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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of January 26, 2004


Chair's Report
Committee Reports

Present: Martha Crosby, Thomas Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Jill Nunokawa, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, and Charlotte Mitsutani.

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:01 pm.

1. The minutes of 1/12/04 were approved as corrected.

2. Chair's Report (Tiles)

a. The agenda handouts include official MLT minutes from recent meetings and handouts from the most recent BOR meeting.

b. MME 1/26/04

-MLT meetings will focus on budget matters exclusively in alternate weeks.

-VC Sakaguchi has been asked to review previously provided budget data to make sure that items which appeared as unbudget obligations in 2004 budget, but which have now been built into the base budget, do not reappear as unbudgeted in the proposed 2005 budget.

-Ongoing UHM telephone expenses were reviewed. UHM through bonds "owns" the wiring and equipment from the major 1990s installation project. Current recurring expenses are these:

--Debt service on bonds: $1.2 million a year through 2019

--"Extras" to Verizon: $0.72 million through 2005

--Maintenance to Verizon: $0.35 million to 2005

--Service, Verizon: $0.35 million, annual

--Line charge: $0.24 million through 2006

--Miscellaneous: $0. 34 million Subtotal: $3.2 million

--Personnel Expenses (not identified): $1.3 million

Total basic telephone expenses: $4.5 million/yr.

--Long distance Sprint contract: $70,000/yr

-David Morihara will report on status of the UHM legislative agenda at an upcoming meeting.

-Issues relating to faculty salary were reviewed.

c. Policy relating to C- grades in the major needed urgently to be set. Although CAB had been sent a draft of proposed policy on 10/28, no report was returned. Tiles therefore concurred with the recommendation from the VCAA office that since C- grades do not count toward major requirements, courses in which students earn C- or lower may be retaken. This seems consistent with larger policy determinations.

d. The centennial campaign updating continues.

e. The new Budget Committee met on 1/19 to establish ground rules. It will establish a website to promote transparency in matters relating to the budget. At its next meeting, Chief of Staff Callejo and VC Sakaguchi will explain the current budget process.

f. The CBA Senate in 2002 voted by a majority to modify the Hawaiian/Second Language requirement for its majors. SEC will remind VC Karl Kim that Senate by-laws require a two-thirds vote of the college faculty senate or faculty in order to proceed with such a modification proposal.

g. Tiles met with Chancellors Englert and Morton and others to review the status of articulation discussions. Englert and Morton will ask the Council of Chancellors to assume responsibility for articulation policy. Tiles will follow up with AVCAA Konan.

h. The Budget Committee representatives who are also on ACCFSC will be attending Council of Chancellors discussions of budget.

i. Tiles will suggest changes to Chancellor office reorganization plan functional statement tomorrow.

j. Tiles will convey the resolutions adopted by the Senate on 1/21/04 to appropriate parties.

3. Agenda for SEC meeting with Chancellor on 1/29/04

a. Continuation of discussion on CGPBR

b. Chancellor update on articulation

c. Chancellor update on achieving implementation action plan to go with Strategic Plan

4. Committee Reports

a. CA met on 1/21. The first hour of the meeting dealt with revisions to the resolution on nutrition. The second half of the meeting involved a discussion with AD Frazier. The new AD supports strong faculty oversight of faculty affairs. He advises strongly against UH taking over Aloha Stadium. He reported that gender participation in athletics has this year achieved equity.

b. CSA met on 1/14. Its concerns with the nutrition resolution were reported to CA. It concerns with the Chancellor's reorganization plan were voiced at the last Senate meeting.

c. CAPP has been alerted to the special needs of students covered by recent Immigration and Naturalization laws. Peter Garrod will join CAPP for its next meeting.

d. CAB met before the last Senate meeting and continued ongoing discussions.

e. CPM has not met recently.

f. GEC raised concern about possible non-compliance with the two-thirds vote rule governing Hawaiian/Second Language waivers in the Senate by-laws.

g. CFS is reviewing a request for an appointment to the Food Service Advisory Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:44 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Hilgers

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