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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of February 9, 2004


Present: Martha Crosby, Thomas Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, Charlotte Mitsutani, Jill Nunokawa.

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:02 pm.

1. The minutes of 2/2/04 were approved as submitted.

2. Chair's Report (Tiles)

a. The chair's report of the MLT meeting was emailed. The major concerns discussed were the budget and Banner. The 2/17 MLT meeting will hear John Morton on Banner. A major question for Morton: How is the current Banner budget actually being spent?

b. The ACCFSC agenda for 2/20 is being planned. ACCFSC is in particular need of the full System WASC report.

c. The Budget Advisory Committee met to uncover the current budget process. VC Sakaguchi provided legislative timelines and BOR policies. VPAA McClain noted that the CC preparation for the biennium budget process is a "model." Chief of Staff Callejo answered questions.

d. David Lassner sent a memo informing all units that Telecom charges have been renegotiated.

3. The scheduled discussion with members of Entrepreneurship Taskforce did not occur since no members appeared.

4. Agenda for SEC meeting with Chancellor on 2/10.
a. Faculty's role at the system level in planning the next biennial budget
b. What has happened since our meeting on CGPBR
c. Likely Senate proposal to reorganize its standing committees
d. Articulation
e. Admission standards and enrollment management
f. Graduate Division
g. Topics requested by Chancellor

5. CAB recommendations on standing committees

a. Discussion led to the conclusion that a new standing committee on Research is desirable.

b. Members of CPM and CFS will be consulted on the desirability of the committees' being combined into a new Committee on Faculty Service and Other Professional Matters.

c. Issues relating to member attendance at committee meetings have been discussed, and a recommendation for improved accountability may be proposed.

6. Committee Reports


-Chair Bontekoe drafted a proposal for a new 900-level course that might address the needs of students who must demonstrate full-time student status. Graduate Division Associate Dean Garrod reported that he can deal with this need without our adding a 900-level course. [SEC would prefer clear policy to administrative "handling." The full Senate should be heard on Graduate Division policies. SEC will continue to discuss relationships between the Graduate Division and the Faculty Senate with the Chancellor.]

-Discussion of grade and course-repeat policies continues. Among the issues are possible inequities across majors and the consequences of our adding plus and minus grades.

-Discussion of admissions continues. Conducting research on the effects of varyious standards is proving difficulty.

b. CSA

-Committee is discussing possible roles for a "panel of experts" to advise on campus needs as they relate to Banner.

-CSA is preparing another memo to the Chancellor requesting a role in discussions relating to possible reorganization to OSA. (SEC chair will write a memo to Chancellor asking that he respond to OSA.)

c. CPM met but didn't have a quorum. Once a quorum is reached, CPM will take up the issue of implied faculty endorsement.

d. CA members continue to get email showing national support for athletic governance reform.

7. Senate agenda for 2/18 a. Report by interim VCR Jim Gaines
b. Banner
c. Charter and by-law revision

8. Other Business

-Standing committee liaisons are asked to announce to committees that Hawai'i Hall 208 is now available for faculty committee meetings.

-Nunokawa raised the issue of administration communications with the Faculty Congress, Senate, and Senate Executive Committee. She is considering a resolution demanding the posting of all documents related to consultations and other requests.

SEC reviewed the many instances where both campus and system administration have responded inadequately to requests for information relating to consultations. Lukas will draft a resolution on consultation that may be presented at the next meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5:57 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Hilgers

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