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Manoa Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes of April 12, 2004


2. Chair's Report (Tiles)
4. Committee reports

Present: Thomas Hilgers, Roger Lukas, Mary Tiles, Janice Uchida, and Charlotte Mitsutani.

Absent: Martha Crosby, Jill Nunokawa, Thomas Schroeder.

Chair Tiles called the meeting to order at 3:21 p.m.

1. The minutes of 4/5/03 were approved.

2. Chair's Report (Tiles)

a. The MLA meeting report was emailed to members.

b. The PowerPoint presentation that UHM made to the Council of Chancellors was emailed.

c. MLT received a proposal from "QMark" to do system research on, apparently, public perceptions, with a focus on the West Oahu area. The proposal will be discussed at the 4/20 MLT meeting.

The SEC urged the chair to suggest that all proposals for system research be vetted by system faculty experts before decisions are made.

d. The ACCFSC will this Friday consider a 3/15/04 memo from the director of the Office of International Education drawing lines between system and campus concerns. SEC instructed its chair to provide a written response to the proposal noting that the system has no role in most areas.

e. CFS will be asked for a UHM nominee to the Council on Program Reviews.

3. BOR meeting agenda

a. Lukas, Uchida, and Hilgers will attend the various meetings during the Thursday and Friday BOR conclave. SEC notes that the proposal to move UH's land-grant mission from CTAHR to the UH system was not approved by the CTAHR Faculty Senate, and thus was never considered by the full UHM Faculty Senate.

4. Committee reports

a. CAB

-The library proposal to curtail serials subscriptions could not be fully vetted in the absence of key information. CAB requests the full library budget.

-Discussion of different bases for budgeting emanating from the Council of Chancellors and the system office continues.

-CAB will at its next meeting draft a list of issues that need attention by next year's CAB.

b. CPM

CPM met without a quorum; it will also draft a list of issues for the next academic year.


CAPP met but there is no report.

d. GEC

GEC will be meeting with its Foundations Board on articulation matters.

5. SEC/VCAA discussion points

a. Faculty governance on the UHM campus

b. Summer monthly meetings, and regular meetings thereafter

c. Articulation and assessment

d. The state of graduate education

e. Campus versus system

6. Faculty Congress needs a time frame that ensures full action on the charter and by-law revisions.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Hilgers

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