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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of February 23, 2004

Present: Martha Crosby, Thomas Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Jill Nunokawa, Thomas Schroeder, Mary Tiles and Janice Uchida

Chair Mary Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:02 pm.

The minutes of the February 9, 2004 meeting were approved.

1. Chair's report

a. MME: 2/17/04

John Morton and David Lassner primarily discussed Banner. Both mentioned that problems could be solved by the end of the calendar year. Some financial decisions need to be made. Manoa is paying $17 million (out of $26m) for Banner. A Bond pays for Banner yearly and tuition increases were to support the Bond. Each year the Bond amount increases.

The administration is attempting to renegotiate the contract and increase the time for payment from 5 to 7 years and reduce the per year payment. This will reduce Manoa's payment by about 1 million. Despite this, Manoa still needs to funds to pay for personnel and for 45% of the ongoing operational cost.

Martha Crosby and Roger Lukas offered that Phil Johnson is tracking the problems in the system and that UH can attempt to "fix" these problems. However, Manoa needs to log these problems and prioritize the problems. Committee on Student Affairs is reviewing the situation.

b. Administrators meeting with David McClain, Peter Englert, Charles Helsey, Heather Crislip, and Mamo Kim. Thomas Schroeder attended for Mary Tiles.

House Bill No. 891 has been introduced; this bill states that the University of Hawaii School of Medicine and the UH Health Science Library will be "freestanding campuses." "The purpose of the Act is to establish a medical school research and training revolving fund to provide funding for the operation of the both the University of Hawaii School of Medicine and the University of Hawaii Health Sciences Library." In section 2, the Bill mentions that 100% of the total amount of indirect overhead revenues generated by the University from research and training programs of the School of Medicine will be deposited in the proposed revolving fund. House Bill No. 891 is available on the Senate Website. Representative Mark Takai sponsored the Bill.

David McClain testified against the Bill; JABSOM Dean Cadman spoke in favor of it. A major concern is the existing statute that grants UH autonomy: Why this apparent end-run around the supposedly autonomous UH?

The Bill passed out of the House Higher Education Committee and will cross-over to the parallel Senate committee.

c. Board of Regents Meeting on 2/19-20. Attended in part by Chair Mary Tiles and in part by Vice Chair Tom Schroeder.

Tom Schroeder reported that to address the housing shortage for students, the University is investigating the use of at least two hotels: the Ohana Reef Hotel, owned by Peter Savio, and the Queen Kapiolani Hotel, owned by Bert Kobayashi. Issues of possible conflicts of interest were discussed.

A long update on the centennial campaign was presented. SEC will request the Powerpoint from this presentation for the Faculty Senate website and also ask UHF to provide a representative to answer faculty questions at the March Faculty Senate meeting.

Chancellor Englert provided a quick summary of entrepreneurial activities. His working group is looking at initiatives from the University that generate funds. At present there is no unified policy covering different types of entrepreneurial activities and various faculty and administrators have sometimes circumvented apparently relevant policies in order to support their programs. UHM needs an umbrella policy for entrepreneurial programs, one which insures faculty governance. Many questions need to be resolved on credits and differences between degree- granting programs and non-degree programs. Chancellor Englert is optimistic that these issues can be addressed.

Reorganization of UHM chancellor's office was extensively discussed. Chair Tiles presented the Faculty Senate motion and also the UHPA concern about the proliferation of offices, particularly at the system level. HGEA noted that some issues it raised had not been resolved; Chancellor Englert at that point asked that BOR action be deferred. Student members of GSO and ASUH gave testimony, some of which suggested lack of adequate consultation. The BOR eventually tabled action on reorganization of the UHM Chancellor's office. Meanwhile, the BOR policy that precludes new executive appointments until reorganization is accomplished will prevail. (SEC discussed concern that without key executives, UHM lacks strong advocates during efforts to raid UHM funding and positions.)

UHM's VCAA: Tiles and Schroeder were initially told that this appointment would not be made. However, after an executive session, BOR members emerged to approve a VCAA appointment, but with a split vote.

d. All Campus Council of Faculty Senate Chairs (ACCFSC) meeting on 2/20.

Considerable time was spent on the just posted WASC system report from 7/03. SEC will ask CAB to seek faculty response to this very important report before the 3/15 WASC follow-up visit. Beyond that, the system asked ACCFSC to approve its new language on the constitution of the University Council on Articulation. Tiles asked for time for consultation. The proposed changes will be brought to the attention of GEC and CAPP.

Hawai'i Community College's Faculty Senate chair, Francis Dean Uchima, reported interest in working up articulation processes for its proposed Foundations program. GEC may become involved in discussions.

e. MME met on 2/23/04. The Chancellor will establish a new enrollment advisory group composed primarily of faculty members at Manoa. SEC and the Faculty Service Committee should start thinking about possible committee members.

The Chancellor wants a financial analysis of the KUD International Plan (part of the Kakaako Development plan). At least 3 faculty members are needed to help with this analysis and should be those who understand business plans and be external to JABSON, PBRC, and the Cancer Center.

A review of student fees is being undertaken. Some departments have lab fees and other fees that increase the total amount of fees that students are paying. In other instances, there have been apparent complaints from students who expected their fees to improve a service/product but have seen no improvements.

2. Committee Reports

Budget Advisory Committee: The committee is trying to obtain performance indicators and to have information submitted in a standard format.

Committee on Athletics: No meeting but is trying to formulate the structure of the athletic groups via email.

Committee on Academic Policy and Planning: Blaine Ikeda [] is attempting to organize a student help room. Ronald Bontekoe is continuing with his plan to develop a 900 course. Martha will be absent for two meetings, March 3th and April 7th, and a substitute is needed from the SEC.

3. Report from Entrepeneurial Task Force

Peter Manicus reported that the task force is moving in responsible directions. It will not focus on individual proposals, but rather on broad policies to promote reasonable initiatives and accountability. Policy will include aspects of governance.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm.

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