 9, 2003). This Resolution will be sent to CAP.

SEC needs to draft a Resolution before the next BOR meeting concerning the requirement for Faculty participation (consultation and concurrence) when a position such as a Dean of a College is filled.

Faculty Ambassadors Program: Chair Tiles has advised Kathy Ferguson to request that FSC provide her with a committee that will find staff willing to oversee the Program while Kathy is on sabbatical.

Jill Nunokawa reported that the Faculty Service Committee, chaired by Susan Marie Johnson has nominated the following:
For Distance Learning committee:
Ruth Marie Quirk (Sinclair Library)
Nathan Chang (School of Social Work)
Marilyn Colvin (College of Education, based on Maui)
Both Ruth and Nathan have had much experience in Distance Learning.

Manoa Commission on Diversity
Darnell Cole (Education Administration)
Karl Minke (Psychology)

Committee for Distinguished Lecture Series:
Continuing members are: David Baker, Karl Kim, David Karl and John Mahoney
New members:
Marla Berry (Cell & Molecular Biology)
Lurana O'Malley (Theater & Dance)
Kathy Ferguson (Women's Studies)

WASC/AAHE Assessment Workshop

Karl Kim submitted a memo notifying the SEC (via Chair Mary Tiles) that a "Focus on Learning Workshop" will be held in March. Anyone interested in participating should contact Karl Kim.

Add Martha's notes
Respectfully submitted
Janice Uchida

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